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This story takes place after Resident Evil: Extinction, but not many people have been killed yet. The T-Virus is widely spreading, killing hundreds, and has destroyed two cities that the Watchers Council knows of. They have instructed Buffy to lead her Slayers into battle, and she has spent the past few months training them. An Umbrella Corporations facility is directly outside of Ontario, the place they are inhabiting after Sunnydale fell, and the original Slayer plans to attract all the victims of the T-Virus and destroy them there.

"Are you sure they are prepared for this?"

Buffy looked out at her legion of Slayers. In 50 rows, containing 100 Slayers in each line, the Slayers kicked, punched, shouted 'H-ya'. At the head of them stood Kennedy, yelling out orders and glaring at the select few that performed their duties wrong.

Buffy turned to the man beside her. He was wearing a brand new suit, and Buffy thought he smelled a bit too much like tweed. "Giles, they're ready as they're ever going to be. We could head out now, or keep them practicing for months. Either way, they're still gonna die."

"I guess you're right." Giles took off his classes and wiped them with a handkerchief. He inclined his head toward the large facility looming in the distance. "Get them in."

Buffy caught Kennedy's eye and nodded, and the young Slayer promptly shouted. "ALL SLAYERS. MAIN HALL. NOW!" The troop proceeded to march in their straight lines, towards the building.

Inside the cavernous cafeteria of the facility, the Slayers sat at ten steel tables, staring forward at the group of people in front of them. Willow, Xander, Vi, Rona, Robin, Giles, Kennedy, and Buffy sat in various chairs lined up facing the tables, and a large platform separated the teachers from the students. Dawn sat on the arm of Xander's chair; Faith lay stretched out on a floral-design couch, her feet propped up on the arm; Andrew was in the kitchen, preparing a meal for everyone.

Buffy looked out at her fellow Slayers. Her sisters. And she grieved for them, because they would all die if they were not ready. They stared back at her nondescriptly, either not valuing their lives or not knowing they would be the cost to the world's survival. There was no way these Slayers thought they stood a chance against these creatures. She looked at Giles and gave him a silent signal to start his speech.

"Everyone, I have an update on the status of the T-Virus. On our clock, the monsters started to devour another city, but we sent a signal through their bodies that made them stop and head to Umbrella Corporation's Canadian facility. They went their immediately, not even killing on the way. Every single mutant resides in that building, in the lower basements. They have an insatiable appetite for the human flesh, and it cannot be denied them. Several faculty in Umbrella Corporation, Canada have went missing when they head down to the basements.
"A few weeks ago, someone left the door open to the upper holds, and the mutants escaped into the facility, killing everyone within its doors. They are held there by a high frequency siren, one that only they can hear, that confuses them and keeps them from smashing the facility to the ground and escaping to continue their havoc. Buffy has reached a young lady named Alice, who knows about these demons, and has the key to killing them. She is head of a large army of her clones, and she needs more people to help her.
"You all know why you are here. You have been training for long enough, I've kept you protected far too long. The time has come to fight. There are two and a half cities gone, wiped clean of humanity, and I say no more! You are all Slayers, you are no longer Potentials that need to be guarded. The world is not beautiful, it is the desiccated remains of the evil that swept over it. As the Watcher over every single one of you, I order you to act. To go forth and destroy the filth that is killing our people." Giles slammed his fist onto the table, possibly for effect. Then he stepped back and sat in a comfy-looking leather chair, and Buffy stepped forward.

"Girls, we are strong. You are prepared. I wouldn't send you into battle if I didn't think you were properly and adequately trained. Remember the simulations? Where I put all of you in a long tunnel and you had to fight your way out? And if you didn't pass the test with a hundred percent, you were knocked out for several hours, and then given the test over?" the Slayers nodded, some of them shaking with fear. "Well, this is like the simulation, only there are real demons, and if you don't get a hundred, you don't wake up. Ever." in every single seat at the table, eyes widened with fear.
"Some of you are going to die. I'm not going to lie to you. But you know the rules: one, you kill anything that looks ugly. Not including Andrew."

"Hey! I heard that!" a yell came from the kitchen.

"And two, if you are bitten, you off yourself. Don't kill anything else, just end your life and the killing will be on the rest of us. Anyone who fails to follow those rules will have their necks broken by moi. Now, each of you are seated at your team table, correct?" Nods of the head ensued, and Buffy remembered with a smile that when she had first grouped them, many complained that they were not with their friends. "Great. I'm about to hand you your team weapons and assignments. Which brings about a rule three: you don't waste ammo. You get one shot, and by gum, it better be to the head. That rule applies only to the guns." she lifted a large wooden trunk onto the table and lifted it open. With Willow's magic, the small trunk Xander had made her for her birthday now had a bottom-less feature. Buffy pulled out a bag of stakes and tossed it to the first table. "Team A, your mission is to surround the perimeters, make sure nothing comes out. And if it does, kill it. Giles will lead you." Buffy thought 'mission' was a funny word. In just a few weeks, her Slayers operated like an Army. They had even moved into a state-of-the-art military base, abandoned after the base living in its quarters had went to stop what was going on in Raccoon City. She felt like changing her name to Summers, Buffy Summers.
She shook the thoughts from her head and turned to Table 2, Team B. She pulled big, heavy military guns out of the trunk and handed them to Xander, who took them to Table 2. "Guys, you have to make a quick sweep through the facility. Xander put these guns together in about twenty seconds, so I put him in charge. Kill these monsters."

"And don't blame me if the guns backfire." Xander joked. Seeing the mortified looks of the Slayers he was in charge of, he added, "Sometimes I shouldn't say words."

Buffy smiled, Xander was always a free spirit, the whole gang was. She turned to the third table without taking anything out of her trunk. "Team C, you will be safe up on a hill, overlooking the facility. What you're to do is keep look-out for me. Dawn and Robin are in charge. You will have contact with Teams D and E, run by Faith and myself.
"And, Teams D and E, you will be doing anything you can to destroy these creatures." she pulled another trunk, full of assorted weapons, from the table. "You are two of our main teams, so I gave you a choice of what you want.
"Team F, you will be our recovery team. You will rescue any of us that are alive, starting with Team C. But, do NOT do so until you are absolutely, 100 sure that we are clear of the evil. You will be staying home. . .here," she corrected herself, "Until you are positive it is safe to retrieve us. You will be flying planes, driving cargo trucks. Even that stupid, run-down bus from Sunnydale. You will be led by Andrew, he's good with the geek-stuffs, and he'll equip your vehicles with much-needed. . .whatever.
"Team G, you will be under the rule of Willow." Willow blushed a little and gave a small wave. "Your group will head to the center of the facility, where the White Queen currently resides. She will try to help you as best she can, but she's just a hologram, so it won't be the best of help. Willow will be carrying some magic stuff, so when you reach the center, she can perform a spell to destroy these creatures. No matter the cost, your job is to protect her, and get her to the protected area unharmed, and in a timely manner.
"Teams H, I, and J. You will be grouped together," hopeful looks appeared on the faces of the last three tables. "Vi, Rona, and Kennedy are in charge of you. Do what they say. You can take what you want out of weapons, along with Teams D and E.
Finally, she extracted her scythe and hoisted it up. "We are Slayers. We live to kill, we live to die. It takes a true amazon to make us, and if you aren't ready, you're going to die." she paused. "Now, who wants to kick some ass?"

The entire cafeteria shook with cheers.