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Chapter 3 : The Ava Dixion Accord

Sheppard looked at Elizabeth and said, "Are you saying we've entered the rip in time?"

"Yes. Can you please put in weapons down on the floor, for your safety. "asked Elizabeth."

John looked at Rodney and nodded at him and they both put all the weapons on the floor, in front of Elizabeth.

Elizabeth said, "Thank you."

"Where are you taking us?"asked Mckay.

Elizabeth said, "We're taking you home, but not to Atlantis."

Sheppard scratched his head and said, "To where then?"

Elizabeth said, "Earth!"

Rodney shocked by the comments made looked at Elizabeth and said, "Earth? Why Earth? Why not your Atlantis?"

"Because Earth is the only save place in the universe left, that the replicator's don't control. Atlantis was taken by the replicator's and we were the only survivors from Atlantis."replied Elizabeth.

Sheppard looked puzzled and said, "What happened to my double in this reality?"

"You died saving Teyla and your family."replied Elizabeth.

Sheppard surprised said, "Family? wait...Are you saying me and Teyla got together and had a family?"

Elizabeth said, "Yes, you and Teyla got together and started a family. You have two kids together, one boy and one girl. Are you two together in your universe?

"No we are not. Where's Teyla and her kids now?"asked Sheppard.

Elizabeth said, "They're on Earth."

"Do you know for a fact that I'm dead, or could I be alive?"asked Sheppard.

Elizabeth said, "No we don't, but there's a possibility that you are. Or you could be a replicator."

"You do realize she will think I'm him right?"replied Sheppard.

Elizabeth said, "Yes, we know, that's why she will be told."

"It's not right to do that to her, she's human. She has feeling. replied Sheppard.

"Then what do you suggest, we do? asked Elizabeth.

Sheppard thought for a moment then said, "I'll talk to her privately."

Elizabeth said, "Okay."

"Where's the Rodney of this reality. Is Rodney still alive? " asked Sheppard.

Rodney said, "Yea, where I'm I."

Elizabeth said, "Rodney, was taken captured while Ronan, and many others were killed by other replicators. They might be still alive, but we don't know. Carter, Dr.Keller, Carson, and many others got out before the attack. Many people died that day, or were turned into replicator's and their real bodies destoyed.

"Why was I captured? asked Rodney.

"Because you hold the key to stopping the replicator's." replied Elizabeth.

"What do you mean Rodney holds the key to stopping the replicators." asked Sheppard.

One looked at Elizabeth and said, "Don't tell them?"

"They have a right to know." replied Elizabeth.

One said, "Your making a big mistake trusting them."

Elizabeth picked up Rodney's ant-replicator weapon and used it on one. John and Rodney are shocked at what they just saw happen in front of there eyes. Rodney looked at John then back at Elizabeth.

"You killed her." replied Rodney.

Elizabeth said, "Yes, I did, I never did like her. Now come with me, let me show you to your quarters."

John and Rodney followed Elizabeth to their quarters and the both entered their rooms. Elizabeth left and went to meet the other replicator's. John closed his door, then paced a bit then left his room. He headed towards Rodney's room, he knocked at his door. Rodney who was scared was pacing the floor and jumped when he heard the knock. He looked at the door and said. "Who is it?"

"It's me John, open up." replied Sheppard.

Rodney said, "Sheppard, boy I'm I glad to see you."

"What do you think of all this Rodney?"asked Sheppard.

"It feel strange seeing her again." replied Rodney.

Sheppard said, "I know what you mean. But I do want answers like how do the know about Ava Dixion and how the created that rip in time."

"I'd like those questioned answered myself." replied Rodney.

Sheppard said, "Next time, Elizabeth comes I'll ask her."

She entered a large room, where 10 replicators are seating around a long table. Once there, she stands in front of the group of human replicators. One of the human replicators that was seating in front of Weir stood up and said, "Why have you killed one of our own?".

Elizabeth looked at the one standing and said, "I don't have to justify my action to you. I did what was best for our survival. If my action aren't good enough that just too bad. It's about time we take action to stop the replicator threat. Three you should know that by know."

Three said, "You've decided to tell them our plans, what if they get captured?."

"They would rather die, then let the information fall in their hands." replied Elizabeth.

"Have the agreed to help us?" asked Three.

"No, not yet, but I think once they know our plans, they may agree to help." replied Elizabeth.

Three said, "When do you plan on telling them our plans?"

"If you all give me the approval on this matter and support on this mission I promise you things will work out. I used to be their commanding officer, they trust me." replied Elizabeth.

Three looked at the others sitting and nodded at them and they nodded back to him. He turned to Elizabeth and said, "You have it. Just don't cross us or you will pay.

"I won't Three. Soon we will rid our selves of the evil replicators in the galaxy and take back our home." replied Elizabeth.

Elizabeth left the large room and headed down to see Sheppard and Rodney. Once at Rodney's room she knocked at the door. Rodney opened the door and let Elizabeth in.

Elizabeth said, "John, Rodney, boy I'm I glad to see both of you. "

Sheppard said, "Care to explain, how you were able to enter our reality? And... What it has to do with Ava Dixion?"

Elizabeth turned and went to a computer panel and pushed a few buttons then turned back to look at John and Rodney.

Elizabeth said, "See for yourself."

Rodney goes over to the computer panel and looked on the screen and said, "What is this I'm seeing?"

Elizabeth said, "It's the device we used to open the rip in the space time continuum."

"This writing is in ancient." replied Rodney.

"Can you read it Rodney? asked Sheppard.

"Yes, I can read it, but the only other person on Earth that can read ancient is Daniel Jackson."replied Rodney.

Elisabeth said, "We've had Daniel reading the ancient writing and going over the data for months, before we activated it."

"Rodney can you shut the device down."asked Sheppard.

"I can shut it down, but it mean we will be trapped here.There also two other problems."replied Rodney.

"What are the problems Rodney?asked Sheppard.

Rodney said, "According to the ancients the device can only be on for 24 hours, after that the planet will explode. The planet it's on, I reconize it."

"Reconize it, in what way? asked sheppard.

"It's p3x259, the planet we were going to investigate on our next mission." replied Rodney.

Sheppard said, "P3x259! Are you sure Rodney?"

Rodney said, "Yea, I'm 100 percent sure."

Sheppard puts his hands on his face too think, then looked at Elizabeth and said, "How long has the rip been open?"

Elizabeth said, "We've had it on for about 6 hours Earth time."

Rodney looked at his watch and begun to calculated, how much time was left.

"According to my calculations, we have 12 hours left until the planet blows." replied Rodney.

"Is there away to prevent the planet from exploding?asked Sheppard.

Rodney said, "There is one of two ways to stop it. One, if we shut down the device, it leaves us trapped in this reality."

Sheppard said, "We aren't doing that. What's 2?"

"I start reading and looking for answers that can help us." replied Rodney.

Sheppard said, "I like number 2 Rodney. Begin working on the ancient writings fast. If needed get Daniel to help you. how long do you need Rodney?"

"Give me a couple hours Sheppard." replied Rodney.

Sheppard said, "We all know how you work under pressure."

"Well that's true."replied Rodney.

"What can we do in our reality to prevent this device from falling into the wrong hands." asked Sheppard.

"We'd have to find it and destory it, by either destoying the planet or the device it's self, or make sure no one goes to that planet."replied Rodney.

"Can we block that address from the dialing system." asked Sheppard.

"Yea, I can do it. I'll do it once we are home." replied Rodney."

Meanwhile back on Atlantis, Sam entered Zelenka's office to talk to him.

Sam said, "Zelenka any answers on the rip. Can we sent people through?"

Zelenka looked back at Sam and said, "I did find a few interesting thing from the data."

Sam asked, "Like?"

Zelenka said, "According to the readings it looks like great amounts of power is being used and its giving a unusual reading as if it straining and will shut down in less than 12 hours.

"12 hours? Are you sure Zelenka?" asked Sam.

"Take a look at the data yourself." replied Zelenka.

Sam begun to read the data then said, "It's true, the rip in time will close in less than 12 hours".

Zelenka said, "What's our next step Colonel Carter?"

Sam turned away from Zelenka and said, "The Oddessy doesn't arrive for another hour, maybe 2 and we don't have that amount of time to delay and try and rescue them."

"What happens if the Oddessy doesn't make it in time." asked Zelenka.

"We take a shuttle and rescue them before its too late and it closes". replied Sam.

Sam tapped her ear piece and said, "Chuck, can you connect me city wide."

Chuck pushed a few buttons then said, "Go a head your city wide."

"Attention everyone, in less than 12 hours from now the rip in time will close, if we dont go and rescue John and Rodney within those hours they will be trapped forever. Can Ronan Dex and Teyla Emmagen meet me in the conference room." replied Sam.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Woosley was getting ready to leave his office when there was a knock on his door, and when he opened it, there stood a slightly-tall slim young woman. She had fair skin that looked flawless and it made her shoulder-blade length black hair stand out and her brown hazel eyes mesmerizing to the beholder.Her attire looked perfect and mysterious. The way she looked, he could assume she works for the airforce, but he has never seen her before until today.

"Are you Richard Woosley?" asked the woman.

"Yes I am. Do I know you?"asked Woosley.

"No you do not, but I have heard of you. My name is Venessa Brown and I work for a rogue part of the N.I.D." replied Venessa Brown.

"N.I.D.? And what do I owe this visit from the N.I.D.?" asked Woosley.

"Ava Dixion? replied Vanessa Brown.

Woosley said, "What about Ava Dixion?"

"I'm sure you've read the reports on her." asked Venessa Brown.

"Yes I have read the reports." replied Woosley.

Venessa Brown.said, "Then you don't know."

"Know what? asked Woosley.

"You read the report about Ava's body being destroyed right."asked Venessa Brown.

"Yes, I did." replied Woosley.

"Then you don't know the truth." asked Venessa Brown.

Woosley said, "The truth about, I don't understand".

Venessa Brown said, "Ava's body wasn't destroyed as it was written and told."

"What did they do with her body?" asked Woosley.

"When the command was given to destroy her body, the rogue N.I.D group heard about it and jumped on it, they took her body and wrote and told everyone it was destroyed."

"Do you know where her body is being held?"" asked Woosley.

"Yes. But they will kill me for telling you this." replied Venessa Brown.

Woosley said, "We can protect you."

"You can't protect me." replied Venessa Brown.

"Why?" asked Woosley.

Venessa Brown said, "Because I'm a replicator too."

Woosley shocked what he just heard said, "Your a Replicator?"

To be continued...