Chapter 3

"Aw, Teyla, exactly what have you been doing to my body," John asks.

Smiling rather shyly, Teyla turns to walk away.

"Teyla…, why is my hair wet," John inquires.

"John, I took a shower," she replies.

His face becoming pale as the color drain from his face, his mouth opens except no words were uttered.

Staring at her for what seems an eternity, he finally had the courage to ask, "Did you say a shower?"

"Well, yes!" Teyla being very evasive in her response as the look of utter horror becomes present on John's face.

Raising his right hand, his index finger rising as if to make a point, "Naked!"

"Well John, how does one take a shower," she questions, rolling her eyes, trying not to laugh at the stun expression on John's face.


She nodded, "Yes, naked," she replies.

"Really, John, I don't know why you keep on asking me that?" "If I took a shower, then yes I was naked, well, not me, your was body was naked." Of course Teyla knows full well why, John was having a difficult time with her seeing him naked, but she was so enjoying his discomfort.

"Do you prefer that I had walked around with an unclean body? Well, your unclean body. After I had a workout, there was a strange smell coming from your underarm," she provides.

John frowning, "You don't understand why," he exclaims. "You particularly threaten me not to look at your body without any clothes, but you can look at mines," he pronounces.

"John, you have my word that I did not look if that what you are concern about… much," she answers a smiling forming at the corners of her mouth.


Teyla bursting out laughing, she could not keep her laughter in any more. The look of dismay on John's face was her undoing.

"Why you," John exclaims. "You are having fun at my expense, well two can play at that game," he provides with a grin.

Her brow rising, "What do you mean," she questions.


Grinning, "I just want you to know that I didn't look either… that much," he said shyly.