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Cain and DG approached the camp slowly, casting one another sideways smiles at what was still their little secret.

She just couldn't believe it. in Wyatt "freaking" Cain...was really hers. The knowledge that soon she'd be able to have her wicked little way with him was intoxicating, her entire body buzzed pleasantly despite the fact that they'd reached the end of the line for the evening. She looked up into those devastating blue eyes as she stood in front of her tent.

Maybe we could call in a favor with our men...ask them to pack up and ride into the night for a few hours and set up a separate camp so we won't keep them up all night with...well...keeping Cain UP all night...

As tempting as it was she resigned herself not to push, accepting that she'd just have to fly solo until they were in a location that was a bit more private.

He didn't strike her as the 'public display of affection' type so she didn't try to steal another goodnight kiss from him, worrying that he might give her one of his dreaded looks of disapproval if she made a move.

The thought had barely had a chance to complete inside her head when Wyatt surprised her yet again. She was beyond thrilled when he took her hands in his and dipped his head willingly to kiss her lips.

If you keep it up I'm not going to be able to control...I won't be held accountable for...Alright, let's be reasonable here...Horny DG whined as the two shared another sweet kiss, and without consulting with DG first for approval she slipped her tongue into the warmth of Cain's mouth. He let out a soft, delicious moan into the kiss and followed her lead, pulling her closer to him and not caring that there was a camp of celebrating guards at their backs.

Now just pull him into the tent and we'll be in business!

As if hearing DG's inner voice of horniness Cain withdrew, kissing her cheek tenderly and staring down at her with loving eyes. "Goodnight, beautiful." He said softly and traced her jaw with his fingertips, smiling as her eyelids drooped and body trembled.

"Goodnight..." She breathed and with a thoroughly protesting libido ducked inside of her tent.

Cain stood still for a moment, willing his legs to carry him away from her. It seemed at this point that his entire body was working with Libido-Cain in a plan to get some much needed relief. When he finally managed to turn from the layer of canvas that was separating him from everything he wanted, he found every guard in the camp staring at him with goofy grins on their faces.

"Oh for the love of..." He muttered under his breath as he shook his head. "Break it up, men. There's nothing to see here." He called out and laughed when they all grudgingly went about their business.

His bedroll was decidedly less inviting than the alternative, but he removed his vest and shirt with a sigh and settled down to stare up at his canvas ceiling. He couldn't believe he'd done it, out of habit he searched for the wave of guilt that would most definitely crash down on him at any moment. He found none and realized something equally shocking...he was exhausted. His mind was silent, his body relaxed without its usual inner turmoil raging, and without thinking about a damned thing he finally slipped away into dreamless sleep.

His eyes snapped open and he looked around himself in confusion. It had only been a few hours...why was he awake? His body was tensed and ready, adrenaline coursing through his veins and telling him that something had startled him out of his sleep. His ears strained as he sat up, listening to the familiar sounds of the camp and woods beyond his tent.

So softly that at first he thought it was his imagination the sound of DG's faint cries reached him.

With fear suddenly tearing through him he drew his gun and stood silently, thankful that in his relaxed state he had fallen asleep wearing at least his pants and hat. His heart was hammering in his chest, beating frantically in his ears as he exited his tent into the chill night. He clutched his gun with both hands, every muscle tensed as he moved covertly toward the sound of her voice. The air is cold on his skin, the ground harsh and unforgiving beneath his bare feet as his wild eyes sought any signs of an intruder amid the camp.

With panic threatening to overcome him he reached her tent, irrational fears plaguing him that somehow his proclamation of love for her had brought some horrible fate upon her, that he would push the flap aside only to find someone stealing her life from her...from him...

With a trembling hand and itchy trigger finger he reached for the flap, steeling himself for whatever was in store for him, surrendering to the knowledge that not even divine intervention could stay his hand if someone had harmed her.

With a quick motion he pulled the flap open, taking aim and preparing to kill whoever was in there with her. A sob escaped his lips as his eyes focused on DG where she lay alone, deep in dream, murmuring indistinctly.

"Oh God..." He breathed as relief rushed over him. He relaxed the hammer of his gun, resting a hand on his knee and leaning forward, taking deep breaths to make up for those long moments he'd held it.

"Wyatt..." DG said softly as he stared down at the ground trying to calm his nerves.

"It's me, baby...I'm here..." He managed in a tone of such loving reassurance that it sounded foreign even to his own ears. He was still breathing raggedly, unable to stand up straight as the last of his panic faded.

"Wyatt..." She said again, and his brow arched. She hadn't heard him?

His eyes wandered over the limp, relaxed form of her body, the shallow steadiness of her breathing and he sighed to himself as he placed his gun in his holster, she was only having a nightmare. He looked around the silent camp behind him and chewed the inside of his cheek. Weren't the mens' tents a lot closer when he'd fallen asleep? He exhaled slowly realizing they'd wanted to give the two their privacy just in case.

That wasn't on the agenda, he thought to himself, but he was already here - and he couldn't just go back to sleep without waking her enough to at least interrupt the dream. This had been a good night for both of them, he hated to have it end like this for her. He cast another look around the camp, licked his lips nervously and ducked inside with her.

So his intentions had been entirely noble.

So he had only meant to shake her shoulder and tell her that she was safe, to hear her murmur her thanks and drift back to sleep...but the sounds that erupted from her the second he let the flap close behind him made him instantly realize the inaccuracy of his analysis of the situation.

"Mmmm...God...WYATT..." She moaned.

Yeah, I'm gonna have to go out on a limb here and say that's not a nightmare, chief...Libido-Cain said with a smirk.

His jaw dropped open uselessly watching her writhe clutching her pillow to her chest and he cursed it for spoiling the view, for some reason DG wasn't wearing a was frigid outside the tent, but with that recollection he realized suddenly that it was positively stifling within the tent, and he was pretty sure of the cause. She rolled over onto her side revealing her bare shoulders and back, those succulent little ass cheeks clad in another variation of those blessed boy-short panties. His mouth was dry, his palms were sweaty, his heart was racing...they were made entirely of black lace, nearly sheer and enough to send Libido-Cain from joking around to screaming on the front lines instantly.

PLEASE...for the love of all that is holy...tell me after everything you've put me through, after all the fears that just ran through you a moment ago you are going to let me out...

And there was no familiar stirring of annoyance this time. No resistance to his pleas. With a gasp of surprise he realized that for the first time in nearly ten annuals Wyatt had released him from his cell, allowing him to once again be part of society, or in this case, his personality.

Cain's eyes blazed with need as he slowly lowered himself to his knees next to her sleeping form. He stretched out along beside her, propping himself up with an elbow as his gaze wandered over every inch of her body like a buffet. Each part offered its own delicious temptation, he intended to greedily indulge in every one of them. He bit his bottom lip as he pressed up against her, his hand brushing her hair away from her face and out of his way.

Slowly he let his fingertips trace over her throat, bringing them down to her breast as he brought his mouth to the nape of her neck. DG moaned in her sleep as he massaged and squeezed the warm mound of flesh with his palm, instinctively arching her back and wiggling her ass against his growing hard on as he teased her nipple.

Wyatt growled and nibbled the back of her neck as his hat rolled off his head, his hand traveling lower still, spurred on by her sexy little moans for 'more' despite the fact that she had yet to wake. She pressed back harder against him, offering her neck to his hungry mouth as his fingers snaked beneath the black lace. It was all he could do not to cum finding her silky smooth sex already hot and wet for him. He nipped at her earlobe and let a hiss escape his lips as he slid a finger into her soaked heat. DG gasped in her sleep, her legs parting and begging him to keep going, he moaned against the back of her neck as she draped a leg over his knee giving him full access to her.

" want you so bad..." He panted into her ear as he rubbed his thumb over her clit. Timing it perfectly, he waited for her to arch her back and lift her head from the pillow in response as he slid another finger deep inside her, and brought his free arm under her head, wrapping it around her chest

He pinned her in place and moaned as her hand came up to the back of his head, holding him to her with just as much insistence. He went right for the sweet spot to the soundtrack of DG's pleas, she was grinding her ass against him and bucking her hips to meet his fingers thrust for thrust. "Wyatt...Wyatt...Oh God...I'm gonna..." She muttered through her panting and he bit down on her shoulder as he went for the kill. Her entire body quaked as she cried out for him and he smiled to himself making a mental note to thank the men for their discrete relocation.

LORDY I'm getting good at these dreams...Horny DG mused and fanned herself. I don't know where I came up with some of those moves he used...I'll never look at his fingers the same again...I mean nobody ever did that to us before and...

OH - MY - GOD!

With a start DG was awake, realizing from the shrieks of Horny DG that the fantasy Wyatt who had just rocked her world was actually flesh and blood Wyatt. She rolled over in his arms, her breasts pressing against his bare skin, and stared up at him with surprised blue eyes. "Hey there..." She whispered between breaths, her body still working through the aftermath of what he'd done to her.

He didn't say a word, his eyes burning into her and he looked like he was trying desperately not to roll her onto her back and ravage her, his breathing was ragged and he was licking his lips as if she were a porterhouse steak that he was about to dig in to.

DG smiled. What marvelous thing had she done to earn waking up next to a thoroughly turned on and raring to go Cain? So he had rocked her world, but he was still dying for release. you're the one he's been hiding...How you doin'? Horny DG breathed before shoving Libido-Cain against a wall.

Come'ere my horny little's not how, it's who...and the answer would be you...He said, grabbing a fistful of her hair and biting down on her neck.

Without a word DG put her hands on Cain's shoulders, urging him lay on his back as she climbed on top of him. Wyatt growled and grabbed her hips as her heat pressed against him through his pants. He gritted his teeth as her soft little hands wandered up his chest, watching her lean down to him and stop with her mouth just inches away from his. "To what do I owe this visit?" She asked coyly before nipping at his bottom lip. He moaned and wriggled around beneath her, pressing harder against her and tightening his hold on her hips.

"You were calling so I came..." He said gruffly, trying to kiss her and moaning in frustration when she backed up just out of reach.

She smiled down at him mischievously. "Not yet, you didn't...but you will..." She teased, and dipped down to him, her tongue tracing over his jaw and Adam's apple, loving the way he writhed and tried to move his body up the bedroll in an effort to speed the process.

DG raked her nails down his chest, her mouth following suit. She nipped and sucked at his skin, drunk off the taste of him, stopping to torture his nipples with her tongue and earning more throaty growls from him. She decided it was her new goal to learn every variation of sound that she could spur from him.

Wyatt wanted to watch her, kept trying no matter how many times one of her bites would send his head back to the pillow and his eyes closing of their own accord. He moaned and wrapped his fingers in her hair, resisting the urge to hurry her along. It had been so fucking long...

He managed to look down when he heard the sound of her unfastening his belt, finding her smiling up at him with desire burning brightly in her eyes. She brought her mouth to his stomach, sucking at his lower abs as she slid his pants down his legs. She moved to the side and got them free from him, tossing them over her shoulder and arching a brow at the meal that awaited her. She let out a little mmmm and lowered her body to his, kissing his stomach and pressing her breasts against his begging-to-be-tasted cock.

Cain groaned and pressed against her, pleading incoherently for her to stop torturing him and she laughed softly, bringing a hand to either side of her breasts and effectively squeezing them around the current location of every single nerve in his body. "Oh fuck!"He managed and she grinned wickedly, moving her body back and forth as he tightened his grip on her hair. She felt his body tensing and stopped, not ready to let him cum yet.

He should have known he was in trouble in that moment, another clue might have been the way she settled down between his legs, getting comfortable like she intended to be there for a long time. She'd never seen a man so swollen and in need of a woman's touch and she bit her bottom lip realizing how he was going to react to her, he nearly levitated off the ground when she wrapped her fingers around his shaft, panting her name the instant she tightened her grip and slowly stroked him. She brought her mouth down and flicked out her tongue at that sensitive spot just under its tip, teasing him with the heat of her breath for as long as she could before finally taking the head of him into her mouth.

Wyatt called out to her, his eyes squeezed closed as he forced himself not to interrupt. He wasn't sure how much of this he was going to be able to take, but had the horrible realization that DG was reading his body like an open book. Every time he thought he was going to get some release she would stop, waiting just long enough before starting another form of torture. She was letting him deeper into the heat of her mouth a centimeter at a time, able to fend off his body's instinctive hip thrusts and keep the pace as slow as she wanted.

Her soft little hand was stroking him slowly, the other massaging and teasing his thighs and sack, wandering down beneath to the root of his erection, pressing her fingertips against the muscle that was so often ignored. "Oh GOD..." He all but screamed as she kept up the pressure, matching the rhythm of her strokes with the movement of her fingers. She pulled him from her mouth slowly, never slowing her hands as they worked.

After taking a moment to watch the pleasure etched into his face and burning the image to memory she returned her mouth to him, taking him all the way to the back of her throat as she began working her tongue and hands at the same quickening pace.

"DG...DG...I...DG, I'm...Oh FUCK!" He growled as he began his release. His body was trembling and covered in sweat as he clawed the pillow above his head and moaned with DG's hands and mouth still milking him for all he was worth.

The world around him was spinning, it took a few moments for him to come down from the high she'd sent him on and when he finally managed to open his eyes he found her resting her chin on his chest, staring down at him with those wonderfully mischievous blue eyes.

"Hey again, good-lookin'..." She teased and he smiled, pulling her to him and kissing her forehead.

"I'm really sorry..." He whispered, his eyes sad suddenly and her jaw dropped.

Oh for the love of Christ, he's not having regrets already, is he??? Maybe you didn't do it right...tell him we want a re-try...Horny DG groaned.

"For what?" She asked, almost afraid to hear the answer.

Without warning he had flipped her onto her back, climbing between her legs and pinning her down. "For what I'm gonna do to get even for all the torture you just put me through..." He growled and nipped at her ear. DG squealed in mock fright and wriggled around beneath him. She couldn't keep up the charade for long because an instant later his mouth was on her skin, wandering from her ear all the way to her navel as he kissed her hungrily, his breathing ragged and his movements frantic...her entire body was getting ready for it...he was almost there...oooh...and he was starving for it...

To her complete horror he stopped an inch shy of his destination, his breathing returning to normal and telling her instantly that he had been faking???? He gave her an evil little grin and she smacked his arm playfully.

"That's so not fair." She said through pants and groans and he laughed.

"Then how about this?" He asked, and before she knew it he had rolled her over onto her stomach, urging her to her hands and knees as he peeled her panties from her. He bit his lip at the view he was given when she raised her leg for him to pull them off.

He was silent behind her, and her body trembled in expectation waiting to see what he would do...

She felt his hands wander over her ass, his fingers sinking into her skin as he gripped her hips. She yelped when he smacked her ass and shot him a look of mock defiance over her shoulder.

OH BABY! Horny DG squealed. Smoldering, fedora-rockin AND a freak in the bed??? We are marrying this man.

DG was biting her bottom lip, any minute now he'd be inside her, she willed him to hurry up and dive in...but her thoughts were sent reeling as something other than his cock was suddenly between her thighs.

Hot, wet and talented beyond comprehension, his tongue ran slowly from her clit all the way to the small of her back leaving her panting and struggling to stay upright.

For what felt like hours he laved over her with his tongue, threatening to penetrate every chance he got, content to instead torture her with anticipation of just what he was going to do next. He bit down on her ass cheek, sinking two fingers inside of her and massaging her ass with his tongue as she moaned and cried out for him. Her entire body was shaking now, her hair hanging down around her face like a curtain as she struggled not to collapse. "Baby...Oh God...Please...Please...Baby..."

"I don't see anyone named 'baby' here..." He teased and she moaned.

"WYYYYAAATTT!!!" She called and he bit down on her ass cheek again, working his fingers faster inside of her.

"Fuck it..." He instructed with a slap to her ass and she rocked her hips against his hand, her voice threatening to leave her as she cried out.

Just as her body had started to let go he withdrew his fingers, and a tirade of abuse for his actions had just begun to form in her throat when he plunged his cock deep inside of her. She was thankful for the hand he clamped over her mouth and bit down on his palm as a screaming orgasm overtook her.

Wyatt growled and held onto her hip with his free hand in an attempt to steady himself, she was so tight around him that it nearly swept him over the edge right along with her, the way her muscles were clamping down, flexing as she came was enough to make him stop the game for a moment.

" done?" He asked with a smile on his lips and she groaned, holding herself up with trembling arms.

"Yeah, but you're gonna have to give me a minute..." She said between breaths and he laughed.

"Fair enough." He said, groaning as he withdrew from her and laid down on the bedroll, holding his arms out for her expecting her to come lay beside him.

He arched a brow when she scooted across the tent and snatched his fedora, and rolled his eyes when she turned around and flashed him an evil grin as she placed it on her own head. "I take it you don't need a rest after all..." He laughed as she moved to get on top of him, but stopped when instead of climbing on board facing him she did so backward.

"I've wanted to do this to you for a long time...there'll be no rest for the wicked..." She teased back over her shoulder and he cried out as she let him sink deep inside of her.

"Oh God...DG, what are you..." He started, but decided very quickly that whatever it was he was all for it.

She leaned back, taking his hands in hers and placing them over her breasts as she started to ride. He squeezed her nipples and moaned, watching her ass move from this new angle, the way his cock disappeared inside of her, the way the muscles in her back flexed as she moved.

She started off slow, loving the way he let his fingertips trace down the center of her back, and smiled a little to herself as she leaned forward, gripping his shins and quickening the pace.

"HOLY HELL!" He screamed and grabbed her hips, letting a thumb wander to her ass and applying just the right amount of pressure to make her cry out.

DG was suddenly benefiting from every year of experience this man had riding horses, the effortless way his hips moved in time with hers was better than anything she'd ever dared to fantasize.

She hissed and cried out as he slapped her ass again, feeling him tensing up inside of her, knowing he was close.

"You gonna cum for me, Mr. Cain?" She teased in a sweet voice and hearing that name roll from her lips in that innocent little tone was too much.

He gripped a fistful of her hair and she shuddered feeling him release inside of her as he screamed, his body quaking and sending her into an orgasm of her own.

After several moments spent hanging on to his shins, kissing his thigh with her eyes closed as she panted and tried to catch her breath she came to terms with the fact that maybe a little rest was in order.

As if answering her silent call Wyatt pulled her up onto the bedroll beside him, wrapping his arms around her as they both moaned and breathed heavily.

"So what, pray-tell, do you call that on the Other Side?" He asked with a smile, his eyes still closed.

DG laughed and removed the fedora from her head, putting it back in its rightful place on top of his, if a little crooked given that he was laying down. "The 'Backwards Cowgirl'...I just had to do it..." She teased.

Wyatt cracked up. "Because I'm a 'cowboy'? Like in the 'movies'?" He asked and she kissed his mouth.

"That's right, pilgrim...and there's plenty more tricks like that up my sleeve." She winked at him when he opened his eyes and he laughed, pulling her closer to him.

"Then zip it and cuddle up with me, I could use some shut-eye if you're planning more of that and the closer you are, the better I'll sleep." He said softly and she stared at him with dreamy eyes.

"I love you Wyatt." She said, wrapping her arms around him and tucking her face under his chin.

"I love you, too, Princess...I love you, too..." He whispered as he drifted off to sleep.