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Neliel FTW

Summary: Aizen lost his life. Ichigo lost his friends. Urahara is hurting too. So is Ichigo's heart. Leave it to Sandal-hat to give Ichigo a chance. Leave it to Ichigo, to milk it for all its worth.

"Talking" ------ speech

'Thinking' ------thinking

"Talking" ------ hollow speech

'Thinking' ------- hollow thinking

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Neliel tu Oderschvank


"Alright Ichigo, I still don't know why I agreed to help you, but just don't mess anything up k?" That was Urahara Kisuke, former twelfth division taichou (captain), founder and first president of the Shinigami Research Institute.

"You agreed because it was either that, or we continue to live in this world that you so thoroughly fucked up." That was me Kurosaki Ichigo, substitute shinigami whose power is beyond a captain, and a graduated highschool student.

With a heavy sigh, Kisuke's whole body slumped slightly as if a heavy weight had just been placed on him. After a few moments had passed, he slowly raised his head and locked eyes with Ichigo. Whispering so softly, Ichigo almost missed it.

"Everyone, I'm so sorry."

"Urahara-san, its alright. We were just too late. Just too slow. Just too stupid to realize what Aizen's true ambition was this whole time." Said Ichigo, agreeing with him. Even after he had killed the bastard, he had one last trick to play.

"Its just that… I c-could never have imagined that he would…" Urahara was getting emotional.

He was doing that a lot these days. Shihouin Yoruichi his best friend, confident, and the wife that he had always wanted but was too shy to ever ask her out had died. Not only her, but most of the people that he knew and grew up with were gone: Orihime Inoue, Uryuu Ishida, Toshiro Hitsugaya, Kuchiki Byakuya, and so many others. All of them died because of his weakness. Only Yasutora Sado A.K.A. Chad, was able to survive the aftermath of the bloodiest war. Sadly, he had disappeared and before he could search for his best friend, Urahara told him that it was useless.

"Ichigo, Chad was never one to give up. He was your best friend. He promised to always be there for you, like you were always there for him. Remember that."

"Sandal-hat, I don't want to talk about sad things anymore, and I'm sure that you don't either. But just sitting here and moping about it, won't bring us those happy times again. So let me go now and wish me luck." He was about to cry too. Damn Urahara, always making him suffer with him.

"Alright Ichigo… I hope that all the training I put you under will be more then enough for what your going to have to do. Make sure you give me that note and that cube or else your life will go down the pooper express." Wiping the tears from his eyes, he formed a brave smile and turned around to call out to his attendants. He forgot that they were dead though, and before he could start crying again he placed his hand gently on Kisuke's shoulder.

"Thanks Ichigo, I-I-I just forget how much things h-have changed now. You better not screw u-up oka-y-y?" I wouldn't let him down. The man that stood before him today was nothing more then the shell, the husk of the jovial and always mischievous store keeper. He wouldn't let down the people who gave their lives to give me the opportunity to destroy Aizen. Most importantly, he wouldn't let himself down.

"Ah, don't worry Hat and Clogs, everything will be better then ever. The time for me to go is now. Everything will be better. I promise." His voice was a little shaky, but he managed to reign in the tears that threatened to fall from his eyes.

Wasting no more time with words, Kisuke focused and gathered all of his reiatsu into Benihime (his zanpakuto). He waited till he could no longer gather his reiatsu any longer, then slammed his zanpakuto (soul slayer) into the empty archway. A bright flash blinded him for a few moments, and he couldn't see anything. After counting to twenty in his head, Ichigo cracked his eyes open and saw that there was a portal in the archway.

"I wish you the best of luck with your mission. Kurosaki Ichigo, thank you." Were the last words that he heard coming from the storekeeper's mouth.

He nodded and slowly made his way into the portal. Turning his head to see everything that he was leaving one last time, he tried to visualize and memorize everything that he saw. Nothing would ever be the same after this. With a sigh, he turned his head back and took his first step into the archway. Already halfway into the portal, he thought he heard a voice crying out his name. The voice made him pause, but it was too late because the portal sucked him in. All he remembered afterwards, was the all-consuming darkness as and then nothing.




'Okay, not good. Why do I think that something went wrong? I know something went wrong. But then again Sandal-hat always does some kind of stupid shit that he never tells any of us. Shit, please don't tell me I'm right. Okay, there's something on my chest. Its big, and there's two of them. And my face is wet. Might as well open my eyes and find out what. I'm strong enough to handle whatever it is.'

He opened one eye slowly but couldn't see anything. So he tried a different tactic.

'Okay, so for touch there is something on me and it feels warm. I can't see anything, so that crosses sight out. I hear breathing. Nothing to taste yet. Hm… something smells good though.'

"Ichigo, are you alright? You promised me that you would always protect me. You wouldn't break your promise right? I know you care about me right?"

'That voice. It sounds strangely familiar. Okay so I know it's a girl. I'll have to wait for more clues.' With that thought in mind, he waited for her to say something else to give him more clues.

"Ububu… ubububububu! Ichigo is dead! I knew he was going to die! I loved him and never told him. Ubububu!"

'Wait a minute! Only one person cries like that! That has to be Nel!'

"Nel I'm alive stop crying." In a daze he tried to get up, but couldn't find the strength to pull himself up.

"I-I-Ichig-go still al-live?" He could hear the joy in her words as he saw her face.

Neliel tu Oderschvank, a former espada who was number three. Luckily she allied herself with the shinigami against Aizen.

"What are you doing here Nel? I don't remember you entering the portal with me." Ichigo said while mopping the vomit off of his face with his shirt.

She got off of his chest so that he could sit upright, and he blushed as he noticed that she was wearing a shirt with a smiley face on it.

'Damn, I thought I was looking at her smiling face when I was really looking at her tits.'

Still being too feeble, he had to prop himself up against the wall. Slowly he gained his bearings, as she filled him in on how she was able to come here and the plan. Urahara's plan. Thank you Sandal-Hat! Apparently he somehow knew that he was in love with Nel and sent her here before him. He could woo her somehow to become something more then a friend. The chance has been given, and he wasn't planning on wasting this opportunity. The rest of the information that she relayed wasn't anything that he hadn't heard or discussed with Kisuke before. When she finished talking he asked her some of the questions that he had in mind.

"Um, where are we? Did he send anyone else? When can we eat?" Simple questions really, but they were important for him to know.

"We are in a house that Urahara built. He said that he built a few secret houses that would be undetectable by anyone but him, and that he built them for future use should the need ever arise. He also sent Ulquiorra Schiffer and Nnoitra Jiruga. We can eat as soon as Ulquiorra-san comes back with the food." Gasping for breath as she finished speaking.

'Damn, she said all of that in one breath. She sure has some great lungs.' Thinking to himself, he was about to just take a nap when his mind reeled back at what she just said.

"Wait! What?! Not only did he send you, but he also sent Ulquiorra and Nnoitra?! Is he insane?! No wait that's a rhetorical question." He didn't mean to shout, but he was just too shocked to say it any other way.

"Yes, he said that you could use more help, and they were the only ones who broke Aizen's hold over them completely. Don't you remember?" She asked with a confused expression on her beautiful face.




"So you killed Aizen and his little lapdogs, your friend "big tits" over there destroyed the Hougyoku and didn't heal herself first so she died, and now we have nothing left to do. Thanks a lot you faggot." Nnoitra the fifth espada said, not hiding his disdain for Ichigo.

"Nnoitra, you should be grateful that he spared our lives. He could easily have killed us, and still can." That was Ulquiorra Schiffer the fourth espada, gently rebuking his fellow espada.

"Well it doesn't matter now, Aizen is dead and so are his flunkies! What are you going to do?! What am I going to do?!" Nnoitra was almost shouting now.

"I am going to serve Kurosaki Ichigo, with all of my mind, body, and spirit. He treats his comrades better then Aizen ever has, and freed us from Aizen. You should serve him to." Ignoring Nnoitra's outburst, he calmly replied.

"Why should I serve that little dick? Huh?"

"Because then you will have a purpose in life. Just imagine. You would get the chance to fight Ichigo's enemies. They must be strong for him to constantly train. So if Ichigo killed Aizen, and is still training, how much more powerful will his foes be? I have overheard him saying that there are some women shinigami who have a higher rank than men." Ulquiorra knew just how to get the other espadas to do what he wanted them to.

With his only purpose in life decimated by the shinigami in front of him, he decided to give Ichigo a chance and serve him. He would be loyal beyond a doubt and made the arrancar oath to always listen and obey to everything that Ichigo says, no objections. However in return, Ichigo agreed that if he needed help with anything, he would be let him and Ulquiorra help. Especially girl problems.


Flashback Over


Ichigo realized that he had dozed off for a moment to recall that memory and saw Nel giving him a funny look.

"What's with the funny face?" He said with all seriousness, but his smile betrayed his tone.

"Nothing. Except that you looked out of character all of a sudden." She replied, the humor in her voice was making him nervous.

"Oh I was just reminiscing, nothing else. Man I'm hungry, when will Ulquiorra get here?"

"Right now."

"Shit man! You scared me!" Whirling around, Ichigo saw Ulquiorra's face right where his ear was.

"My sincerest apologies, Kurosaki-sama." He apologized with a short bow.

A few moments passed, before Ichigo started to calm down. That's when he realized something. Two somethings actually. One was that he was grabbing something soft and big, which he realized was Nel's left tit. Two, Nnoitra still wasn't here. But for now number one was more important.

A few more moments passed and nothing had happened. No slap, no scream, nothing. Then slowly, Ichigo relaxed his death grip and removed his hand from Nel's breast. Before he silently sat down and stared at the hand that touched her boob.

'This hand of mine, actually touched her breast. I can't believe that I'm not even her boyfriend and I touched her breast. Why am I still thinking about this?! I should apologize before she gets weird ideas about me being a mega pervert.'

"Nel, uh… I didn't mean to do that! I was just so surprised and shocked that I just. I don't know! It was a reaction okay?! Instinct! Wait no! I didn't mean that it was my instinct to grab your boob! I … fuck I give up. I'm sorry okay?" Flopping on his face and awaiting punishment, he looked up and saw that Nel was blushing and looking away from him.

"Well, Kurosaki-sama I did not mean to startle you so. Forgive me." With a polite bow to end his apology Ulquiorra took his seat beside Ichigo and opened the package that he brought.

He was so startled that he just realized that Ulquiorra had brought a package. A bento box wrapped up in a plain white cloth, he got out some chop sticks and removed the lid revealing a wide variety of sushi: Shrimp, salmon, tuna, yellow fish, cucumber, and others that he didn't recognize.

"Where's the drinks?" Ichigo asked politely.

"Right here."

"Damn it! What is wrong with you guys?! Why can't you just appear in front of me instead of saying it in my ear so suddenly?!" Shouted Ichigo.

A big sweat drop mysteriously appeared over Nnoitra's head as he bowed and said his apology.

"Er anyways, I brought the drinks." Saying it slowly with a smile on his face, Nnoitra looked around Ichigo and saw Ulquiorra and Nel.

Nnoitra froze as he locked eyes with Neliel. Ichigo looked between the two, and noted that neither of them blinked, nor refused to look away. A tense minute passed by, and no one moved. After waiting for a few more moments Ichigo was about to ask what the hell they were doing when Nnoitra blinked. And cursed. Loudly.

"What. The. Fuck! Why do I always lose to you?! Why can't you just be like all the other women out there? Damn you!" An expression of pure undiluted fury present upon Nnoitra's face as he was making violent slicing gestures with his hands.

"What the hell are you talking about Nnoitra? You just lost a damn staring contest, chill out man. It's not like it's a big deal." Nnoitra turned away from Neliel with a hmph, and sat down.

"So uh, what the hell was so god damn important about that contest between you two, that made you that mad?" Ichigo asked with all honesty.

Neliel beat Nnoitra to the punch and answered Ichigo.

"We are going to have to work together, and so having fights to the death won't exactly help us in any way. So as an alternative, Ulquiorra-san said that we should have a staring contest to determine who is stronger." As she finished saying this, Ichigo turned to Ulquiorra and stared. Stared at him until Ulquiorra started to feel uncomfortable.


"How does a staring contest, in any way determine one's strength?"

"Look at it this way. The stronger your will and determination is, the stronger you are. Blinking is natural, but it takes a lot of willpower to not blink. That means that if Nnoitra can stop himself from blinking longer then Neliel, then that means that he has a stronger will and determination then her."

"Okay… I give up trying to figure you guys out. I am just going to eat before the sushi gets rotten. Time for some lunch!"

Bringing his seaweed wrapped, white rice containing, cucumber sushi to his opened mouth, he paused.

'I thought I just heard someone outside. I'm hungry but what if they are in trouble? I can always tell Ulquiorra to get me food later. They might need help.'

Putting his food down and hastily getting up, Ichigo rushed to the door and opened it to find the man who killed Shihouin Yoruichi.


Neliel FTW


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