So sorry

So sorry. I accidentally erased my epilogue and don't have another copy. I typed it at my aunts house then deleted it. So bear with me while I try my best to write another after I spent so long fixing my story back up.

So Simple, So Strong


Sarah smiled as she watched Jareth play with their two kids. Dominique and little Jared adored their dad. He laughed as they wrestled around and he taught Dominique new magic tricks. It had been ten years since that whole ordeal. An ordeal Sarah cared not to remember.

But the ten years since had been very good. When Dominique was four, Sarah fell pregnant again. They had little Jared. Of course, his father had insisted on the name. And now, she was pregnant with her third. They were excited for the new baby. Especially the kids. Now that Dominique was older, she couldn't wait to help with the new baby.

Sarah looked over at her husband. When she caught his eye, he winked at her, and much to the kids protest, went to join her on the blanket. She grinned when he planted a soft kiss on her cheek and patted her seven months swollen belly.

"How are you feeling?" He asked. "Just as wonderful as ever." She replied. By then, the kids came over to join them and eat lunch. And it was a happy little family to be seen. And the two parents love made it all the better. Because it was a love that was so simple, but yet so strong.


Okay, I know this was almost nothing like my last epilogue, but like I said, I didn't have another copy, so I just had to kinda make stuff up. Well, I hope you liked it and I want to thank everyone who's reading this for the first time, and thanks to those reading it over again!