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Boss tossed and turned in his bed. He kept his eyes shut tight, though he showed no signs of falling back asleep. Was it a dream? Did he dream that he went out for a walk, and this mysterious girl literally came crashing into his life? He remembered it all so vividly, which lead him further to believe it was all very real. He didn't want to think that when he rolled out of his cozy bed she would be waiting outside at the table with sunflower tea waiting for him. He wasn't sure why, though. After all, he had been wanting a family… but this girl wasn't exactly what he had in mind. She made him feel strange… awkward was probably the best way to describe it.


Ironically, Boss was deep in thought about what it must be like to have an owner when he met her. The moon guided him through the park safely, lighting a path through the trees. He mulled over the things he couldn't control, yet the thought of having more company then Snoozer after the other Ham-Hams left comforted him as well as saddened him. There were several times he dreamt of Bijou moving in with him, but this was only a fantasy. This reflection brought him more grief. He had so much love to give to his jewel that would never be recognized. Boss wasn't the smartest or even bravest hamster in the world, but he tried his best. All he wanted was some more respect… and if possible, some love.

Then it hit him, or rather, she did, this strange girl who fell from the starry night sky. Boss let out a wail as his face smashed into the ground. Even though he lived under the earth, he didn't enjoy eating it. The first reaction he had was to growl and rid of this obstruction that interrupted his precious thinking time. So, he proceeded to shove off whatever disrupted him. She squeaked when she hit solid ground herself.

A blush crept across Boss's face in shame. He couldn't believe he just hit a girl! Feeling incredibly guilty he rushed to her side.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

She looked up at him with squinted black eyes, at least they looked black, but in the night and through her long light auburn hair it was hard to decipher what they really were.

"I… I think so…" she replied slowly, putting a paw to her forehead. "Man, I can't believe I fell from that tree! Good thing I landed on you, huh?"

Boss's face was turning red again. "No, not a good thing. You're pretty heavy for a girl." She didn't seem to notice the insult, however, as she took no offense. "What were you doing in that tree anyway?"

"I was looking for food." She replied casually, like it was a normal occurrence for a domesticated hamster like her to be searching for food in trees in parks in the middle of the night. Boss stared at her like she had sprouted four more arms and two more eyes before saying something in response.

"Don't you have a family to get home to?" he was assuming she had a family, of course. It was possible she was like Jingle, a wanderer. She was dressed up in a cute purple outfit, a kerchief and a skirt, which he was sure was a gift from an owner like Pashmina's scarf, Dexter's bow tie, or Bijou's ribbons. This girl's hair made him think of Bijou. It was pulled back into a pony tail on top of her head, but she had too much hair to pull all of it back, so a lot still hung in her face.

"No I don't." she said, breaking his train of thought again. "I never wanted an owner… so I ran away from the pet store."

Hearing this outraged Boss. Here he was sulking through the dark because he had no owner, and this girl who takes not having a family for granted just comes crashing into him like it's all no big deal!

"I'll have you know, living on your own in no walk in the park! Well… I guess technically it is since we're both living in a park right now but that's besides my point!--"

"Oh, geez. I'm so silly…" she cut him off again.

"Darn right you are!" his head was filling with steam so quickly, one would expect it to just pop right off.

"My name is Kiki! And you are?" she said, extending a paw. Boss was completely taken by surprise. He had insulted her, he had chastised her, it was like nothing affected her! She was about as naïve as Hamtaro, if not worse. He was about ready to give up.

"Boss…" he mumbled, shaking her paw. He then took the liberty to help her to her feet.

Kiki faced him with a bright smile. "That's a nice name. I…" she started to wobble side to side, until she couldn't stand the dizziness anymore and leaned on Boss for support. "I don't feel so good. That fall took a lot out of me, you know?"

"I'll take you back to my place then…" he felt embarrassed about practically carrying her back home since she'd been such a nuisance. But he knew he couldn't just leave her to fend for herself with as innocent as she was.

When they arrived he let her sleep up in the loft with Snoozer. He gave Kiki a blanket from his room and watched her settle herself in. The smile on her face was one of complete bliss. It was as though she hadn't slept anywhere comfortable in months. She looked at him, her eye lids were heavy, and in the now proper lighting he could see her eyes were purple. With a yawn she thanked him and said that in the morning she'd make him some sunflower tea. It sounded nice, but he didn't really want to accept it from her.

Boss dragged himself to his room where his own bed, the only thing familiar to him right now, waited for him. He tossed himself onto the sheets with his face buried into the pillow. He began to wonder again… what did this mean? Was Kiki going to stay? Was she his family now? He puzzled over why it mattered, and why this was bothering him so much. He decided that it was nothing to dwell on… that he must just be in an off mood, so he began to settle himself down for sleep. He'd need the rest… because tomorrow he would have to explain to all the other Ham-Hams where Kiki came from.