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The alarm went off. Raven looked up from her book with irritation and butterflies in her stomach. What if it was-

"It's Slade," Robin said as Raven entered the main room of Titans Tower.

"What's he doing?" Cyborg asked.

"We can't be sure, but it looks like he's stealing a formula. With it, he could grow another Plasmus or Cinderblock anytime he wants," said Robin.

"Dude! That would totally suck!" Beast Boy moaned.

"Then we must stop him!" exclaimed Starfire.

Raven wasn't paying any attention to her teammates. All the information she needed was on the screen: Cadmus Labs.

"Alright, Titans," Robin said. "We need to make sure he doesn't get away this time. Beast Boy and Raven, you focus on protecting the formula. The rest of us will- hey, where's Raven?"

- - - - - - - -

Cadmus Labs security had been totally inadequate. Raven could see that the second she teleported into one of the hallways. Not even one shot up Slade-bot could be seen. After a moment of reaching out, she knew why: He was in the building. She shuddered, but she wasn't sure if it was fear or anticipation. She wanted him to be there, didn't she? She wanted him, didn't she?

Had he done this because he wanted her? Not to be vain, Raven assured herself, but this would be one way to get a hold of her. The cafe seemed sort of off-limits now, and he had been the one who kissed her... Raven shook her head, and followed what she sensed. Robin had guessed correctly; he was stealing that formula.

For the first time in her life, Raven held back the overused You are a strong, confident woman mantra. She straightened her posture and steadied her voice while his back was turned to her. "Slade."

He faced her. She had grown used to seeing him out of uniform; now it was hard to remember the face behind the mask. "Raven. Where are the rest of the Titans?"

"Probably on their way here. Why are you doing this?" Raven asked.

"The same reasons I always have," he said.

"There have been different motives for different situations," Raven argued.

"Which have all stemmed from the same things," Slade countered.

Raven didn't want to fight him, so she kept talking, hoping her teammates wouldn't show up. "Why did you kiss me?" The question sounded stupid as it exited her lips.

Slade shrugged. "I had some ideas. I was mistaken."

"I do like you," Raven blurted out. Great. Now she was overeager and an idiot.

Clearly, he had not been expecting this. "Are you sure?" he asked.

What kind of question is that? "Of course I'm sure."

"Despite the fact that it would never work out between us."

"What- you were the one who- why did you change your mind?" Was she angry, confused, disappointed? All three? One thing was for certain: she was suddenly unsure of why she had rushed to the crime scene and even of her own words. "I- I need you."

"Oh, Raven. I'm the last thing you need," Slade said in the old, taunting voice.

Okay, now she was pissed off. She was totally playing into his hands and he was just going to act like there was never anything between them? In a spontaneous action completely unlike her, Raven crossed the room, yanked off Slade's mask, and kissed him. She kissed him in the most passionate way she could possibly come up with in the very short time she had to think about it. Throwing her arms around his neck, she pressed her body against his the nanosecond after her mouth came in contact with his unsuspecting one.

For a terrifying moment, he stood frozen and Raven almost pulled away in panic. She shouldn't have worried. Slade reacted with an enthusiasm not foreshadowed by his former statements, reaching under her cloak to wrap his strong arms around her waist. For some reason not wanting to be outdone, Raven moved a hand up to Slade's hair and slipped her tongue into his mouth. She could barely restrain a gasp after his response. Her self control focused on that, Raven didn't notice until too late that one of her legs was moving up in a way she wasn't sure she wanted it too.

It was too late. Slade had turned part of his attention to that limb. Funny, she hadn't noticed him take his gloves off. Raven pulled away for a painful second to gasp, "Security cameras-"

"I disabled them," Slade replied, almost equally breathless. Had his voice ever sounded this appealing before?

Raven brought her hands down to caress his chest. If only the stupid armor wouldn't keep getting in the way- when had her cloak fallen to the ground? Slade's lips along her jaw were distracting her, partly from his hands traveling up from her hips and slim waist. Now his tongue was in her mouth again and she felt the need to tell him that she wouldn't usually go so fast, but she didn't want him to stop. She was supposed to have more control than this.

A beeping noise interrupted them. Slade jerked away, swearing under his breath. "What was that?" Raven asked.

"The rest of your team."

"Wait- so you knew I was coming?"

He half-smiled in a way not at all unattractive. "Would you rather I had made my escape?"

Raven decided not to answer that. "So what now?"

"I should leave. Tell them I got away. Add a fight, for good measure," Slade instructed as he put his mask back on. He reached for the formula, but Raven snatched it away.

"It's me," she told him. "Or this."

Slade paused, then nodded. "Goodbye, Raven."

"Wait." He turned back. "How am I going to get in touch with you?" Raven asked. She didn't like that he had said 'goodbye.' It was just a word, but still...

"The cafe, tomorrow night at, say, eight?" Both heroine and villain heard the sound of footsteps in the hall. "And now, my dear, I must be going."

He disappeared (he did that almost more effectively than she did) before she could say anything.

The Teen Titans burst into the room almost the second after she re-donned her cloak. "What happened?" Robin asked.

More than you will ever know. "I got the formula. I fought Slade, but he got away. We should get back to the tower. He said something about a decoy." Didn't come up with that part, did you?

Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy all looked alarmed. They made their usual comments and hurried away with their usual fervor. As she flew above the T-car, Raven allowed herself a rare smile. She was starting a very unusual relationship.

-The End-

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