Disclaimer Hey guess what guys I just ordered Bella's bracelet… Yet I still don't own Twilight

Disclaimer Hey guess what guys I just ordered Bella's bracelet… Yet I still don't own Twilight.

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Edward's hand was on my back pressing me close to him. We had, well what would you call it, a "Stay inside the boundaries make out" session? When I hesitantly broke away for air; Edward looked as frazzled as I did.

When I was no longer gasping for air, I leaned in and started to kiss him passionately. My body was intwined with his, I pushed up as hard as I could with him trying to melt myself into him. I felt his tongue sliding against my lips, asking for entrance. I greedily let it. I moaned in pleasure as my fingers knotted into his hair ensuring he did not pull away.

I felt his hands on my thigh, moving slowly upwards until they where soon holding my face. He groaned as well.

My hands where on his chest clutching his firm muscular stone abs Drools I felt one of his hands leave my face and slowly make its way down to my butt.

"Bella," he groaned trying to lightly push me away.

"No," I moaned begging him to stay as close as I could keep him, his lips were so soft I didn't want to let go.

"Please Bella, you don't know how difficult that is for me." he said pushing me away.

I frowned. "Sorry" I breathed, it was constantly forgetting about his boundaries and such.

(Hey guys sorry I couldn't make it really T rated or something like that haha but yeah ive never really like "Made out" with anyone seeing as I am only 13 so I don't really know how that would go but I tried to make it romantic I really did.)

"Let's go back down to the pool" he said, I nodded in agreement.

About 10 minutes later while we were in the pool I heard someone call me "Bella, look up here!" I looked up to see Alice on the balcony waving down at me. She then proceeded to push a button on the wall, instantly the railing on balcony folded down and a long diving board came out of the balcony.

Alice stepped forward put her hands together and dived, hitting the water gracefully as ever.

"I want to do that!" I yelled stepping out of the pool and running upstairs. I cautiously stepped onto the diving board, which was about 30 feet up "Oh crap," I thought, but gathered my courage put my hands together, took a deep breath, and plunged head first. I could feel my body leave the proper shape for diving, realizing I did some weird sort of flip and landed smoothly back into a dive, and waited for the cool water to hit me, or truly for me to hit it.

When I resurfaced everyone was applauding the amazing dive I had just made.

"Whoa Bella!" Emmett said in wide eyes. I laughed

"Actually I didn't mean to do that!" I said slyly.

I was in the deepest part of the pool when all of the sudden waves started to come. A wave machine I thought. Soon I found myself crashing under the waves with continued to get bigger and bigger. I tried desperately to swim to the shallow end, but I was continuously dragged back under and water filled my mouth. When I resurfaced I tried to get it out but I was pulled under once more.

I forced myself about the water beginning to freak out. I called desperately for Edward but got no answer. I tried again but only water sputtered out. My body was sore I couldn't swim much father. This brought back bad memories.

Another huge wave pulled me under, but for some reason I couldn't resurface. Something was clinging to my swimsuit and pulling me under. I couldn't break free, I tried to scream, or do anything but my last breath deserted me. And I drifted; my body hit the pool's floor with a thud as I was drowned in the water flooding my body and my last though was of Edward.

Edwards POV

As the waves slowed, I tried to find my Bella, but she was no where to be found. I started to panic. The last time I saw her she was by the deep end. I hurriedly swam over there I didn't see her. I went under water I swam and swam in desperation until I found her. Her body was limp on the ground she wasn't moving, there was no movement, no breathing. "Bella!!" I screeched, my eyes widening. I dove to the bottom and grabbed her as fast as I could. Her limp body lay defenseless in my arms. When I broke through the last of the water everyone turned to me and there eyes widened in terror.

"We need to do CPR" I said quickly. I laid her next to the pool on the ground and started CPR.

"Breathe Bella! Damn it breathe!!" I said pushing against her chest doing mouth to mouth. She just lay there pale, broken.

Bella' POV

Air rushed into my lungs as someone pushed on my chest. I started to choke up water. I was so sore my body was limp and cold a towel was wrapped around me.

Edward saw my eyes opened he looked so worried.

"Oh baby I am so sorry!" he said pulling me into a hug. "I should've been with you, I never should've left your side." He sounded like he was scolding himself. I saw 5 pairs of concerned eyes on me.

"I'm fine." I said despite my throat hurt from all of the water.

Goosebumps where now appearing on my arms and legs. I shivered, I thought I saw Edward nod slightly and then my body was lifted from the ground. I couldn't have been fully conscious because I didn't remember going back to my room.

All I could remember was a warm bath being prepared for me. And then I was set in, swimsuit still on.

My body was starting to get warm; Edward was in there to watch me but I didn't care I was too tired.

The next thing I was conscious of was a warm bed, a dark room, and a clock that read 2:54 a.m.

I suddenly remembered that I was in a bathtub with only a swimsuit on. I glanced under the covers. I was wearing light blue cotton PJs they where long sleeved with buttons. Oh great, Edward probably changed me. I heard a soft giggle somewhere from in the room.

"Don't worry Bells I changed you," Alice said in one of the arms chairs almost as if she could read my mind.

I sighed laid my head back down and fell back into a deep sleep. I had a dream where I was back in the pool trying to get up for air the water was getting warmer and warmer. I was there stiff trying to move I couldn't breathe…

And then I woke up sweat drenched me. And I felt very hot I kicked off the covers only an hour had passed. I groaned and I wasn't able to fall back asleep until hours later, sometime in the early morning.

A few days passed after the water incident and it was time for us to check out and go to the hotel American Idol provided for us.

The hotel wasn't approved by Alice so she did some rearranging with the hotel's manger and tada! we have a classy, formal, five star, first class hotel.

When we got in the elevator Alice put a little key into a slot and then well we shot down. I screamed, the vampires laughed.

I was bent down, with my hand covering my ears trying to block out the scream. Edward was holding me protectively and trying to hold in laughter at the same time.

In what seemed like forever the elevator stopped.

"Oh thank god, it's finally over." I whispered still clutching to Edward.

Everyone was still laughing as we exited the elevator. There was a cold long stone hallway.

"What's with all of these secretive rooms? Jeez!" I whispered to myself. When we reached the end of the hallway Alice pressed a button and another pair of doors opened. I groaned loudly, another elevator.

The elevator was about the size of Edwards's bedroom and there were seats on the sides with a lot of straps and a harness. "This can't be good," I said trudging into the elevator.

"Edward, strap her in." Alice commanded. Edward strapped me in one of the seats. I could barely move. Everyone else was already strapped in. Alice pushed a button on the armchair and waited.

We started to slowly move. Sideways then the room started to slant

"Uh Edward?" I said hesitantly, he squeezed my hand attempting to comfort me.

"It's ok Bella,"

The room started to flatten out a little. I was hopping it was over but no…

The lights went out it was pitch black. And then we where falling. I screamed.

After dropping for a while we started going every way we could go then we shot up. I was bouncing against my seat. Then we went back down one last time. When I was sure it was over I started to unstrap myself.

"How was that Bella?" Alice asked coming up to me content as ever.

"Good…ish." I tried to croak out but it was difficult because my throat was sore from screaming.

The doors slid open and revealed a luxurious room it had white carpet and white walling. There was a gigantic T.V. off to one side with a white couch that curved around it and a small coffee table in front of it. A white stoned fire place was against the wall already running. I gasped. This was much better then any other hotel room.

I saw a door right next to the elevator

"What's that?" I asked Alice starting to regain my voice.

"Oh those are the stairs." My jaw dropped.

"You mean I didn't have to go on that terrifying thing I could've have just gone on the stairs?!" I half-yelled, she laughed.

"Okay," she clapped abruptly changing the subject. "Your rooms have your names on them now go find them."

"But how did you…" I trailed off. She smiled her mischievous smile. "I came here a few nights ago"

Edward and I decided to have a little tour before we would go off in search of our bedroom.

There was a part of the room that was raised. It was about three steps high then it led to a hallway that curved and you had to go up another three steps before you stepped into the kitchen. The kitchen was about the size of Charlie's nothing special maybe a tad bigger though…

It had a double door refrigerator right next to the sink which was curved around the corner which led to the oven and microwave up above and the counter kept going until it was an island in the middle of the kitchen there where four chairs that sat around it.

After examining the kitchen for a while we went back down the hallway when I noticed a new room I didn't see before, the dining room. It had a place of 10 chairs around it. It was a fairly small room. We headed back into the main room and headed down another hallway. We saw a door that said Pool on it but we weren't going to go swimming so we turned and kept going. When we reached a dead end with one door I stuck my head in. It was just the library and study room. So we walked back down that hall and over to the last one.

The last one had stairs you walk up, so this was a two floored hotel room. After you reached upstairs then it turned and went straight. Off to the side we found Rosalie and Emmett's Room. We kept walking until we reached Alice and Jasper's room. We rounded a corner and found our room. The door was a dark cherry smooth wood. We walked inside and I gasped.

It was a gigantic room with dark lavender walls and one lighter wall that was facing east. The canopy bed with lavender quilts was against the east wall. A 30inch plasma screen T.V. was hanging on the opposite side and a stereo was next to it. There was a small couch and a bookcase next to it and a computer with a phone next to that.

Edward whistled, even he was amazed. I walked through the bathroom doors. The bathroom was the same size as the freaking bedroom. There was a big jetted tub next to a shower had a few step that led to a turn and there it was no tub or Curtin. A walk in closet was next to the door it split down the middle; one side for me and one side for Edward. I ran back out into the room and jumped on the bed.

"This is freaking awesome!" I squealed out of excitement. Edward came and laid next to me trying to once again hold in laughter, it didn't work so well.

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