Title:Ashes to Flames

Rating: PG-13 to eventual M

Pairing: X27, aka, XanxusTsuna

Warnings: Swearing, violence, BL and eventual Yaoi. Oh, and the fact that this is Un-Betaed and probably has crappy grammar...

Summary: Every meeting had a reaction. Each reaction builds upon the next, meeting after meeting. But every reaction has a consequence.

Author Note: If you don't like BL or just this pairing, then don't read it. Any flames or immature negative remarks will be ignored, because I really don't give a damn what you think.

Chapter 1: The 1st Meeting

Tsuna yawned and stretched his stiff limbs, tired from the long trip. Despite having grown up in Japan, Italy had quickly become a second home for him. It was vastly different from the crowded suburbia and mechanical noises of Japan. Italy held a feeling of serenity and calmness, with its green rolling hills and fresh crisp air. Tsuna took a deep breath of air, welcoming the smell of his second home once again.

After graduating high school, which Tsuna was adamant in finishing, Reborn felt Tsuna was more then qualified to take over the Vongola family, and officially take up the position of the 10th boss. So, literally held at gunpoint, Tsuna and the majority of his guardians were relocated to the Vongola headquarters in the heart of Italy.

Lambo, who was still very much a child, had enrolled in the school Tsuna had once gone to, along with Fuuta, who was adamant in following Tsuna's footsteps. The two were living with Tsuna's mom, who was more then thrilled to have suddenly acquired two more "sons". Tsuna, who was worried about his mother being alone once he left (Iemetsu was still off wandering, and doing who-knows-what), was the one who originally proposed the idea of Lambo and Fuuta attending his old schools. That way, both would get a good education ( instead of always "flitting" around, as Tsuna put it), and his mother would no longer be lonely while Tsuna stayed in Italy. Of course, Reborn had said the situation would've been so much easier if she had just moved with him to Italy. But Maman had declined the offer, saying she couldn't bare leave the quiet little house they had lived in for so many years, and said it would forever remain a home for Tsuna to return to.

Tsuna was originally very uncomfortable in leaving Japan, and living in a country he knew little about. His knowledge of the language was limited at best, even though Reborn had constantly drilled him the basics. The culture, people, way of life….was just so foreign to Tsuna. He had tried to reason with Reborn, saying he could easily run things from the comforts of Japan. Not that arguing with Reborn ever did any good. With a gun pointed at the back of his head, and Gokudera's reassuring (and more then slightly over exaggerated) words about the wonders of Italy, Tsuna was rather hastily put onto a private jet, and flown to Italy, to start his new life.

He was rather surprised at the warm welcome he received when he arrived. Apparently word had spread quickly of Tsuna's accomplishments, which included the long list of allies he had obtained (Dr. Shamal, Fuuta, Dino, Lancia etc.), Mukuro's defeat and eventual acceptance into the family, the Ring Battle victories, and even their little adventure into the future.

And thus, the little Vongola had settled into his normal life as a mafia boss.

Not that being a mafia boss was anything BUT normal.

Tsuna yawned for a second time. The time differences between Japan and Italy was a little too much for him, and he was starting to feel the effects of the jet-lag.

He stopped in front of the main doorway, which led into the Vongola manor. His hand hesitated just for a moment at the door handle. He took a deep breath, and gathered his thoughts and nerves together, mentally preparing himself for what lay on the other side of the doorway. Which was bound to be chaos, as it was always whenever he returned from his trips. Shaking his head slightly, clearing his head, Tsuna opened the door, stepped inside and called…

"I'm Home!"

Well, he certainly disappointed. Chaos was in full-swing.

"Juudaime!! Watch out! That bastard---" Gokudera's urgent voice called from somewhere, before he was cut off by the sounds of metal scrapping against metal, and an explosion.

'One would think I'd get use to this by now..' Tsuna mentally thought as he stepped into the main greeting room to see who was trying to kill who now.

Twin crimson eyes cast down upon Tsuna, causing him to take a hesitant step back.

There, only just a few feet from him, stood none other then Xanxus. Ruthless fighter, leader of the Varia, and adopted son of the 9th Vongola boss. Oh, and not to mention the man who had come frightening close to becoming the 10th Vongola boss, and burning Tsuna into a crisp.

No words came to Tsuna. No cry of fear, but no greeting either. The two just stood there, eyes locked, and unwavering. Xanxus, who had once hated Tsuna, and unleashed all his wrath and anger at him, was oddly calm. His eyes held no anger, no hatred. Just, nothing. It was almost as if he was someone else.


Clicking his tongue in what Tsuna could only imagine as annoyance , Xanxus was the first to break their little stare-down, and quickly stepped past the little Vongola boss, and out the door.

Squalo, who had been fighting with Gokudera from the apparent existence of scorch marks and battle damage along the walls and floor (which Tsuna was positive was not there when he had left), looked at them both for a moment before sheathing his sword and quickly running after Xanxus, glaring at Tsuna as he ran by.

It wasn't until the front door was slammed shut before Tsuna turned to Gokudera with a "WTF was that?" look on his face. He didn't even no where to begin asking.

Gokudera scratched the back of his neck nervously, contemplating where to begin. His first words didn't ease Tsuna's worries in the least bit.

"Well, apparently the Varia are going to live here now."

So, Katekyo Hitman Reborn is my newest OBSESSION. Gah, I love this series. At first I didn't want to do any pairings, and attempt to keep it pure….but that didn't last long... Having that many hot guys in one series just screams for BL fanfics.

Don't ask me where my love for X27 came from. I don't know. But I do know I love it to bits, and there needs to be more love for it X3

This is turning out to be a quite a long-ish story. I have about….9 chapters planned out already, and it hasn't even reached the climax yet! 8D

I apologize for the boring first chapter, and my rambling. I just needed to start off with establishing who was where and what's going on. Etc. Etc. But I promise, the next chapter is all about Tsuna and Xanxus

There are some things I'm not totally happy with, but I really just wanted to get this up and out there. I may go back and rewrite some stuff (especially that sucky summary).

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