Title: Temptation in the Form of a Finnigan

Author: RainShadow

Rating: PG-13

Part: 10/10

A/N: Well, this is the last one *sniffle* It's over!!! Read:

The next morning...

Seamus awoke with Harry sleeping at his side. The events of the night before came flooding back, and he grinned. Then he looked at Harry, and immediately felt guilty. I shouldn't have done that without telling him how I feel. Seamus silently berated himself. That was so *stupid*, I bet I really hurt him. He slithered out of the sheets and retrieved the small box, which he had tied with a ribbon, and the bouquet. He returned to Harry, and slid back into the comforting warmth of the bed. He snuggled next to the seeker, and Harry turned over and opened his eyes. Seamus saw the pain in them when he remembered- and quickly thrust the flowers and box on top of him. Harry sat up.

"What's this?" he asked softly, puzzled.

"For you." Seamus said solemnly. "Open it."

With a sigh Harry undid the ribbon and took off the lid. Inside were two folded sheets of paper. Harry lifted the first one out and read it. It was the poem. A small smile flickered across his face, as he set it down and picked up the other paper. Seamus drew his knees up to his chest and looked down. He waited anxiously as Harry read the letter. There was a stunned silence, and then Harry whispered, "You mean this?" Seamus didn't look up

"Every word." He didn't see the change his statement caused on Harry's face, which was a shame. The smile on the Gryffindor's face could have lit up the sky of a moonless night. "You should have told me this before." a gentle rebuke.

"I know!" Seamus cried. "I'm so sorry, Harry, forgive me-" and he raised his head, and Harry leaned forward and kissed him and wrapped his arms him in silent reassurance. Seamus laughed with pure, bubbling joy. They kept kissing, and forgot that the silencing spell was still on.

Dean opened the curtains of Harry's bed and stumbled backwards in shock. Ron and Neville crowded up behind him.

"Seamus!" Ron said accusingly.

"I thought you agreed-" Dean started.

Harry interrupted them both. "Seamus and I are together." he informed them, rather enjoying the even *more* shocked expressions on his dormmates' faces, if even possible.

Neville picked up a parchment that had fallen on the floor.


I don't want your body. Well, I do, but that's not all. I really admire you and find you irresistible in every way, I love being around you and I'm sorry if I've been a bit of a twit but I can't help it because I think I could love you and maybe... you could love me.

I'm sorry,


Neville grinned and looked up to see Seamus wink and jerk the drapes back into place. "Way to go, Seamus." he whispered, and let the parchment flutter to the floor.


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