What No One Knows About Jethro Gibbs

There is something that no one knows about Jethro Gibbs. Not the Director, not Abby, not Holly. For each agent that Gibbs lost, he got a tattoo; just small ones, in the shape of bullets.

The first one was for Pacci.

Gibbs still remembered being in MTAC when he had received the news. Chris Pacci was found dead in an elevator, guts spilled out. Gibbs remember arriving at the scene, seeing it for himself. He couldn't believe it at first. He felt like it had been his fault. If only he had stopped and taken the time to help Pacci with the cold case he was working. After they had wrapped up the case and caught the murderer, Gibbs had found the tattoo shop that Abby was always talking about. On his left shoulder, under the scar from Ari's bullet, Gibbs had the tattoo artist outline the shape of a bullet, tears falling all the while.

The next was for Kate.

Gibbs would never forget watching Kate's lifeless body fall to the ground, the shock on Tony's face, and his immediate reaction. Gibbs poured his all of his time and energy into catching Ari. Then there had been that moment in time when his heart stopped, terrified that Ari had taken Abby from him as well. Gibbs remembered the look on McGee's face when he found out that Kate had been shot just moments after taking a bullet for Gibbs. Abby had dealt with it in her own way, as had Tony, but Gibbs had seemed unable to cope. After the funeral and his return to Washington from Indiana, Gibb had returned to the tattoo shop and gotten the second bullet tattooed on his shoulder.

The last was for Paula.

Even though they had gotten off to a rough start in Gitmo, Gibbs had always liked Paula. She was funny and charming; not to mention a damn good agent. Tony had taken to her as well and they had even dated. Paula had been so willing to help him find Ari. When she had been kidnapped by that serial killer, his heart had almost leapt to his throat, but he had kicked his ass, that was Paula. He remembered comforting her after her team had been killed and how hard she had worked to find the killer. He also remembered the look on her face when she had shoved the terrorist back through the wall, and the look on Tony's face when he realized she was gone. He had visited the tattoo shop once again that night.

When Tony's car had exploded, Gibbs had almost thought that he would have to visit the tattoo parlor again, but of course DiNozzo hadn't really died. So there you have it, something no one knows about Jethro Gibbs.

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