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Anyhow, this Gaiden is something that's been in my mind since a review named Lycosyncer addressed an issue with the Senshi's Amazoness counterparts in a review. If you've read Dawn of Chaos, you'll come to know around Chapters 8-10 that the Sailor Senshi fight their Dark Valkyrie forms. After the Senshi beat them, a spell was broken that turned the D. Valkyries into Amazoness Archers. These specific ladies were revealed to take on specific traits akin to the Sailor Senshi (just the Inners, Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn).

Their names are as follows: Sely, Aphy, Ary, Hermy, Zey, Crony, Ourany, and Poseidy. They were shown to be the counterparts to the following Senshi: Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

Well, who are these special Amazoness anyway? How did they, by sheer coincidence, turn out to be the Senshi's counterparts?

This Gaiden will cover where they came from... and who they were at one point.

You might find this intriguing. Enjoy. ;)


Reincarnate Souls


In another world.

Across time and space.

They had fallen in a battle.

Everything they had strove to protect was lost.

Their families, friends, home, and planet were in ruins.

A dark ominous blanket swept their world.

The source of the attack was unknown.

No one had a chance to see this force attack, but Earth's last remaining heroes.

With the Time Guardian unable to warn them before being killed, the Sailor Senshi faced the great power.

Despite all their efforts, this ambigious force repelled their attacks like nothing.

This force was beyond their comprehension.

All it thrived for was the destruction of their world.

They faced a being whose constitution originated from anti-matter.

The Sailor Senshi, defeated and down on their knees, picked themselves up as they faced the black matter that hovered directly 25 feet in front of them. Standing at the forefront, Sailor Moon raised her Silver Crystal as a white dress now covered her body. The other Senshi cried out, pleading to their princess to make no further advancement. She didn't cease her movement and faced the dark entity, which released long, whip like tendrils that madly swung around its ambigious form.

"Sailor Moon! Stop!" Sailor Venus pleaded as she tried stopping her, but to no avail. She fell while her body racked with pain after the punishment she and the others endured fighting the dark matter's endless swarms. "Don't use it...!"

"You'll die if you use all of the crystal's power!" Sailor Mars cried out.

"That fool," Sailor Uranus gritted her teeth.

Sailor Neptune sensed the ominous vibes emanating from the anti-matter. "This is it. We can't win. We're all that's left of this world."

Sailor Saturn dreaded what Moon was preparing to do. "Not even my power... was enough to stop this force."

"This anti-matter continues to consume and erase anything it touches!" Sailor Mercury called out as she scanned the swarms that closed in toward them. "That means we'll be erased too! Whatever it is... it's erasing our world and along with its entire history!"

Scowling, Sailor Jupiter stood up and surveyed the surrounding black mass. "Then, we'll go down fighting. We're the only humans left, right?"

"Stand tall, my Senshi," proclaimed the Moon Princess, who raised her sacred crystal into the air. "We've lost everything dear to us. The least we can do now is continue to fight." Directing her eyes to the dark matter, the determined princess cried out and channeled the pure energies from the glowing crystal. Closing her eyes, she concentrated as a white aura washed across the entire vicinity.

The white light pushed the black matter slightly away.

The Sailor Senshi unleashed their final assault as the black matter was repelled from the Silver Crystal's light.

My Senshi. We might've failed to protect our world... but don't forget... don't forget everything we've been through. As soldiers-in-arms and most importantly… friends. Never forget. Please, don't forget who we are...

The black matter quickly regained ground as it engulfed the last section of what used to be their universe.

The Silver Crystal shattered like broken glass, fading into thousands of shards.

The Senshi let out their final screams as the black matter consumed them.

The princess was thrown back as the darkness consumed her entire frame.

Moon's blue eyes stared off at the last remnants of light that used to be her home.

Then, as she closed her eyes, a teardrop fell... until the anti-matter engulfed even that.

If there's any miracle... please... save what's left of our souls... mother... anyone... relocate our souls... and allow us to be reincarnated and live a new peaceful lives. If you must, suppress our old memories if you can... let us start anew.

If there is another Sailor Senshi group like us... please... I hope they can succeed where we've failed... allow us to meet them... at any cost.

In a matter of seconds, everything in this specific universe ended.

Completely erased.

All that was left was darkness.

Life had gone out like the flicker of a candle.


Nexus Dimension

Having observed the destruction of their universe, the one known as Guardian Cosmos watched as eight balls of glowing light hovered around her. She waved her right hand, letting the eight glowing souls float toward her. They welcomed her open embrace as a saddened look adorned her beautiful pale face.

"How unfortunate," Cosmos whispered in a soft tone, almost child-like. Despite her appearance, she possessed over millions of years of knowledge bestowed to her. She was the watcher of all the universes. She has observed many become born and seen others perish in the blink of an eye. This universe was just one of many. Fortunately, by answering to the Moon Princess' prayer, she was able to save her and her soldiers from despair, collecting their star seeds before the anti-matter consumed them. "You all fought tooth and nail to the very end, but your universe had to end with such an unfortunate fate." She held the glowing orbs, her face conveying melancholic sadness. I know it's forbidden to intervene with other world's affairs, but this must be an exception. The Moon Princess of that ruined world prayed for a miracle. I couldn't stand by idly. "But, I will honor your wish for reincarnation." She turned as two figures waited behind her. "Ryo Akiyama. Cyberdramon. Thank goodness. I have a good for you with Karin preoccupied. I have already chosen new bodies for these souls. I want you to take them to the universe where you and Karin are currently inhabiting."

As Ryo hovered over to the female watcher, she handed him the eight orbs.

"Hurry, their shine will only last a short time."

"Right," Ryo said, nodding. "Where are the new bodies?"

"Inside the orbs, they will take form once you place them in your world."

"And you're certain it's wise that their former memories be erased."

"It's for the best. It's her last request..."

The dimension traveled replied. "Very well. Let's go, Cyberdramon."

With that, Ryo and Cyberdramon flew across the nexus stream to return to their current home dimension.

Cosmos sadly sighed and turned away, shedding a tear. "I know I should be used to many worlds being extinguished, but it's still too much to bear. I hope nothing similar to this tragedy befalls Karin and Ryo's current home." She closed her eyes, clasping her hands as a white aura materialized around her. "Ora Guardians, I hope what I've done was the right thing."


Universe YYGDM-01/Southern Digital World/Region Sector 23-DELTA/September 2, 2007/11:38 AM

Her eyes shot open as the sun's rays washed over her. To her, it felt like a long sleep. She hadn't the foggiest idea of where she was... nor does she have any recollections of anything that happened beforehand.

As she lifted herself up, she groaned and felt sore from the back of her head.

"...what happened? Where... is this?" She murmured softly, blinking her eyes thrice as she finally viewed her surroundings. It was similar to a wasteland with stone formations dotting the landscape. "This place doesn't look familiar, but... I don't recall anything... not even before that long sleep. Is this all a dream?" As she stood up, she turned around and saw seven bodies scattered across the ground. "Huh?" She blinked in befuddlement, staring at the seven young, nude women with tan brown complexions. "...who are they?"

As she backed away, the confused girl accidentally tripped over a rock behind her. She fell into a small puddle where a water hole opened. Cringing from hitting her back on the ground, she turned around and noticed her own reflection. Instead of a blonde-haired girl with the unique 'Odango' hairstyle and the fair complexion, she saw a light coffee-skinned young woman wearing long black hair worn in pigtails, and was fairly toned and athletic in physique - sans any clothing.

"I...is... that me?" she blinked, staring at her own reflection, unable to remember how she really looked like from her previous life. She backed away and heard slight groans behind her. She turned as the seven women awoke in similar fashion. "You... who are you all?"

The second to awaken was a girl with long, brown hair. She opened her eyes, revealing them to be a set of blue like the first awakened girl's

The third woman to rise up was one with short, distinct blue hair.

The fourth was one with long, jet-black hair and purplish eyes.

The fifth was a young woman wearing black hair tied in a ponytail with spikes jutting out at the end.

The sixth one wore spiky, black hair.

The seventh girl wore light and wavy turquoise hair.

The last girl had short, red hair that reached a few inches below her ears.

The one with the long, black hair answered, confused like the others. "I was going to ask you the same question. Who are you?"

"...more importantly where are we? And why are we stranded out here?" the blue-haired girl wondered, surveying the barren wasteland.

"And why are we all naked?" The chestnut brown-haired woman spat out, standing up as she tried covering herself to no avail. "Uh...?" She sighed and sat down on the ground, folding her arms. "I don't get it. What's the point of all this?"

"First of all," the pig-tailed wearing girl addressed to the group. "Do we know our names?"

It didn't take long for the girls to come up short without addressing each other. Their expressions became blank at the drop of a hat. They drooped their heads, groaning in unison.

Suddenly, they noticed four figures racing across by foot. They looked ahead as the pig-tailed girl waved out to the four individuals that passed along by. The four individuals, D'Arcmon, Mermaimon, Amazon Archer, and Amazoness Chainmaster, stopped to notice the eight lost women. They looked toward each other, taken aback with what looked like lost Amazoness women.

"Say? Are these lost tribe members?" wondered Mermaimon, pointing to the eight girls. "Who are they?"

"Never seen them before," Chainmaster added, scratching her chin.

D'Arcmon stepped forward, drawing out her sword. "Who are you? What would tribe members be doing out here?" She walked up, unfazed by their nude forms. "State your names."

"Uh... we don't know our names..." the naïve, pig-tailed girl said, scratching her head in clueless fashion.

The woman with the long, black hair proclaimed. "And you're calling us lost tribe members? Is that who we are?"

"They sure do look like one of your many students, Archer," Mermaimon whispered to the shorthaired Amazon.

Archer blinked. "But, I remember all of my students according to their rankings and hairstyles. I've never seen these eight before."

"Could they be lost members of another tribe?" The marine woman pondered.

"Perhaps. There are other Duel Monster Amazoness tribes scattered throughout different sectors," Chainmaster clarified. "But, these eight seem very confused, as if their memories have left them."

"Seems that way," D'Arcmon said as she walked up to the eight. "Are you sure none of you remember anything about your specific village?"

"Nothing," the eight replied in unison.

D'Arcmon nodded. "All right. You eight can follow us. We'll have you see our queens."

"Queens?" The pig-tailed girl curiously inquired.

"We're ruled over by two Amazon queens," Archer said as she approached the eight. "And we'll give you some fitting clothes for you."

"Shall we get moving?" Chainmaster asked.

With that, the eight shrugged their shoulders and walked along with the veteran warriors, heading through the trek leading to the Amazon Kingdom.


Amazon Kingdom/Royal Court Room/3:23 PM

Now fully clothed in two-pieced animal skin bikinis to fit their frames, the eight, bare-footed 'Amazoness' women stood in line formation with Athenamon and Amazoness Swordswoman facing them. Each woman wore golden bracelets around their triceps and distinctive color outfits.

"Interesting. You claim to not recall any memories and don't have any recollections of your names?" Athenamon said, meticulously eyeing the eight women. She stood up from her seat, turning toward her co-partner Swordswoman. "What do you make of this?"

"If they don't remember their names, then we can give them names."

"Oh, now that's a good idea!" The pig-tailed Amazoness laughed with joy.

Suppressing the urge to chuckle, Athenamon leaned her head toward Swordswoman. "Is it just me, or do they have features that remind of you of anybody?"

"Yes, they look like the Sailor Senshi, but I do sense a similar and unique vibe from them. I say this is merely just a coincidence," Swordswoman whispered. "I feel they have potential. But, let's train them first."

"Yes," Athenamon said as she and Swordswoman walked up to the eight women.

The duo called out each unnamed Amazoness by new identities to replace their forgotten ones.

"You," Athenamon addressed to the pig-tailed Amazon. "From this point on, you are Sely."

Swordswoman faced the blue-haired and long, black-haired ladies. "You two will be named Hermy and Ary."

The Digi-Amazon walked up to the ponytail and the chestnut brown-haired girls. "As of now, you are Zey and Aphy."

Swordswoman finally addressed to the last three. "And you three." She pointed to the spiky, black-haired woman. "Ourany." She faced the turquoise-haired woman. "Poseidy." She shifted her eyes to the short, redhead. "And you will be called Crony."

"I... I like the names. Don't ask me why, but I feel these names are accustomed for us," Sely smiled with glee as she turned and faced her friends. "Right? Guys?"

They all nodded simultaneously, each one sporting assuring smiles.

"And you eight are now officially one of our family," Athenamon spoke up as she watched Amazon Archer enter the chamber. "And you eight will be taken under the wing of your mentor." She looked across the room as the eight turned and saw Archer bowing. "Sister Archer, teach them the ways of our culture to refresh their memories. They are your students to teach and train effectively."

"Thank you, Lady Athenamon," Archer said as she faced the eight women. "Let's begin, my new students. Time to begin your re-education."

The Amazoness eight nodded and followed Archer through the curtains.


Six months and a half pass


Sparring Arena/March 25, 2008/8:09 AM

The past six months and a half period slipped by faster than expected. The Amazoness eight quickly adapted to the Amazon lifestyle and honed their skills with excellent proficiency. Even the veterans were intrigued with how fast they caught on. It was only in their first month that they exhibited unique 'dodging' skills during sparring sessions. The eight even astounded their teachers by demonstrating amazing jumps from tremendous heights.

Athenamon and Swordswoman observed closely, taking notes of the Amazoness eight's progression.

Sely demonstrated great disc throwing skills and quick reflexes, showing her ability to dodge.

Hermy showed exquisite battle strategies, utilizing them effectively to aid her friends, and used tonfas in battle.

Ary displayed expertise archery skills and was able to sense any approaching evil presences near the kingdom.

Zey showed she was able to grapple with the likes of Amazoness Fighter and the other veterans in arena matches.

Aphy was excellent with throwing chains, picking up after Chainmaster.

Ourany was given a dagger, which she used to catch moving targets from many kilometers.

Poseidy used a mystical orb to allow her to scrutinize hidden locations.

Crony was effective in using a double-bladed spear.

When in the heat of battle, the Amazoness eight would briefly sense 'deja-vu' whilst training with the veterans and helping to ward off invaders to the kingdom. They often questioned each other whether they recollected anything familiar - including any instance from their previous memories. Much to their dismay, they weren't able to recall any instances of their former lives. Their memories prior to their awakening remained shrouded in mystery.

Proud of her students' progress, Archer stood in front of the eight and smiled in approval.

"You've shown me that you're ready for your ultimate test," Archer addressed to the Amazoness eight. "You know which test I'm referring to."

The eight nodded, responding altogether. "The Labyrinth of Minos."

"I know you eight will do well," Athenamon spoke up as she and Swordswoman walked up behind the eight. With all the skills you've demonstrated, you're more than ready."

Swordswoman draw out her scimitar. "Gather your weapons and survival bags. You'll need them for you only have a day to reach the very end. Your goal is to reach the Orb of Minos to become bestowed with mystic powers. This will be your graduation initiation, young warriors. After you've completed this, you will be promoted to higher rankings." She pivoted her head and faced Athenamon, frowning seriously. "Ready?"

"Yes, let's begin," the Digi-Amazon said. "Tomorrow, you eight will enter the Labyrinth of Minos."

"Yes, my queen!" The eight answered without question.


Labyrinth of Minos/Mouth Entrance/March 26, 2008/7:00 AM

Facing the mouth of the large cavern, the Amazoness eight paced through without fear.

"Good luck, my students," Archer watched the eight depart into the treacherous cavern.

Swordswoman folded her arms, furrowing her brows. "Can they make it, Athenamon?"

"They must. If they're as special we claim, they'll make it through," Athenamon reassured her colleague, trying her best not to convey any doubt regarding the Amazoness eight. At least, I hope. But, I feel these eight are more than just a group of Amazons. Where did they truly come from?

Unfortunately, one day would wind up becoming one year. The Amazoness eight were never heard from again. The Amazons feared the eight were ultimately dealt a bad fate within the perilous cavern as many warriors before them perished. Even as the Amazons scoured through the caverns, they found no signs of the eight gifted women anywhere. The search would continue for months until the clans gave up, confirming the eight warrior's unfortunate ends.

All hope for the eight was lost.

Until one year later...


Labyrinth of Minos/March 27, 2009/12:15 AM

Having lost their powers in a battle with Hydra, the Sailor Senshi received new Ninja forms to partake in the Labyrinth test. This was one year prior to the Amazoness eight entering the labyrinth and never to be heard from again.

The Ninja Senshi winded up facing the darkest images of their inner selves. These shadows took on the Senshi's Valkyrie forms, albeit darker and instilled with great power to crush the Senshi. It was a difficult struggle between power and ingenuity. Overwhelmed by the Dark Valkyrie's ferocity, the Ninja Senshi utilized teamwork and precision to defeat the Dark Valkyries.

As dealing the final blow to the Dark Valkyries, the Ninja Senshi were taken aback as the Amazoness eight took their places.

At long last, the former 'Sailor Senshi' meet the Sailor Senshi of the YYGDM-01 Universe.


Once the Amazoness Archers were lined up across the arena floor, the Ninja Senshi watched as one of them began to stir. The first to sit up was the long, black-haired, pig-tailed Amazon. She groaned while holding her stiffened neck.

"Wh... what happened?" The Amazoness Archer asked, squinting through her blurred vision. She pivoted her head and eyed the eight Ninja Senshi. "Huh? Wh-who are you?"

"You're awake. Thank goodness," Ninja Moon said, relieved. She approached the pigtailed Amazon and knelt in front of her. "Do you remember anything that happened?"

"No... the last thing I remember is that me and my seven sisters came to the Minos Labyrinth as part of our training," the Amazon said, shaking her head. "Lady Swordswoman said we've been slacking and needed to be pushed to our limits. She sent us here... but, we ended up lost. My sisters and I wandered into a dark tunnel. Then, we were knocked out... and the next thing I know is waking up just now."

"Wait, you're a part of Lady Swordswoman's tribe?" Ninja Venus inquired.

"Yes... well... we were... we can't go back until we've completed our training here."

"Well, this is going to be hard to believe, but whatever happened to you... this labyrinth must be cursed," Ninja Mars speculated. "I've felt very dark vibes since coming here. You and your friends might've been turned into our dark counterparts."

"I don't understand..." The pigtailed Amazon blinked in befuddlement.

"Believe me. There's a WHOLE lot of things we don't understand since coming here," Ninja Jupiter added.

"Long story short, this labyrinth's curse might've turned you into us and you were forced to fight us," Ninja Venus tried to make light of the situation, making it as clear as she could. "Get it?" But, all she could elicit was a clueless look from the pigtailed Amazon. She facepalmed herself. "Good grief. Never mind."

"No, wait. I think I remember what Lady Swordswoman warned me and my sisters about," the Amazon said, recalling what she remembered. "She said the labyrinth would become cursed the longer you stay in."

"Go on," Ninja Uranus said.

"You see. You only have 24 hours to get to the finish... where the Orb of Minos is located. You must reach that end chamber before the 24 hours are up," she continued on. "If you don't reach the end and receive power from the orb, the labyrinth curses you. Unfortunately, my sisters and I couldn't even reach beyond this point. We ended up being swallowed up by the darkness of the tunnels."

"And became cursed," Ninja Neptune affirmed. "You were turned into our Valkyrie forms."

"My guess is the curse was to turn us into the darkest forms of your souls," the Amazon ventured to guess. "So, you've lifted the curse from me and my sisters. For that, I'm grateful to you... um, who are you?"

"We're the Sailor Senshi. We came here to get to the Orb of Minos," Ninja Mars explained to the Amazon. "We're here for the same reason you were. You see we lost our Valkyrie powers... the forms you and your crew had taken on were our old Valkyrie forms. By extracting the power from the Orb of Minos, we'll likely regain our old powers and perhaps new Valkyrie forms."

"Who sent you guys here?"

"Your queens. Lady Athenamon and Lady Swordswoman," Ninja Mercury answered.

"I see," the pigtailed Amazoness Archer stood up as she turned to see her sisters waking up. "I wish we could help. Unfortunately, we no longer have a reason to find the Orb of Minos. You defeated us. You have a better reason to find the orb." She pointed to a tunnel ahead. "That tunnel should take you to a long path leading to the Orb of Minos. You're only halfway through the labyrinth."

"Just halfway, eh? I'm liking our odds now," Ninja Jupiter said.

"My name is Sely," the pigtailed Archer said.

Ninja Moon smiled, acknowledging the warrior. "Usagi Tsukino. By the way..." She walked up to Sely, giggling as she pointed to the Amazon's choice of hairstyle. "Your pigtails are cute. They look almost like me."

"Except, yours has... balls on your head," Sely pointed out the obvious.

Staring over at the other Amazoness Archers, the Ninja Senshi were taken back by the similar traits each Archer possessed. It was as if the Senshi were meeting the Amazoness versions of themselves.

"Is it just me or do they... share some of our characteristics?" Ninja Venus rubbed her chin, examining each Amazon. She turned toward the Amazoness Archer with the long, brown hair. "That one was turned into my dark Valkyrie form! You must be my counterpart!"

The long, brown-haired Amazoness tilted her head and blinked. She had the same blue eyes Venus did and sported the same cheerful smirk.

"It's like I'm looking at a long lost sister or something!" Ninja Venus cried happily. "I'm Minako Aino."

"We do look alike. My name is Aphy!" The Amazon exhibited a cheery personality as she shook Ninja Venus' hands.

"And you're my counterpart," Ninja Mars walked up to the long, black-haired Archer who had taken on her Dark Valkyrie Mars form. "I'm Rei Hino."

"I'm Ary," the Amazon bowed her head.

The light, blue-haired Amazoness Archer confronted Ninja Mercury. "I'm Ami Mizuno. You're supposed to be me I presume."

"Hello, pleased to meet you. I'm Hermy," the female warrior presented herself politely.

"I'm Zey," the spiky, black-haired Amazoness shook Ninja Jupiter's hand with a firm grip.

Ninja Jupiter chuckled. "I can tell you're my counterpart. I'm Makoto Kino."

"My name is Crony," the short, red-haired Amazoness approached Ninja Saturn.

"Hotaru Tomoe," Saturn answered.

The other tall, spiky black-haired Amazoness walked up to Ninja Uranus. "Ourany."

"Haruka Teno'h."

Ninja Neptune and her short, green-haired Amazoness counterpart gave each other courtesy bows.

"My name is Michiru Kaioh."


"Hmmm, each of your names is derived from the Greek Mythological gods. Though, they're shortened," Ninja Mercury said.

"We were given these names by our queens," Sely proclaimed. "We're pleased. It makes us feel special."

"I bet it does! Wow, I didn't think there were Amazon counterparts of us!" Ninja Venus exclaimed ecstatically.

Ninja Mars interjected. "In any case, we have to get going. We do have a time limit and we can't afford to have a curse placed on us. Please, don't take this as any disrespect to you."

Ary added. "Then go. We failed to reach the Orb of Minos, but, you eight can't afford to miss this chance. We can sense you have a greater need for the orb."

Aphy spoke. "Your priorities are far more crucial than ours."

Hermy nodded. "Good luck to you."

"Thanks," Ninja Moon replied, wearing a modest smile.


Following this coincidental encounter, fate brought these two Senshi sides together.

The two sides winded up working together to recollect the Orb of Minos from the Neo-Rajita.

Perhaps, it was best that their former world was destroyed.

With their former duties behind them, the eight now were given a mission to help the YYGDM-01 Sailor Senshi fight the Neo-Rajita. Even if they were no longer the Senshi of their universe, the eight continued to fight the good fight against evil.


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