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"Hey, Raven! Want to watch Clash of the Planets with me?"

"Man, no one wants to watch Clash of the Planets. It's just your turn to pick the movie. Otherwise, I'd be out of here."

"Shut up, Cy! Come on, Rae! Open up." Beast Boy banged on her door for the tenth time. He morphed into a ram and head butted it. Gasping for breath, he stepped back from the door. To his surprise, it fell down.

Cyborg covered a laugh. "Oh you're in for it now!"

Beast Boy nervously stuck his head into Raven's room, then turned to Cyborg and said, "Dude. She's not even in there."

"Maybe she had better things to do than watch Clash of the Planets."

"How can you even SAY that?!"

- - - - - -

Raven sat in the dim light of the bar at The Dark Road, her favorite restaurant. She could never admit to the Titans that she was here. For one thing, Robin was against the team going out in civilian clothes; and for another, there were quite a lot of shady characters around here. Last week she was sure she had seen Kyd Wykyd, and last month a guy she was pretty certain was Red X had hit on her.

She sipped her drink (when she ordered tea the barman looked at her strangely) and looked around at the others in the building. It was the usual: dark poetry groups, Gothic book clubs, and a few dates. Raven was the only one at the bar and the only one alone.

Still, this was definitely better than sitting in front of the TV with the Titans, watching some other completely pointless movie Beast Boy picked out. What was it tonight? Oh yeah, Clash of the Planets. A complete geek fest, as far as Raven was concerned.

She was pulled away from her thoughts by the sound of a deep voice ordering a drink next to her. Raven looked over at the man. He was handsome, with very light blond hair and a muscular build. He looked rather depressed, but didn't everyone here?

That was when she noticed that the man had a patch over his right eye. Raven heard him thank the barman quickly when he got his drink, and that was when she recognized him.

"Slade?" she almost whispered.

The man looked at her and his eye widened slightly. "Raven?"

"Why are you here?"

"Well, this is a bar. It's kind of obvious what I'm doing. I come here all the time," Slade said.

"No way. I come here all the time too and I've never seen you," Raven said skeptically.

"I've never seen you here either," Slade replied. "You probably just didn't recognize me. I usually wear sunglasses."

The looked at each other in suspicion and interest. Slade broke the silence with a question. "Shouldn't you be at the tower?"

"It's not like I'm there constantly."

"Right. You just live there."

Raven suppressed a smile. "The others were watching a stupid movie and since I finished Hidden Lies I have nothing to read."

Wait. She suppressed a SMILE?! She hardly ever smiled at people. She almost NEVER smiled at Beast Boy, so why the hell was she feeling like smiling at Slade? That made no sense whatsoever.

"That had a terrible ending."

"Huh?" Raven knew what Slade was talking about, but didn't want to think they had the same interests in anything.

"The book. It had a terrible ending," Slade repeated.

Raven considered not answering for a second, and then said, "Yeah, but the climax was really good. So was the part with the knife and-"

"The tree? That was the best part," Slade said. He gazed at, taking in the civilian clothes and the lack of a communicator. "This is completely insane for me to be talking to you right now."

Raven nodded in agreement. "That's true."

Then why didn't either of them mind talking to the other? Why were they not fighting each other?

Raven thought about this, then decided that nobody needed to know she was ever here. "So . . . do you read Edgar Allen Poe?"

Slade actually smiled at her. "Don't get me started."

For some reason, Raven didn't feel guilty when she decided that Slade had a nice smile.

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