Author's Notes:

I like a short and sweet intro, much more detail to follow (Besides, my wonderful son showed up unexpectedly for the weekend from college, had to cut it short to catch up. I'm sure you all understand, right?)

Chapter 1

"Dean, I told you we wouldn't make it to Delavan on an eighth of a tank of gas," Sam grumbled as they walked along the dark, deserted stretch of back road, the safety of the Impala left far behind.

"And I told you we had a quarter tank of gas Sam," Dean shot back, not willing to admit Sam had been right, that they should have stopped in the last town they'd passed to fill up.

"Yeah, well it still wasn't enough, was it Mr. Road Ranger?" Sam huffed, the pace of his long legs quickening just enough for Dean to have to step his own up to an almost slow jog to keep up with his seriously annoyed brother.

"Damn it Sam, will you slow down? My legs aren't as freakishly long as yours you know."

"Yeah, I know, since you always seem to feel the need to remind me of my physical attributes, or maybe it's to console yourself for your physical shortcomings."

"Dude, I don't have any 'short' comings," Dean roared, his self instigated laughter falling short on Sam's already taxed sense of humor.

Sam shook his head, his scowl hidden by the dark of night surrounding them and Dean's inability or unwillingness to keep pace, both of which caused him to lag farther and farther behind. Sam walked even faster, hoping to piss his brother off as much as Dean had pissed off him, ignoring his warnings about the gas gauge as he forced his way on down the road. Ignorance is bliss, unless it earns you a six mile walk to the nearest town because your asshole brother had said 'Not to worry, at worst we'll coast in on fumes'. Sam had walked so far ahead, Dean couldn't even see him anymore, his increasing irritation blocking out every word coming from his big brother's mouth.

"Hey Sam, you can walk as fast as you want, but I'm the one with the gas can," Dean hollered into the night, fully expecting Sam to stop and wait, honestly thinking Sam could see him waving said red gas can in the air in the dark.

And Stop Sam did, his body blindly whipping around to face the direction Dean was in, the moonless dark cloaking him, and opened his mouth to release the string of curse words that had been on the tip of his tongue for the last half hour, each step he took adding yet another word to the list of expletives ready come. The tirade was ready to flow, until Sam saw the headlights in the distance.

They were on back roads, but not desolate back roads, the area seeing it's fair share of traffic during the day. The lights approached quickly and somewhat erratically, illuminating the roadside enough for Sam to finally see where Dean was. Standing a good twenty yards away and on the pavement, Dean also watched as the headlights fast approached, the weave of the oncoming car a little unnerving. Sam saw what was happening long before Dean did, the distance between them affording him a wider range of vision at the impending disaster before him. The words he attempted to scream at Dean stuck in his throat as the car barreled down on him, Dean's movement quick, but not quick enough.

The monstrous black beast hit him at full speed, sending his body flying through the air, a towering willow tree stopping his trajectory mid-flight, as he crumpled to the ground, the soft, dry grass under him soaking up the blood that seeped from his body like a parched vampire, every drop absorbed the instant it made contact with the dry dirt underneath.

Sam stood there watching in horror as the oversized black sedan took out his brother, sending Dean's body flying through the air and into a tree, then careened sharply left as it's front end kissed yet another tree, instantly halting it's forward progress as the front end crumpled in on itself.

Sam ran at full speed towards the spot he'd seen his brother land, hoping and praying he'd still find some kind of breath still in him, the doubt creeping inside as the crunching sounds of the car hitting Dean filled his head repetitively. Finding him easily and dropping down at his brother's side, Sam searched Dean's neck for a pulse, finding a weak but present one, the sigh of relief apparent only to the tree owls that had bothered to listen.

Whipping out his phone, he thanked whatever god looked down favorably upon the Winchester's today as he had a full five bars, quickly dialing 911, the answer he received almost instantaneous.

"911, what's your emergency?"

"My brother just got hit by a car, and the car just ran into a tree! We're on Rt. 14, just outside of Delavan. Please hurry, he's barely breathing," Sam's tone was grave, the anger he felt towards his brother totally forgotten as Dean lay bleeding, and possibly dying, in his arms.

"Saaaamm, whaaaatttt theee fffuuuccckkk jjuuussssttttt hhaaapppeeeennneeeddd?" Dean spit out through the spurts of blood from his lips, each word adding an additional trickle of crimson flowing down his too pale face.

Sam held his brother tight against him, his arms trembling as he saw the blood flowing from his head and lips, his ears begging for the blessed sounds of sirens, even in the distance, to signify that help was coming."

"Dude, that car just took you out 'fast and furious' style. Just lay still, help is on the way," Sam relayed the information to Dean, not really sure that help would arrive in time to do any good. Dean's breathing became more shallow with every second that passed, Sam's fear rising with every breath that was shuddered or skipped.

"Come on man, stay with me. You're the one with the gas can, remember? I can't go anywhere without you," Sam's fear was coming through loud and clear in his voice, falling hard on Dean's ears like an Acme weight.

"TThhaatt bbaadd Ssaammmmmyy?" Dean questioned, his vision just about totally dark now, every ounce of strength he had holding on to what little consciousness he still had, Sam's tone telling him that if he passed out, it may be forever.

End Notes: I didn't mean to make the intro so short, and the story does get much more detailed later!