Double Agent- Chapter one- Dumbledore's Will

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Christine Black was working at her desk in the Department of Mysteries when she heard a familiar voice call her name. She looked up and saw Nathanael Smith, the head Unspeakable in the department.

"Yes, Nathanael?" she asked.

"Scrimgeour, wrote me to say that he needs to see you in an hour in his office," he replied.


"I still think that you take your job too seriously. Take my advice; don't take your work home with you. That's why my wife left."

"Thank you, Nathanael," she answered with a warning tone. I will feel so sorry for him when the Ministry falls to the Dark Lord, she thought.

She turned back to her work. The files she was viewing were the latest reports from Unspeakeables in the field about the Lestranges' whereabouts. Bellatrix and Rodolphus were last seen in London and then disappeared. Rabastan was last seen in America. She wrote down the major details to send on to the Aurors Office.

½ hour later

She left her office and made her way to the lift. When she got in, she saw Yaxley and Ride.

"Good Evening, Christine," Ride stated.

"Good Evening, my Lady," Yaxley said bowing.

"Good Evening, Yaxley and Ride, and how many times do I have to tell, Yaxley, you don't call me that at the ministry. Just because my father is the Dark Lord, doesn't mean that I got rid of my mother's maiden name of Black. Keep calling me by my name in the ministry," she scolded.

"Yes, Miss Black,"

" are you coming to the meeting later?" Ride asked.

"I have no clue if I can or not. Right now, the Order has put me on observation. Today I think Kingsley Shacklebolt is on duty. He is the hardest to shake and Scrimgeour wants me for something, but I'll try to make it. You have good news?"

Yes, I have finally gotten Thicknesse under the Imperius curse!"

"That is great!"

Yaxley and Ride got off and said, "Bye,"

"Bye!" she answered as she waved.

The lift started up again.

"Level one- Offices of the Minister of Magic and supporting staff," said the computerized voice.

"Thanks," Christine said while walking out of the lift.

"Christine, Dear, I am surprised to see you out of your office, and here of all places!" a very large woman exclaimed as she came towards Christine.

"Good Evening, Dolores. I am only here because the Minister requested my presence. Good Evening, Percy," Christine replied.

"Hi, Christine, how have you been?" Percy asked.

I can't believe that we are on speaking terms, seeing on how we hated each other at school, she thought.

"I have been better, but I would have never thought tracking down second cousins could be very hard," she answered watching him fiddle with his quill.

Scrimgeour's office door opened and he stuck his head out and asked, "Dolores, is Christine here yet?"

"Yes, she is," she replied pointing to Christine.

"So, she is, Christine, please enter my office."

She took a deep breath and entered.

"Have a seat."

She sat down in the chair in front of the desk.

"Do you know why I called you here?"

"No, but if it is about me basically living here during the week, I am trying very hard to find a place to stay."

"No, it's not that, even though I think you work too hard. It's about Dumbledore's will," he replied sitting down in his chair.

"Do you mean the will you confiscated soon after his death?" she asked.

"Yes, he has you in his will, which is understandable since you were raised at Hogwarts. Do you know what he left you?"

"No, sir," she answered.

"Well he left you, Fawkes, the phoenix, and his family home in Godric's Hallow," he read off the will.

"Wow, he left me a house and Fawkes," she whispered in disbelief.

"Yes, it seems he did,"

"Is there anything else, Minister?" she asked.

"No you may go."