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Himura Tsubasa! Congratulations!

Enjoy the Himura-based short, readers!

A Brother's Vow



(Set during The Wrath of Pharaohmon: The night before the Shadow Tournament)

Katsuya Residence/Himura's Room/March 30, 2003/10:03 PM

Himura Tsubasa sat inside his room alone. Inumon was not home as the boy had asked him for some time alone. He needed this time to think about what had happened.

His sister was taken and converted into the dark warrior known as Nemesis. She was now under Pharaohmon's tutelage.

To make matters worse... his sister had now become affiliated with the enemy.

What led up to this was because of a misunderstanding between Himura and Yui after a conversation he had with the Tamers. It was all due to Himura never telling the truth about Inumon being affiliated with the Underworld Digimon lord, Anubimon. She thought that Inumon was a lost animal found by her brother after his release from the hospital.

The reason he couldn't tell her was due to the painful memories from his journey in the Underworld - during his coma period where he had met Kotori, Inumon, Seadramon and Anubimon. He didn't want to mention anything about Kotori's death.

Wrapping his arms around his legs, Himura curled up into a fetal position. "Yui... I'm so sorry... I should have told you." Why was I so stupid to not tell you?! As she shivered, small drops of tears fell down his cheeks.

Himura had let his little sister down. He had promised to protect Yui at any cost but he failed her.

"I failed you, Yui-chan. I don't deserve to be your brother... not after what that bastard did to you. You turned you against me... and now you've become Nemesis," he seethed with tears.

To make matters worse, she had accused him of being a murderer. All because of the tragic accident that cost their parents lives'. To add more insult to injury, she even accused him of leaving Kotori to die.

"You know that our parents died... in that accident and I saw who truly murdered Kotori..." He clenched his fits while tightening his fists. Anger rose through his body as he couldn't take all of these accusations. He couldn't stand to hear any of this resent from his own sister. "Pharaohmon's the one lying to you, Yui-chan! HE'S THE ONE!" He picked up a baseball lying on his bed and threw it into the closet out of rage. "Damn you, Pharaohmon!! You've caused enough grief to us but you crossed the line!"

Jumping off his bed, Himura walked over toward a small picture frame. He wiped away the dried tears as he picked up the picture frame and narrowly gazed down at it.

The group photo consisted of a man in his late-thirties with dark blue hair and a beautiful woman in her early-thirties with long light blue hair. Also in the picture was a younger version of himself standing beside his father. In the photo, Himura was nine years old and shorter than he was now. Standing in between the mother and Himura was the adorable little girl with short dark, blue hair. She had an innocent and kind smile to her face - a complete contrast to the cruel, sadistic gaze that Nemesis possessed.

"Yui-chan. Tomorrow, we will be reunited. Once we defeat Nemesis, Basilikmon and Pharaohmon, we're going to set you free," Himura vowed, setting the picture frame down. His eyes hardened with determination while closing his fists. "Mom. Dad. Kotori. I'll prevent another one that I cherish from dying and slip out of my hands. I will ensure that Yui-chan returns home and back to her innocent self. That is a young man's promise." With that, he set the picture down and glanced over to his card deck.

Tomorrow... the Shadow Tournament would commence.

Himura, the Tamers and their partner digimon would be ready for their biggest test to date.


Glancing outside of the residence, Inumon and Renamon watched the young man with his back turned.

The dark canine looked over to Renamon and smirked. "Himura's had it rough but can you blame him? But, we're going to help him bring back Yui-chan! I just know we're going to topple Pharaohmon and his army!"

Renamon nodded. "We'll see. You clearly saw the announcement from the television. Pharaohmon has rounded up some of the most vile and evil of digimon from their prisons."

"Anubimon sure has a lot of paperwork to cover all of this," Inumon sweatdropped.

"Nevertheless, we will send them back to where they belong. That way we can spare Anubimon of any dreaded paper work," Renamon said as she stood on top of the branch.

Inumon smiled. "You're right. I know we can do it! We'll beat all of those jerks and send them back to their prison cells!"

"Well, don't get too overconfident," the calm, composed vulpine stated as she gazed out to the starry skies. "Basilikmon will be amongst those freed prisoners and you have reserved long hatred for that vile serpent."

"Yes, he's the one who denied Kotori of her life," Inumon said, crossing his arms. "He took away Seadramon's partner. Himura lost a very close friend and he still blames it on himself to this very day. It saddens me to see Himura going through such crap for a kid his age."

"And here I believed Rika had it rough."

"From what you've told me, she still has both of her parents."

"She hasn't seen her father in a long time. She lives with her mother and grandmother."

"All Himura has left is Yui-chan."

Renamon closed her eyes. "And Pharaohmon has turned her against him."

"But, I truly believe Yui-chan is still in there. There is a chance to save her and we will manage to pull it off. I know we can."

"Of course, I was there to hear Yui's voice coming out of that witch's mouth. Although, it was momentarily... she clearly has some control over Nemesis."

"But not completely. It's up to Himura to bring her back. If he can't, then by Goddramon... Dark Gabumon and I will bring her back!" Inumon grit his teeth, clenching both of his fists. "Just you wait and see, Renamon!"

Hearing this straight from Himura's partner, Renamon couldn't help but feel more hopeful and stronger before tomorrow's event.

"Perhaps we do have a chance after all," Renamon coolly stated as she turned toward Inumon. "As long as you and everyone keep faith... Goodnight and see you tomorrow." With that, she leaped off the branch and vanished as the cold wind blew by.

Inumon let the cold air blow against his fur while closing his eyes. "Thanks, Renamon." Argh, I should have touched her butt when I had the chance! Shaking his head, he tried to take those perverted thoughts out of his head.

Looking back to Himura inside his room, Inumon kept a close eye on him.

"Let's bring back our beloved Yui-chan, Himura. Then, we can save both the Real and Digital Worlds. And we can all return home... together."

With that, Inumon hopped onto the balcony and opened the window to enter Himura's room.

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