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Sasuke ambled home casually; too many things were on his mind. Life was just so…what's the word?




And a lot of other 'Un' words.


Whatever…Life sucked to put it simply. It always did though, so what made any of this different? He would always find some kind of disappointment; he was used to it. But this…it was truly bugging him.

Her…she was the root of this issue. No, it was that Ryota kid. The idea of her liking Ryota seemed to trigger a strain of anger in Sasuke's mind. Life seemed to be a farce at its greatest.

If he didn't care, he might have laughed at this humorous thing. Sasuke doesn't laugh though and he certainly never would. She wasn't his anymore. She belonged to someone else. After all the times her had hurt her- unintentionally from his point of view- she had finally given up on him.

He thought it be like that forever, that she would keep asking or getting closer. He didn't know that anyone could intervene and that she'd run off with someone else, it was unthinkable for him to imagine. Was her love for him really not that strong? Or did he shoo her off too many times and now she was never coming back? Never coming home like a lost puppy.

It was entirely his fault though; he put her out in the first place. He put her out in the rain instead of keeping her home. Now she ran away for good. If she were his lost puppy, maybe he would just have to go looking for her.

Or maybe some else had already adopted her.

Sasuke kicked a rock as a look of dejection was all over his face. He couldn't accept that; he wouldn't accept that. She was his and that was decided, he would have to take her back simply. But her starting to like someone like that so quickly made it all unfathomable.

Sasuke's mind clouded him from the rest of the world as he was thinking which made things quite distorted and hazy. So he really didn't hear someone calling after him.

"Excuse me, young man?" An old pruned looking woman asked for the second time. Sasuke had snapped out of it and looked beside him and the lowly old lady.

"Yes," he replied in his normal tone.

"Can you help me with these bags?" She pointed shakily to some bags that lie on the street not to far away.

Sasuke quirked an eyebrow and responded, "Hn."

"Is that a yes?"

He heaved out a sigh. "Yes."

"Good." She walked over to them with him and he just picked up one randomly.

"No! Not that one!" she screeched.

He dropped it quickly when she had startled him and some apples rolled out of the bag.

What the hell?

She then brought her up her purse…and started to beat Sasuke with it. "You stupid boy! You ruined the apples!"

"What the heck old lady!" He grimaced and dodged another one on her uncanny hits. She hit like she wasn't old at all.

He backed up and gave her a dirty scowl. "You trying to egg me on, boy?" she threatened.

He shook his head in response quickly and went to walk away, a sullen expression on his face. "Oh, it's okay dears. That stupid boy is gone." She went to pick up her apples and cradled them like children.

Great…. she was talking to the apples. He mumbled something totally incoherent under his breath that he didn't need to say but came out with it anyway. Her eyes shot up like daggers at him as he went to walk away.

"You watch yourself, boy!" she growled.

Sasuke just ignored her as he walked away, his mood much more somber now. He was really in no mood for anything else today. He looked at the ground as he walked along, not paying much attention to his surroundings. He would have nightmares probably from that old lady now…

"Sasuke?" A familiar female voice came from in front of him. He grimaced and kept looking at the ground, knowing that he was probably there with her. He glared at the ground now, determined to not look up.

"Sasuke, it's me," she stated, a twinge of hurt buried in her voice because he didn't seem to care. He finally looked up and saw that he wasn't there; it was just he and her alone standing there. He looked in her eyes and let out a sigh, "Sakura, what're you doing here?" he asked, l little bit relieved that Ryota was not there with her.

"I was just walking along and-"

He cut her off. "Shouldn't you be with your boyfriend?" he asked acidly with a soft of mocking tone as well.

She took one step back involuntarily and a look of pain crossed her face. "He's got some things to do," she said quietly, almost shamefully.

"Hn. Whatever."

"Sasuke, I just wanted to see if anything was wrong!" she spoke up so that he couldn't cut her off again. "You've been acting really angry all the time and well I know something's bothering you."

"Should that really be your concern?" he asked, more quietly this time and with no anger in his voice. "Shouldn't you be off with him?"

"Sasuke! I only just met him and I've known you longer. I have every right to be concerned."

"If you've only just met him, why are you with him?" he asked spitefully.

"Why do you care so much that I'm with him?" she retorted.

"It's annoying," he mumbled, sudden embarrassment taking over and the anger receding from his voice.

Sakura really couldn't understand why that would bother him. She couldn't put her finger on it.

Sasuke rolled his eyes and wondered if it would click eventually in her head or that he would have to do things the harder way, which he really didn't want to do.

"I don't get it," she admitted sheepishly when she didn't understand. "Why?" She really didn't like the word annoying, but it was seemingly a very much-used word in Sasuke's dictionary.

"Sakura," he said, and clenched his teeth. "There's not a lot to get."

"Sasuke, why don't out just come right out and say it." she tapped a foot impatiently.

"Sakura," he growled.

"Ugh! Just like usual. I've got to go in a minute, he's probably waiting for me already."

Sasuke shot a glare at her. "Hn, off to him then. I'm sure he's waiting for you with much anticipation," he icily stated.

Sakura took another step back and went to turn away, feeling hurt again. "Sasuke, you really can be mean sometimes," she sniffled and turned around to run away. Why was she running? Is that what she always did? All she ever did was run from him and never tried to find out the real issue.

She couldn't stop herself though and kept going…but someone else stopped her. 'Slap'…Her wrist was jerked from behind her and she suddenly found herself turned around again, facing Sasuke.

"Sasuke?" she quietly whispered. She looked at him, but could not see his eyes because his hair covered his face as he looked at the ground.

"Sakura, do you…" he paused and pulled her slowly closer to him instead of pushing her away every time with regret.

"Do you really like him…?" he asked in a whisper so quiet that it would be inaudible from farther away.

A small gasp emerged from deep within her throat.

She had not expected this…nowhere near it.

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