This fic request was from Mrs. B regarding John and Teyla. The prompt was John and Teyla was how in each other bodies. Well, I am a huge fan of Farscape and of course John and Aeryn. There was an episode of Farscape called Out of Their Minds with the exact same premise. On the Farscape's website there is a page called Crichton's Notes which Crichton discusses his experience of being in Aeryn's body. Well here is my take if the exact same incident occurred with John and Teyla.

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Switching Bodies

Okay, there is not way that I can put this into my mission report, but I am incline to do a journal entry for my own personal use, so when I get the urge to reminisce, I have it at my disposal. I'll have to keep this from Rodney because that genius would want to know all the details from A to Z and a guy have to keep some secrets. From Ronon because he would give me that knowing look he always gives me. That I know you have it bad for her look.

It is bad enough everyone on Atlantis knows what happened to us, but hey, they do really need to know my personal feelings on this particular subject matter, but for now, let me just say it was cool (smiling sheepishly) who am I kidding, it was beyond cool being inside Teyla's body.

Hey, no, not like that! Wait, it is not like that thought has not crossed my mind on more than one occasion, believe me, I would like it to be so… a guy does have his dreams/fantasies, you know.

Now come on, give me a little credit when have I been known to discuss my romantic trysts, I'm not the type to kiss and tell — not when I think I might get caught, anyway and in this case get my butt handed to me by that said someone. Hello, bantos sticks ring a bell to anyone.

Well, here is what happened the Daedalus was beaming me and Teyla down to Atlantis when something happened. Somehow the combination of the beam and some kind of solar anomaly during our matter transfer to the planet caused a bizarre physical transformation, and the next thing I know I'm in Teyla's body! I mean my consciousness is in her body, or something liked that.

And hers is in mine. Dude, it was so weird! But ... Teyla's body ... man, let me say something to you - I thought that her body was fun from the outside. I'm not even going to try and describe what breasts feel like, I mean, what having breasts feels like. ... Suffice it to say, if I got to keep Teyla's body I might never leave my quarters ever again.

Naturally, Atlantis' version of the dream team, Rodney, Sam and Zelenka figured out a way to transform us back again, and it's bye-bye you know what. When I'm finally aware of my surroundings, this time, I'm me but with the knowledge of how she looks underneath her clothing, yes, I took a peek, what can I say I was curious, yeah, curious. And as for how they feel, hey, I was fixing my tact vest, yes, that my story and I am sticking to it.

I could say that ultimately, it was nice to be me again, but ogling Teyla's body is never going be the same now that I've walked around in there. What a tease that I got to see how much fun it was, and now it's hands-off. Teyla and I should really sit down and talk about this, you know...

(putting journal entry in War and Peace)