Queen of Arcadia: The Wedding


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Mommy's Girl

"No Eve don't shape shift you have to let your arm heal or we won't be able to go riding just you and I." Eve paused in her shape shifting and returned to her normal human form. "Good girl." Xena kissed her forehead. Thankfully they were back in Dragon City; Xena didn't feel that Moscow was safe. She left Lord Seymour to take care of the complete investigation; her main concern was her family.

"Story," Eve demanded.

"Ask nicely."

"Story please."

"That's better." Xena rubbed her head affectionately making Eve smile and snuggle up to her more. Melody was asleep and for once she had her mother's attention to herself. Llyr lay comfortably by the fire sleeping as well. He refused to give up his lazy habit and go to school. Xena would break him of that soon. Even in Queensland they had some sort of schooling system obviously, because the men had to learn to talk and be very good at it. She could tell who had spent more time on their voice than others. Xena began to tell Eve the story of the time she fought the harpies, which was one of her favorites because it was full of action, but she edited for her benefit.

"Xena!" Drake moaned. She paused in her story.

"Yes?" She asked as she saw a pout form on Eve's beautiful lips. She didn't know when the next time she'd get her mother to herself was let alone get to hear her favorite story.

"Can you come here?" Drake moaned. Xena rolled her eyes. Drake was such a baby when he was hurt.

"Come on let's go see why Daddy is being such a big baby." Xena removed the blanket from over them in their window seat and stood up. She headed into the bedroom where Drake was resting as she cradled Eve gently.

"Yes Drake?"

"Can you stay with me?" Drake asked.

"Yes later when I come to bed." Drake looked at her and saw she held Eve in her arms.

"You know she's sleep, you could just go put her down." Xena looked down as Eve looked at her father.

"No sleep, Daddy wait now."

"Yes, Daddy wait and stop being such a baby." Eve nodded her agreement as they headed back out.

"You guys are mean, can't I at least hear the story too." Eve thought about it and pulled on Xena's hair gently. Xena looked at her.

"Daddy hear too."

"Are you sure?" Xena asked. "It's just you and I." Eve nodded. Xena shrugged knowing the only thing better than just one parent to yourself was both of your parents.

"Okay." She turned back around and left the door open so Llyr wouldn't get scared as he often did when all the doors were closed and she was nowhere to be found. She didn't have to worry about that, because while she was getting comfortable under the covers with Eve he sauntered in and settled himself on the end of the bed in his human form. Eve made room for him automatically where Melody would be beside her. Llyr accepted the offer.

"The men are going to kill us."

"Why?" Drake asked.


"Oh yeah, they'll certainly try for mutiny."

"Maybe not, what if we go for a rescue mission."

"Xena you can't be serious about leaving."

"I don't want too, but all of them mean something to me, they're my family too. I was there when Allissia was born, Drake, she's my Goddaughter." Drake sighed. "Do I even need to start in on the others?" Drake shook his head.

"Okay, but I'm going not you no arguments." Xena shook her head.

"You're in no condition to go anywhere and in any case, I plan on going right into the Dungeon. Just a simple portal spell." They argued for quite some time about who was going and not going. And of course Xena won out.

"What about Eve?"

"She won't notice if I'm gone a couple of days with Llyr to distract her and Melody will be content if she gets to stay with you. Now I'm taking Daphne, maybe Emily if she's up to it. Of course Ephiny, Eponin, and Solari perhaps Gabrielle if she stops fighting your mother long enough. Honestly I don't know what to do, but Emily says she has it handled and that to let them continue. I can't believe all the fights that erupted you'd think they could stay away from each other without me having to be there." Drake moaned.

"Don't remind me, she keeps trying to drag me into the argument, but I'm not going for it. Nope, I'm playing it safe in this particular matter."

"Like every matter when it comes to your mother." Drake frowned.

"I thought you were going to make me feel better not make me feel lousy?" Xena laughed.

"Well let me see if I have something to make you feel better." She seemed to search for something before she kissed him. He accepted her kiss and drank his fill of it. She was careful not to hurt him as she ran her hand over his body where his taunt muscles still lay.

"Please get better soon, because honestly the only reason I haven't locked you in a room with me for more than a fortnight is because you're injured," Xena whispered seductively in his ear before biting it and sending a shiver of pleasure through his body.

"Oh you naughty, naughty girl," Drake whispered.

"You think I'm naughty now wait until all of my virgin shyness is gone." Drake was already in another world, she could see it in his eyes and grinned at the thought. She couldn't wait to get him in their marriage bed again.

"Mommy no go," Eve cried.

"I'll only be gone a day, two at most."

"Mommy," Eve cried grabbing her leg. Xena picked her up and comforted her.

"I know baby, but I promise I won't be gone a long time like last time. Mommy needs to take care of her beautiful baby girl doesn't she?"

"No Melody." Xena almost laughed a little.

"No I mean my first born beautiful baby girl you know the one who needs mommy to make her arm feel better." Eve smiled and Xena returned the smile before kissing her. "Let's go brush your hair. Xena went to her vanity and picked up her brush before she went back to her bed. She brushed Eve's hair as she told her a story and soon she was fast asleep. Drake walked in with Melody just as she was tucking Eve in. He was wincing with each step.

"If you keep insisting on getting out of bed you're never going to heal in time for the wedding."

"I know, but you know I can't resist chasing after this one." Xena rubbed Eve's back as she stirred a little.

"Uh huh well you're just going to have to hold off on chasing our littlest princess around until after you're better." Xena adjusted her body temperature for Melody and took the blond beauty from her father's arms. Xena couldn't believe how big she had gotten in her absence. She was nearly ten months old.

"Well I think by the time I'm better she'll be ready to run."

"Oh this little trouble maker has already started in her mind, haven't you?" Melody grinned at her and nodded. "Well please wait for mommy to get back before you start I want to see your first step." Melody nodded. "Love you and I will see you in a day." Xena straightened her dress.

"We'd better start getting them nice trousers, because let's face it once Melody is running around like Eve, they're going to get in a lot of trouble and do a lot of running." Drake nodded as he carefully sat down in his chair. Xena spread a blanket over him with one hand and then spread a blanket on the floor for Melody.

"I'll have someone bring you in some tea." Drake nodded.

"Be careful Xena."

"Don't worry I'm in and out with them."

"Still I really wish you would let someone else do it."

"I know, but I'll only be gone for a day." Xena kissed him again before she kissed Melody. She turned to kiss Eve again, but found her gone. "If you see Eve tell her I said bye again." Drake nodded as he glanced back at the bed to see his daughter not in bed fast asleep. Xena grabbed her satchel, which seemed heavier than before. Xena said goodbye to Llyr who wanted to go with her, but she made him go play with Melody.

"What is in your bag?" Emily asked when Xena finally made it outside. Xena shrugged.

"Let's just go." Ephiny, Solari, and Eponin came out of the castle dragging Gabrielle who was still yelling at Fiona, who had given up for the moment since Gabrielle was leaving.

"Gabrielle!" Xena exclaimed. Xena looked at her. "Shut up and get on your horse, we've got people to save." Gabrielle stopped shocked that Xena had told her to shut up. "We'll discuss this later now get on your horse." Gabrielle angrily got her horse. Daphne came out and mounted along with Ephiny, Solari, and Eponin. Xenon waited at the doors along with Sarah, Lila, Cyrene, Torres, and Naomi. Xena waved to them all.

"We'll be back soon." Xena opened a portal and rode through followed by the others. When they appeared in Greece it was of course night time. They rode hard and fast so that any sentries barely had time to notice if in fact they had rode by. The only evidence they left were foot prints made deep into the earth. But soon even those disappeared eliminating any record of where they were heading.

"Let's stop for the day," Xena ordered. They found a clearing and magic secured their camp from detection even from General Ving.

"My Princess, what is in your bag?" Daphne asked as she dropped it on the ground. Before Xena could answer a very familiar cry filled the air.

"Eve?" They all asked looking around and then again at Xena's bag.

"No, she wouldn't, would she?" They asked each other at the same time. Xena was at the bag first and lifted the top. There inside lay her precious daughter holding her arm and crying.

"Baby, what are you doing in there?" Xena lifted her out and comforted her. She was more concerned with her immediate pain and would address the other issue later. Immediately Gabrielle began to check their perimeter again.

"Let's get some more traps and stuff up around the camp just in case," Gabrielle told them. They nodded as Daphne and Emily stayed around Xena just in case the Gods attacked before the others could return and return them to full force.

"Its fine guys, they don't know she's back yet until than we can relax a little," Xena told them as they sat around their campfire as Gabrielle prepared breakfast. Eve lay in her arms quietly as the pain subsided. Xena turned her gaze to her daughter and smoothed her hair. All her old fears had returned concerning the Gods and her daughter. If anything more were to happen to her and she got hurt or even worse killed Xena didn't think she would have the will to live anymore and it was all because she had to come save her friends.

"Xena stop blaming yourself for something that has not and will not happen," Gabrielle told her as she saw the look on Xena's face. She knew her face well especially when she was blaming herself for something she had no control over. "You had no way of knowing that Eve would crawl into your bag and you can't just sit on your throne and let your friends suffer by Caesar's hand either." Xena looked at Gabrielle as if seeing her best friend again for the first time.


"Yes, it's me Gabrielle, Xena did you hit your head when we weren't looking."

"No, it's like you've been gone since the day you met Drake. Now here you are my best friend who's supportive in everything I do and doesn't make rash decisions that have negative consequences for my Kingdom." Gabrielle frowned.

"I'm sorry Xena, I guess it was my way of trying to get you back, but even now I'm no fool, I can see that coming back to Greece would be a huge mistake not just for us, but mostly for Eve. And I see that you love Drake, but its time I started acting reasonable in my attempt to win you over."

"Well at least she's no quitter," Ephiny commented making them all laugh.

"And you young lady, why did you climb into Mommy's bag?"

"Mommy no leave without Evie." They all felt for the little princess, she had spent a long time without her mother and asking her to go without her for a day when she had finally returned was almost asking the impossible of a child of two especially while she was hurt.

"I'm sorry Eve, mommy shouldn't have asked the impossible for you, but mommy didn't take you with her to begin with because it's dangerous and mommy has to keep you safe."

"I keep mommy safe," Eve told her. Xena smiled and kissed her forehead.

"I know, but just by you staying safe keeps mommy safe, okay?" Eve nodded.

"Okay, here's the deal, since I have no assumed my rightful place on any throne to the fullest my powers aren't absolute here and neither are Daphne's or Emily's. And you four have yet to tap into your inner power, but one day you will." They nodded. "We can't send her back without using energy we won't get back unless we went through the portal as well. Not to mention she'd come out in the air and fall very fast and hard. As you can see that's not an option." They nodded.

"Xena's right, so what's the plan?" Eponin asked.

"The plan is to get our friends and go," Gabrielle told her.

"No I meant conserving magic and stuff."

"Well I was thinking that if General Ving was smart and I'm sure he is that we wouldn't be able to create a portal inside the dungeons and we don't have enough power to out right over power that spell and create one anyway. However he might not have thought to stop us from going from place to place in Greece, which takes very little energy and frankly thought of as a waste of time."

"But where would we go?" Solari asked. "The Amazon village was destroyed, Amphipolis definitely isn't safe, and there's no one left in Poteidaea who would help us especially with so many people." Everyone fell silent as they thought.

"Hey isn't there more than one Amazon tribe?" Emily asked. Everyone looked at her while Daphne remained confused, she wasn't familiar with Greece as the others were.

"Yes," Ephiny answered.

"Did Caesar attack them?" Xena asked. Ephiny nodded.

"Yes, he was pretty hell bent on destroying all the Amazons, they all headed up north in the mountains, it would be way too hard for an army to get to them, they're pretty protected by nature alone. But that might not be true anymore. We could try there."

"We could create a small portal and stick our heads through and see all we can before we make it bigger and go through," Daphne suggested as their breakfast finished cooking. Gabrielle filled their plates and Xena fed Eve off her plate.

"Great idea." They fell silent for a moment.

"How's her arm?" Ephiny asked as they ate. Eve happily sat in her mother's lap enjoying Gabrielle's cooking.

"Okay, but she kind of had a little set back. I think she shape shifted at least once and plus Daphne dropped my bag pretty hard on the ground." Daphne blushed.

"I'm so sorry my Princess." Xena shook her head knowing it wasn't her fault.

"I'm so glad you decided not to kill us," Solari commented as she ate.

"Yeah well it wasn't your fought, and Varia was punished. I hope she's learned her lesson about picking on anyone younger than her."

"So far she hasn't been picking on anyone, but that doesn't mean she learned something," Eponin commented. "I wouldn't be surprised if she were up to her old tricks while we're away."

"I'll kick her ass myself if she hurts anyone again like she did Eve," Gabrielle declared. Ephiny, Eponin, and Solari agreed.

"I get first dibs on her ass," Xena told Gabrielle. They all laughed and argued about who got first dibs on Varia.

The Dungeon