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Hallo, all! Sorry it's taken SO long to update… :P I just watched Hidalgo again and I am newly inspired! :D (OMG Viggo Mortensen is SOOO gorgeous! Lmao you should see my facebook page, its like: Viggo this, Viggo that XD). Ahem. Enjoy the next chappie!

Oh, BTW, I'm a horse person, so you may note some horsie lingo in the story. I have provided a little glossary for those of you non horse folk so you can understand what I'm saying.

After that incident in the grass, Frank never asked if he could join Anneke on a ride. Even two weeks later he never mentioned it. Anneke pretended to not notice, and went along with her business. One sunny morning, she awoke to voices downstairs. She yawned hugely and tucked her bed messy hair out of her face and into a horse tail. She changed into a presentable outfit and scurried downstairs, curious about the new voice. Although, when she turned into the sitting room, and saw Frank sitting beside a gorgeous woman, she wanted to turn right back around and go upstairs and pretend nothing happened. Maybe the woman would even vanish.

SNAP OUT OF IT, ANNEKE! She thought to herself. For all you know, that's his sister. Now smarten up and be polite. Anneke swallowed the rising lump in her throat and smiled sweetly at her parents.

"Hullo, dear! I'd like you to meet Rukah, Mr. Hopkins' mistress." Anneke's mother smiled sweetly. "She's a real sweetheart, and quite the rider too! You two will surly get along!"

"M-mistress?" Anneke felt aversion bite at her throat and tears prickle the back of her eyes. She knew several other synonyms for mistress.

"What's wrong dear? Looks as if you've just been kicked!"

"I'm fine, mummy." Anneke gulped and entered the sitting room.

"G'mornin' miss." Frank smiled and tipped his hat.

"Morning" she mumbled.

"Anneke, I'd like you to meet Rukah." Frank put a hand on the slender woman's shoulder. Rukah smiled enticingly.

"Good morning Miss! Pleased to meet you." Rukah extended a delicate hand, which Anneke shook with biting resentment. Rukah's eyes were a stellar amethyst color. Her hair was coffee brown and cut short and fine, the longest strands dangling past her chin and jaw line. Her skin was fair and slightly sunburnt. What puzzled Anneke most about the lady before her was her outfit. She wore worn jeans that were faded to a bluish tint, and bulky chocolate brown leggings that came to her knees. She had equally tattered cowboy boots the same color as Frank's. Her shirt looked like a black corset with a white cotton men's shirt underneath. She had many bracelets and leather straps latched to her thin wrists, and she even had a cowboy hat. Anneke was full out shocked with this lady. So shocked in fact, that her mouth hung open. She dresses like a pirate! She thought.

"Pleased to meet you too" stuttered Anneke, her eyes searching up and down Rukah's body. From her long legs to her under average bust, to her feminine face. This seemed to make Rukah uncomfortable, because the lady frowned slightly and shifted in discomfort.

Serves you right thought Anneke angrily. Dressing like a man earns you stares! And guess what lady? I have a bigger chest then you! HA! Anneke was purely disgusted with herself, for behaving and thinking so low, but she knew deep down that she was just bitterly jealous of Rukah.

"Erm, Anneke, I was wondering if you'd like to go riding with me today, so we could get to know each other a bit better. I've already spoken with your parents, and they think it's a lovely idea." Rukah smiled a pretty smile.

"Oh" Anneke was caught off guard. "Um, I don't think we have enough horses-"

"That's covered too. Frank and I brought our horses here early this morning."

"New horses?" Anneke felt excited all of a sudden.

"That's right. So whaddaya say?" Rukah cocked her head to the side.

"Um, Ok, sounds good." Anneke nodded. "When do we leave?"

"Whenever you're ready."

"Ok, I'm ready to leave now." Anneke felt happy that she'd have a chance to show Rukah that she was a great rider. But then something that felt like an electric shock prickled her stomach. "Is Frank coming?"

"That's a good question. Gee Frank, are ya commin'?" Rukah put the tip of her tongue between her teeth when she grinned at Frank. The man studied Rukah with an expression that made Anneke's heart melt. It was such a tender loving gaze, but a lingering undertone of desire was detectable as well.

"I think I'll give the two of you a chance to get to know each other." He winked at Anneke.

"Ok, suit yourself." Rukah snatched the cowboy hat off of Frank's head (which made him yelp then grumble then grin cheekily) then put it on her own. She ruffled Frank's hair then motioned for Anneke to stand up. Anneke got to her feet, and mentally grinned; she was taller then Rukah by a good 2 inches. "Alrighty, missy, let's hit the dusty trail." Anneke felt jealously once again, but tried to push it aside. She followed Rukah out to the barn. Anneke rushed to open the barn door first and smiled in satisfaction. Although, when she entered the barn, her jaw dropped when she saw the two new heads that hung over the half doors.

"OMIGOD!" she cried, rushing over to the head of a beautiful buckskin.

"That's Frank's horse. His name is Firefly. We just call him Fly." Rukah ruffled the animal's jet black forelock. "And this is Roux, he's my baby." Rukah tilted her head in the direction of a stunning appaloosa stallion. His coat was a glistening copper color, but his rump was snow white with lots of chocolate brown spots. His mane and tail were blond, and his nose pink.

"He's gorgeous!" Cried Anneke, her eyes popping at the sight of the 16hh stud.

"Aint he." Rukah kissed his nose.

"How old?"

"Ten. I've had him since he was just a little baby."

"Wow… is he a good ride?" Rukah tilted her head back and laughed at her question, making Anneke frown angrily. She hated being ridiculed.

"He only lets me ride him. Enough said?" Anneke really wasn't catching on, but she nodded. She really didn't want to appear dumb or unintelligent in front of Rukah.

"So um, yeah, this is my, er, my favourite horse, Chimer." Anneke stroked her gelding's nose.

"Hello Mr.! Boy aren't you cute?" Rukah scratched the horse's forelock and the animal sighed in content.

"Ok, um, I'm going to ride bareback then."

"Oh, I might as well too then." Rukah turned away from the chocolate brown western saddle dropped outside of Roux's stall and put the matching bridle over her shoulder.

"Oh no, you don't have to-"

"It's alright; I want us to be even." She winked and slid the bridle over Roux's elegant head.

"So is Roux pure appy?" Anneke bridled Chimer and led him outside.

"Naw. Appy, Arab, Mustang n' thoroughbred. But mostly appy." Rukah grinned as she mounted the huge animal.

"Wow…he's a real mix. You may as well call him a mustang." Anneke made a bit of a face. All her horses were pure, or at least had a breed name; not appy Arab mustang and thoroughbred.

"Yeah, but isn't he beautiful? I could pass him off as pure appy if it weren't for his long tail and shit brick house build."

"Chimer is Dutch Warmblood" Anneke proudly pat her horse's muscular neck.

"Oh yeah, I see that. Do you ever jump him?"

"What? Jump a horse? Are you mad?" Anneke's voice rose to a shrill level. Rukah made a face.

"I'm sane." She nudged Roux into a working trot and posted with his sturdy strides. Anneke gulped. She couldn't post.

"I thought you rode western."

"Of course!" Rukah sat through a buck.

"Then why are you posting?"

"Cuz it's smoother." Rukah asked her mount for a canter, and he willingly upped his pace to an upbeat and rhythmic canter. "Are you coming?" Asked Rukah, looking over her shoulder.

"Yeah. Hey, wait; you're headed straight for the FENCE!" Anneke's eyes popped in horror as Roux cantered straight for the wooden fence.

"I KNOW!" She laughed as her horse soared through the air, and cleared the fence by a good 2 feet.

"OMIGOD!" Anneke cantered towards the gate and swung it open. "Are you OK?"

"Of course." Rukah patted her horse's neck. "Why wouldn't I be?"

"Because you just CLEARED my FENCE!" Anneke gawked at the lady.

"I told you about jumping. Leaping is what it's called in England." Anneke was interested now. "Do you want to try?"

"Well, I'd love to, but I don't think I can clear a fence like that."

"We'll start small." Rukah smiled and pointed ahead of herself. "We'll find a place to practice on some logs."


Anneke sat on her bed, and looked out of the window. The moonlight shone through the panes and decorated Anneke's floor with interesting patterns. For the first time in years, she felt like an insignificant child. Rukah was so nice and so sweet, she seemed like the kind of girl Frank would go for in a heartbeat, but Anneke couldn't help but feel jealousy. She liked Frank, truly, and she thought that he may have had feelings for her too, but when Rukah came along, things changed. On their ride, Anneke had asked Rukah how long she'd been with Frank. The answer was a glorious five years. Frank was in his thirties, Rukah in her twenties. Anneke, little Anneke, was in her teens. Tears slipped down her cheeks and plopped onto her bed.

I need to go for a walk she thought to herself, climbing out of bed. She wore her nightdress, which was embarrassingly too small and displayed quite a bit of her thighs. It hung 7 inches from her waist, just barely covering what it was supposed to. Anneke thought nothing of it, as she was just going to see the horses.

Anneke padded through the dark house and slipped onto the front porch. The worn wood caressed her feet with their rough and uneven touch.

When Anneke arrived at the barn, she noticed the door was slightly ajar.

"Hullo" She cooed softly, fear making itself comfortable in her chest.

"Anneke?" The girl sighed in relief at the sound of Frank's voice.

"Goodness, you frightened me."

"What are you doing out so late?" Frank emerged from the darkness of the barn, and blinked his dreamy green eyes at the moonlight. Anneke felt her throat constrict.

"I couldn't sleep. I needed to see Chimer." She tried to ignore how beautiful Frank looked in the moonlight.

"We're in the same boat then partner." He smiled lopsidedly and nudged his head in the direction of the barn. "Coming in?" He asked.

"Yeah." Anneke followed him into the darkness. The interior of the barn was so black; Anneke couldn't see her own hand held in front of her face. "Frank" she whispered.


"I think I'm lost." She giggled when Frank clasped her hand.

"Where do you want to go?"


"Well that doesn't help much." Frank chuckled but tripped over something. He fell to the ground and grumbled under his breath when Anneke tumbled down beside him.

"I have no idea where we are" she laughed, still clinging to Frank's hand.

"Me neither." He sighed and stood up, Anneke not far behind. They stood in the darkness, listening to the rhythmic breathing of the horses. Anneke felt butterflies swarm her stomach; Frank's face was not but a hand's breadth away from her own. She closed her eyes as her breathing grew quicker. She turned her face towards Frank's just as he was turning in her direction. Their noses whacked together and their lips brushed. "God Anneke" he muttered. Anneke plucked up her courage and without much thought, grabbed Frank's shoulders and kissed his lips. He didn't move when she pulled away, and Anneke thought she'd die of a heart attack. Her heart was thumping so hard and so fast against her chest she wouldn't be surprised if it were to burst out and hit the wall. "Anneke" he said, his voice calm and collected.

"Yes" she squeaked.

"Please don't." His voice was a sigh. Anneke felt her stomach twist in a knot then fall.

"Why?" She asked automatically. She clapped her hand to her mouth, and mentally scolded herself for asking questions without the approval of sanity.

"Why? Anneke, I am with the woman I love. You are a pretty girl, but you are sixteen years old. You are a real nice kid, honestly, I like you a lot, but can't you just settle for friendship? We can ride together, but please, nothing more." Anneke felt tears well in her eyes.

"But that day in the grass" she croaked. Frank sucked in his breath, and stopped breathing. Anneke's eyes widened. What did I say? She wondered in alarm.

"No." was all he said. Anneke heard hay rustle as he walked through the darkness. There was an occasional OOF! As he walked into something, but then all was still.

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Horsie lingo that you may have encountered:

Buckskin: A horse color. Their body ranged from champagne color to light orange (like Spirit from the movie "Spirit"). Their manes and tails are black, and they have black socks, muzzle and ears.

Appaloosa: A horse breed. They can have either a brown body with a white butt with polka dots or a white body with polka dots all over the place. They generally have really scrawny and short tails but they are still beautiful. (I have an Appaloosa thoroughbred cross and NO his tail is not scrawny!)

Appy: Short for appaloosa.

Arab: Short for Arabian. And y'all know what breed that is because you watched Hidalgo. ;)

Mustang: Are you joking me? You watched Hidalgo! You MUST know what a mustang is!

16hh: horses are measured in hands (no that does not mean the span of your hand). A 16hh horse is tall. 15hh is average. 17hh is HUGE and 14hh is pony.

Stud/Stallion: Un-gelded (AKA un-neutered) male horse. OO

Forelock: the bit of mane that drapes over a horse's poll (poll is horsie term for forehead). The human equivalent would be bangs.

Thoroughbred: A horse breed. Ever seen horse racing? Those are thoroughbreds. They are a popular breed, but generally have a really wild and spirited disposition.

Dutch Warmblood: A Warmblood breed (no that does not mean the horse had warm blood it means that the animal is a cross between a "hot blooded horse" like an Arabian and a "cold blooded horse" so like a draft horse). This breed has been perfected for competing in major events, like dressage and show jumping. BEAUTIFUL HORSES! :O

Posting: When you rise and fall with the horses footfalls. Easier then it sounds.

Hope this helped! :D (If you want further info, just look it up on Google or Yahoo).


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