Let's try this again

Eve watched her mother stand naked in the room full of her ladies and closest friends as well as her grandmothers. She was fascinated by the tattoos that Cyrene now drew on Xena's body. Queen Romualda prepared to draw her own set of tattoos.

"Mama what's that?" Eve pointed.

"Oh that is a blessing for your husband's health and long life," Xena told her with a smile as she stood before her.

"Oh do I get those?" Eve asked. Everyone chuckled and commented on how cute was.

"Not for a long time when you find the one you love baby." Eve nodded. Queen Romualda called Gabrielle over and began her tattoo for the ceremony. Cyrene put the symbols on her arms and legs they were invisible except for the glitter it gave off as if she wore body glitter. Once Cyrene has finished Queen Romualda had finished all the women's hand tattoos and they were letting them dry.

She began with Xena's hands up to the wrist before using the small space Cyrene left her on her forearm which wasn't much. Next she went to Xena's neck and began to put symbols there and worked her way down Xena's front drawing attention to her navel and then down her back. Once Xena was covered they fanned her so she would try and then wiped her down and the tattoos were still on her body. She put on her robe and let her hand down out of it's bun as they inspected their hand tattoos. While they straightened out their wedding clothes, she gave Eve a tattoo on her hands. Eve was so happy to be like all the other women and felt older especially when Melody was brought in by Fiona who grudgingly got her own this time. Xena saw too Melody's dress helping to make size alterations.

"Your mommy's big girl, aren't you?" Xena asked Melody tickling her. She couldn't believe how big she was getting. She was two years old now as they had once again waited for their wedding day to roll around.

"Mommy," Melody giggled. Xena smiled and kissed her forehead. They tried on the dresses and kept making alterations for everyone. The women from glacial wore these white dresses with Oriental like designs all over them in gold. It was tight around the top and then flowed out at the waist for a small full skirt. They looked absolutely gorgeous. The ladies from Sultry wore gold saris heavily embroidered with gold, and were more than gorgeous. While the Ladies of Arcadia sported blue dresses from before. Gabrielle had on her darker blue dress.

Ephiny and the other girls sported gold saris embroidered black. Naomi insisted on a sari like her ladies of Sultry much to Torres dismay and Sarah wore a blue dress like Gabrielle's in it's cut except less revealing. Meg dressed like her ladies of Sultry as well, while Leah preferred to be like her Arcadian ladies, and Diana opted for something like her Glacial ladies in blue.

"Now my nieces and nephews their things are ready right?" Xena asked her mother. Everyone was running around the castle in Sultry once more taking things through a portal. Drake was at their castle providing the wedding feast before they all headed to Glacial to dance and have cake. Once that was over it was time for the honeymoon, which Xena was truly nervous about.

"Yes dear, now come on put on your yellow Sari for the last dinner ceremony." Xena went behind the changing screen and did as she was told mentally checking things off in her head. Soon she was sitting at the dinner with all of her children. The priestess through blessings her way of course.

"I know you all must be tired from preparing for my daughter's wedding twice." The people laughed as well as the royal family. "But think of this way, as custom I have generously provided every family even the richest with extravagant meals for a week, and given the amount of 100 gold coins to every poor family, each member was given the coins this time. I'm hoping this time the marriage will stick." Everyone laughed once more giving the coins away to the poor was like paying the Gods to safely marry your daughter away. Though not everyone could afford too or paid 100 coins to every poor person just those that showed up on their doorstep.

That night she dressed in a plain white linen sari and she was taken down to the sacred river and bathed. Eve was ecstatic that her young age of four gained her access to the ceremony since she had managed to stay awake taking an extra long nap that day. Once Xena had been bathed by Gabrielle and Ephiny after her brides maids had all been bathed as well.

The day of their wedding arrived quickly enough for everybody as the stress of the wedding was once more winding down to their delight. Finally all three lands would be united under one ruler or at least destined for it. Xena paced in the hall where her bridal party waited. Drake wouldn't walk down the aisle until after their mothers had sat down.

"It's time!" Lady Nava exclaimed happily as Xena fussed over Eve and Melody's dresses. Llyr was waiting with Torres and Drake in another hall.

"The children first," Cyrene instructed. All her nieces walked out looking beautiful as well as her nephews in their line smiling and waving before taking their front row seats. Following a minute behind them was Naomi and then Sarah as the bridesmaids then Ephiny and so on down the law each being met at the end of the line by a guy. As the bridesmaids all went through Fiona followed and Cyrene kissed Xena's cheek with happiness one more time before following her next to Queen Romualda.

"Look at Daddy isn't he handsome," Xena told her daughters they nodded. Once Drake had reached the altar she instructed the girls to walk through just as she had taught them with their fire rose petals and ice rose petals. They stopped at the end and Llyr trotted between them in his nice suit. Xena checked herself one last time and her father smiled at her before putting her veil over her once more as the music changed they began to walk down the aisle one more time.

"I love you Daddy," Xena whispered.

"I love you too Xena," he told her back. They came to the steps and face each other as if to say goodbye, but Xena considered it more good luck. He removed her veil and showed her face. The priestess spoke.

"Who blesses this union?"

"I bless this union and trust this man to protect my daughter as she protects him," Cyrene said kissing both of Xena's cheeks and placing her crown on her head.

"I bless this union and accept my daughter as a woman. I trust this man to protect her as she would him and all their children as I have protected her all her life." King Rodrigo kissed her cheek and took his seat next to Cyrene.

"I bless this union and trust this man to love and honor my sister and protect her as I always will," Torres said hugging her. He didn't feel the need to glare at Drake but he did anyway making Drake smile. Torres took a step back ready to play his next role he knew so well now. Drake stepped down and took another veil from Gabrielle, her maid of honor, covered her with it face and all. The first veil symbolized her as being unmarried and still living at home. The new veil symbolized her creating her own family and raising her own brood.

"I bless our union and trust you as you trust me." Xena took his crown from her brother, who was his best man, and placed it on his head.

"I bless our union and trust you as you trust me." He led her up the steps under the canopy, which symbolized their home. There was a sacred fire burning in the middle taken from the flame in the temple in Sultry that continuously burned.

The priestess spoke, "In the beginning of time man and woman were one. Than one day they split in half and torn apart. Nurtured by nature they learned to live apart, but longed for their other half. When nature directed man to woman they became one again spiritually. They could no longer survive without each other. They drank together, they ate together, they slept together. On this day you become one."

The priestess handed Xena a small glass cup full of the wine they had both made months ago together. Xena than passed it to Drake and he drank than they had to walk around the sacred fire with Xena leading rather than Drake.

Next she spoke again, "Listen, always listen." They drank some more this time Drake drank first and led her around the fire.

"Once woman ruled and than man had its turn. Now we have reached equality in marriage. As you take your next drink you promise the other equality and never shall one rule the other more." They used wooden tubes to drink at the same time, and then walk together with neither of them leading.

"Okay so last time we were here, you weren't Diana, you're Leah this time right?" Drake whispered. Xena hit him the stomach and Xena grinned. "Nope definitely Meg."

"Shut up." Drake and Xena made it around the fire and took their place once more. Eve was already where she was supposed to be as Xena turned and took her and Melody by the hand. Melody once again had a piece of candy stuck to the roof of her mouth that she was trying hard to unstuck from it.

"Blessed are the children from the womb and just as blessed are the adopted," The priest spoke. Drake brought Llyr up to stand beside them.

"Blessed is the father in his role in creating beautiful children in the future or past now too in this case again." Everyone chuckled. There were also some people making noises of shame that they were just now getting married, but now it was more in a joking matter making Bride and groom laugh. Xena and Drake looked around for any disturbances when none came the ceremony continued. Drake finished drinking from the wine cup.

"Blessed is the mother for breathing life into the child and nourishing her in her womb and at her breast." Xena drank from the cup.

"Blessed are the daughters for filling your lives with more love and happiness than you could ever imagine." Eve as the eldest drank next and then Melody, who Xena didn't have to help too much she just wanted to make sure there were no spills. These days Melody dripped on anything worth staining.

"Blessed is the son as he provides protection and male companionship especially when the father cannot."

"Oh thanks make me feel even worse," King Rodrigo told the priestess it was all part of the ceremony as everyone laughed and Llyr drank before giving her the cup back. He still didn't drink the way most of the watchers would call civilized, but Xena didn't mine she wanted him to keep as much as his former self as possible. Xena and Drake led their children one at a time around the fire and than one more for all future children, which they walked together as a family.

"I just want you to know Xe, I'm so happy we're finally going to finish this." Xena smiled at him through veil.

"Yes, we'll finally be united once more." Drake smiled at her and looked at her lovingly just as she looked at him lovingly. The priestess put the cup down as she did before and the priest stepped forward. He was determined to marry them this time.

"You will now make your vows to each other. These vows will be held sacred and followed for eternity as long as you both shall live." Xena and Drake turned to each other. "Before they begin does anyone have any objections, ill wishes, curses, or plans for ruining the wedding? If so please speak or act now or forever hold your peace." Xena and Drake along with others in the front row looked around. No one moved though there was some coughing before everyone turned to Fiona once more.

"You have nothing to say?" Xena asked. Fiona who she had allowed to keep her red dress looked at her son.

"I don't know son, am I allowed to be myself?" Fiona asked looking at Drake. Drake shrugged.

"That is entirely up to you mother." Fiona sighed.

"Well of course I object, but if you must," Fiona told him in a nonchalant tone. "You know I just love you both." Xena grinned.

"Oh how evil of you," Xena told her. "I love you too." A glare passed between them and Xena and Drake turned back to the priest.

"Is there anyone else?" The priestess asked. "Because seriously, this ceremony is a lot of work disturb the peace now while we're halfway through because no one likes an ending to be disturbed." Nothing happened once more.

"Good, Drake if you will say your vows now." Drake nodded and looked Xena in the eye.

"I, Drake, King of Arcadia, take you, Xena, Princess of Sultry, Archduchess of Glacial, into my heart as my wife and rightful Queen." He turned to Llyr and picked up a beautiful fiery colored pearl necklace in the shape of roses made from fire it seemed, but his gloves protected him while she lifted her veil as they got a clear view of one another. "Fire for our burning love." He took ice-cold earrings off the pillow. "Ice so that time will freeze every special moment we share together." He put them on her ears. He noticed they were the same diamond earrings he had put on her before. She had been forced to take them off because of the war and because they weren't married. "And with this ring I thee wed and give you a representation of my never ending love. A promise that I will love, honor, trust, respect, and cherish you every precious moment in life and in death."

"I, Xena, Princess of Sultry, Archduchess of Glacial, take you, Drake, King of Arcadia, into my heart as my husband and rightful Archduke and Prince." Llyr moved closer to her. "Fire for our burning love." She place a pendant of a fiery rose on his sash before grabbing an ice-cold diamond earring which she made warm enough for him to bare. The diamond was on a small silver loop."Ice to freeze every moment we share together good or bad." He grimaced a little when she pierced his pinna. "And with this ring I thee wed and give you a representation of my never ending love. I promise that I will love, respect, honor, trust, and cherish you every precious second in life and death. "

"Did you have to out do me in the expression of our love once more?" he asked her in a teasing manner.

"Always and forever."

"Always and forever," He repeated words once more and was so tempted to kiss her but he held back.

"The couple will now take the seven sacred vows." Xena and Drake started around the fire and began their first sacred vow.

"May we be blessed with an abundance of food."

"May we be strong and complement one another."

"May we be blessed with prosperity."

"May we be eternally happy."

"May we be blessed with children."

"May we live in perfect harmony."

The priest and priestess said the last one together along with everyone else, "May Xena and Drake always be the best of friends."

"May we always be the best of friends," They said while staring into each other's eyes as they finished the last walk. Drake lifted her veil and they kissed one another softly and Xena nearly blushed as the sparks still flew when she kissed him. There were some cat calls as it was a long kiss making them laugh as they pulled back. Once they had stopped Fiona stood up and the glass that they had drunk out of was given to the priestess who put it on the floor. Fiona broke it with her foot and they all clapped.

"To many more arguments and grandchildren," Fiona told them. "Once again Drake…"

"Yes…yes you warned me mother." She nodded and took her seat once more.

"I join you two together with two separate cords." Both of their hands were tied together to show the unity of their marriage. "Now tie a knot into those separate cords and put it around your partner." They both tied a knot on one of the two separate cords that bound them before they tie it onto the other's wrist.

"In the beginning woman and man could not speak. To show woman that she was the center of his very existence his core, he walked around her three times," The priest recited. Drake walked around Xena three times.

"Woman knowing no other way to communicate the same thing walked around man three times to show she understood and that her feelings were mutual." Xena walked around Drake three times.

The Priest and Priest than spoke together, "When the first child was born man and woman walked around their child to show that a new center had been born and kissed that child when they realized their feelings were mutual." Drake and Xena walked around their children and kissed them. Eve immediately began her walk around her mother followed Melody and Llyr making everyone melt as even after so much time little Eve still felt the same way. Drake pretended to look a little sad that he still wouldn't be loved and Torres patted his shoulder. Xena chuckled.

"Remember I still love you." She patted his cheek.

"Yes, as I said only because someone has too." Everyone chuckled.

"Now to literally tie the knot, the knot that will hang above you marital bed when you sleep and make love and create your beautiful daughters." Xena refrained from looking at anyone especially Drake and was grateful that her veil was covering the sides of her face from veil of everyone except the priest and priestess as they faced them again. At the same time she was a little angry with this virginal shyness she had gathered.

The priestess and priest took a longer cord and tied them together around the waist in a knot. They could take it off at the reception. They walked around and than through the fire to show that their marriage could and would withstand anything thrown at them as it had already survived the hardships thrown their way. All that was left for them to do was jump the broom and for fireworks to fill the sky as their soldiers lined up down the isle their swords creating an arc over head.

Everyone held their breath as Torres and Gabrielle placed the decorated broom on the ground. The soldiers lined up from Glacial, Arcadia, and Sultry standing tall looking straight across from one another. They would raise their swords one by one as they passed them. Xena and Drake paused for half and second and jumped over the broom. They paused again and nothing happened as everyone began to breathe once more and applause erupted from the watchers. Drake and Xena walked forward with huge smiles on their faces as the soldiers raised their swords as they passed creating an arch. They were followed by their children than Gabrielle and Torres, and so on until all the wedding party had walked out amid drums and songs of joy.

Cyrene was in tears when she entered, but she immediately ushered a loving Xena and Drake out of the room to change. The priestess came in and helped them maneuver with the knot around their waist moving it up and down accordingly. Xena was dressed in her first blue wedding dress that she had married Drake in the first time. Cyrene let down Xena's hair and replaced the crown on her head without the veil.

"Ladies and Gentleman I introduce to you King Drake of Arcadia and his Queen Xena of Arcadia!" Someone cried out. The blue tent was full as Xena and Drake walked in as fireworks filled the sky to their surprise delight. Small ice sculptures rained as the dazzling center pieces surrounded by flowers and everyone dined with gold plates, cups, forks, spoons, and knives. Xena saw her orphans happily dressed and attending the feast. They took their seats and everyone was served a very delicious meal.

"Xena, Drake I want you to know that I am so glad you two are finally married, I'm sure we've all had enough of bridezilla." Everyone laughed at Torres. "I'm going to be honest, I never thought you darling sister would get married, but now that you have I find I'm not agreeable to it." They laughed more. "It was never you it was me, and so I wish you more beautiful children and a long happy lives together cause it's official no running now." They laughed more as everyone clapped before raising their glasses at Xena and Drake. King Rodrigo stood up next and raised his glass.

"Drake, you're a fine man and while you'll never deserve my daughter, I'm glad it was you she chose." Everyone smiled and awed. "She loves you so much and don't ever throw that away. And to you my beautiful daughter nothing brings me more joy than to see you smiling, I haven't always been there by choice, but don't ever think of trying to keep me away. To Xena and Drake!"

"To Xena and Drake." They all drank from their glasses. Gabrielle stood up.

"Xena, although I still don't agree with your choice, I would be a fool not to see how much you love each other and that makes me so happy for you." They raised their glasses and drank as Xena hugged Gabrielle who cried a little.

"We're still best friends forever, we're destined to be," Xena told her. Gabrielle smiled.

"Oh two girls hugging very hot," Drake whispered so they both heard making them hit him lightly before sitting.

"Let's see a kiss!" Clara yelled to Xena's chagrin.

"Kiss, Kiss, Kiss!" They all began to chant until Xena and Drake kissed even slipping each other a little tongue.

"Woooooo!" They clapped. They sat through several more speeches till everyone was good and slightly drunk. Xena and Drake stood up carefully cause of the knot and exited once dinner was over and everyone headed to Glacial to dance. When Xena arrived in her white dress in the same style of the ladies of Glacial they were already dancing. Her bridesmaids of course now all wore their own outfits so she stood out. Xena's hair was in a ponytail braided and looped twice and over the two braids Drake had fastened a rope of flowers he'd made. Drake sported a white jacket and blue sash as he gracefully led his wife into the ballroom. Everyone was standing around them now as they were introduced once more.

"The Archduchess and Archduke will now have their first dance." They swept off onto the dance floor together. Soon everyone was dancing once more and they danced late into the night. During the dance Xena was laying against Drake as she watched Llyr and Eve dancing beside them. She smiled at them they were so gorgeous and beautiful and they were hers. She left briefly to see all three of her children off to bed.

They posed for a long moment as artist did fast sketches and committed them to memory as they were poised to cut the cake. Finally they were able to cut the first piece of cake, that first piece was put on ice and saved for their first anniversary. They cut two more pieces and fed each other before Xena got him good in the mouth and he got her. Everyone laughed happily before everyone was served cake.

"Have fun on your honeymoon," Cyrene told her a little while later. They kissed each other's cheek and they both walked out of the castle and to their dragons and they were off to an island near the Arcadian coast.

On the island they had planted every flower Xena could think of to add to it's beauty and what they liked best was how the hills were so high it gave them a sort of privacy. They landed and the dragons flew off they would come back when ever Xena and Drake needed them. They walked the little ways to their small home. They had barely entered when Drake was kissing Xena tenderly. Xena kissed him back just as passionately and pushed him back onto the bed. He sat up and reached out for her.

"You relax and hang the knot above our marital bed." Drake nodded as Xena left out. She went into the other room and changed into a purple dance sari. She let her hair cascade all down her back and over her shoulders just the way he liked it. She added a little adornment to it, but not much. She picked up two ankle bracelets and turned towards the door. She took a deep breath, dancing wasn't the part that worried her.

"You can do this Xena, you've done it plenty of times before." At her words she grinned a little and opened the door. Drake had lit the candles all around the room before he had secured the knot above their marital bed. He had hung his sash up and taken off his gloves and was sitting on the bed waiting for her his shoes kicked off and neatly put under the bed. He looked up and sucked in his breath as he looked up from her feet tracing every tattoo on her stomach until he had met her eyes. For a moment he stopped breathing all together as he watched her walk over to him.

"Would you mind?" Xena asked him. She held out the first bracelet and lifted her leg before him. He gulped and took it before running his hands down her leg to her ankle she shivered at his touch as he fastened the bracelet. She lifted the other leg and he put the other one on. She used some magic and some instruments in a corner began to play on their own. She danced seductively for him and to his delight never took her eyes off his when she faced him though his eyes roamed her entire body, the tattoos really enhanced every movement she made whether she had her back to him or not. She pulled him up and began to undress him and her touch sent shivers through his body.

"Oh god," he whispered as her hand moved down his bare chest from behind and moved to his pants. She undid them and moved her hand down to stroke his thighs it was torture for him and she knew it as she brought her right hand back up lightly rubbing from the top of his groin to his navel. He was nearly naked except for his undergarments as she danced more around the room at first releasing her skirt and letting it fall followed by the top leaving her only in her bra and panties and jewelry except the bangles which she let drop to the floor. She crawled onto the bed and lay back on the pillows watching him. He didn't need any prompting as he moved forward and began to crawl onto the huge bed. Xena stopped him with her left foot he merely ran his hand up her leg towards foot stopping at her ankle before turning his head to kiss her inner ankle and than her leg just above the bracelet. She bent her leg a little and lifted it so it was on his shoulder and he moved forward.

"In time love, I'm going to exhaust you the right way," he told her. She smirked and removed her leg from his shoulder. He moved forward and kissed her as she wrapped her arms around his neck. To his excitement she began to stroke the back of his neck as he stroked the side of her thighs. Drake moved from her lips to her neck and was glad she had taken her pearls off so he wouldn't burn his lips, but he could still feel the extra warmth where they had once laid on her neck. He licked the area making her moan slightly in his ear. He began to trace the tattoos on her neck with his tongue as he took off her bra.

"Drake," Xena moaned. She ripped off his underwear to his amusement and she shrugged as he continued to torture her with his tongue moving down to her breast he lavished attention on them like he had been longing too for so long. He bit down a little too hard. "Hey be careful our children are still nursing from there." He nodded and looked at her apologetically. She kissed him immediately bringing back the mood. He kissed further down ravishing her body as he traced the tattoos around her navel and down further. She watched him with her eyes glazed over as he removed her panties and kissed her thighs before her eyes went wide as he threw her legs over his shoulders for better access.

"Drake!" Xena moaned for once she didn't even both keeping her voice down there was noone to hear them for miles. "Aaah!" Xena gripped the sheets around her tightly before her body tensed itself and she lay back breathing hard. It was slow coming but her vision returned itself as she felt Drake's lips on hers as she turned him over so she was on top and began to administer her own torture of him with her tongue.

"This is how you bite a nipple." She bit down making him whimper with pleasure. She found it so cute when he did that and did it again just to hear him. She reached down with her hand stroked him making his body tense with pleasure as he continued to kiss her way down making sure to leave a trail of hot and cold kisses to his pleasure.

"Xena!" Soon he had to force himself not to grip the headboard until it was nothing but splinters in his hand as he experienced the changing temperatures inside her mouth and the way she caressed him. Just as he body finished tensing up she kissed his lips and finally he pulled back.

"Are you ready for this?" Xena nodded kissing him again. He pulled the square cloth from under the pillow, the proof was for the people of Glacial and while not everyone would look on it, key nobles had too for the proof. This wouldn't have mattered if Ubel had bedded Xena, but Ubel wasn't bedding Xena, Drake was, and Xena was their ruling leader and he was marrying into the country so to speak. He placed the cloth under her as Xena tried to make her body relax.

"Relax we've done this a million times." Drake kissed her gently, but she suddenly broke the kiss as the pain spread through her body. She bit her lip and cried out a little as tears spilled down her cheek. The pain was excruciating it was worse than giving birth, but not as bad as fighting Alti in her head. It had never hurt like this before as she cursed Ubel's mother in her head repeatedly. Drake wiped her tears and took things slow until they found their rhythm again the pain subsided and the room began to fill again with both of their moans.

The next morning Drake awoke first. He rolled over and looked up to see the ceiling it was made of glass he could see that it was the middle of the morning from the way the light shined through. He looked at Xena who was lying on her stomach on his right arm, with a smile he rolled over so he had his left arm around her. She was so gorgeous in his eyes as he stroked her hair out of her face and exposed her neck. He got a good look at the tattoos on her back as he traced the ones he wasn't covering with his own body with his finger. He looked back up and kissed the back of her next already longing for her. She grinned having already woken up when he had traced her tattoos with his finger. She smiled and turned her head and his kisses transferred to the side of her neck and than her lips.

"So did I keep my promise my Queen?" Drake asked with a grin.

"You went above and beyond the promise my King." They kissed some more. They made love once more in the bed before rising and eating lunch. They explored the island making love under the beautiful water fall and in the field of wild flowers. They just enjoyed each other in their marital bliss for two weeks.

"No worries just a parade than we rest." Drake nodded. They flew to Glacial and rode in a carriage all through the capitol dressed in white waving then took a portal to Sultry and did the same, and finally a portal to Arcadia and did that through three cities the last being the newly finished Illusia. Drake addressed the people of Arcadia at the palace as well as Xena before they were able to retreat to their rooms.

"There's my baby." She lifted Melody up who cared more for nursing at the moment than anything else as Xena dried her tears.

"Perhaps you'll need to wean her earlier than other children," Cyrene commented as Melody sucked hardily. Llyr had already weaned himself now that he was coming up on seven years of age. He ate meat now and often went out hunting in his wolf form. Bedwyr and Cahal had remarked that Llyr would return to rule Queensland one day and change everything they had no doubt of that. He had a right to even though he had handed the title over. As for Eve she suckled occasionally, but not nearly as often as she use to do so.

"Daddy, we go riding?" Eve asked him from her place on his knee.

"Yes, of course darling, but tomorrow." Eve nodded.

"You might be right mother," Xena told her. "But I think it's fine until I have another baby if her feedings don't get more infrequent." Cyrene nodded as she sat sewing some pants Eve had ripped. "So when is the wedding?" Cyrene looked up alarmed.

"I don't know what you mean."

"I'm sure, when are you going to marry my father?"

"Xena please we're still getting to know one another and as it is when he marries me this time around he'll have to step down as King."

"So," Xena said.

"Our day will come soon enough you don't pay any attention to it." Xena shrugged.

"I'll drop it for now." Soon they were all having a family lunch before Xena and Drake were thrown into their daily duties. She was grateful to push some stuff for Glacial off onto Drake.

"You did this to me on purpose," Drake told Xena carrying the load of papers out of her study and to his. Xena chuckled.

"Why of course, now you go handle that while I handle Arcadia, I have some many laws I need to enforce here before I travel to Glacial to enforce the laws there." Drake probably nodded as he walked out, but she couldn't see over the papers. "Love you!"

"Love you too!"