To all my readers,

I apologize for my lack of updates recently, but I have been promoted at work to a position that requires me to work from 6:30am to 6:30pm. By the time I get home, I don't feel like doing anything but watching tv or playing videogames...which brings me to my next topic.

Oblivion has taken over my life. I can't put the damn game down. I know it's a couple years old, but I don't just run out and buy next gen systems when they come out. I always wait for the price to come down. My PS3 has run nonstop in my downtime and I must say, it has been relaxing. Especially after dealing with contractors all day.

Those's like dealing with three year olds. Everyone thinks they're the center of the universe and everyone else can eat shit...BUT, I'll be making nearly twice the money I was making, PLUS commissions. In this economy, that is freaking awesome.

I am getting the itch to write again, however. I just need to get my thoughts together and remember what all I wanted to do with the stories. Updates will be sporadic, but I promise you, I shall never abandon a story. If I feel like I can no longer keep up with what I originally wanted, I will put my stories up for adoption.

Really and truly though, I haven't had a good experience with that. The guy who took over my Naruto/Bleach Xover bombed. He hasn't written one damn thing that I've seen. So, if anyone would like to take up that story, you have my full blessing. The first two chapters are already written and I believe they should still be archived somewhere on the website under the title 'The Crosses We Bear'. If you're interested, I'll help you find it.

If you've taken up my challenges and need help, feel free to contact me. I'll help you to the best of my ability. I'd love to see these challenges take off, get some other people writing.

I apologize in advance for getting your hopes up on a new chapter, but I believe that the loyal readers needed an update on why the hell I'm taking so long. It's not a lack of's a lack of doing. I've been so tired lately...

I shall return.

P.S. To all you little fuckers that said that I've abandoned my stories or have been general nuisances about my bio page, allow me to tell you all to fornicate yourselves with a garden hose filled with rusty nails. And I pray you get tetanus in your ass. Just because I haven't been writing lately, does not mean it excludes you from my caustic wit.

See you guys later.