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This was my contribution to NaruSasu-day on October 23rd, as made up by my darling beta and best friend Master of the Rebels. This would have been out sooner here but she's crazy busy, so this was finally betad by Jelp instead. I adore her. You do too. X3


Sasuke sat up with a start and searched the room quickly, quite disorientated, after whatever it was that woke him. It took a few seconds for him to realize that the annoying sound came from his pants discarded on the floor. He groaned and fell back on the mattress, leaning over the edge to grab them. He dug his phone out of his pocket and cursed whoever it was calling him at such an hour. He threw a glance at the alarm clock on the nightstand. Six o'clock. PM. Maybe that was a bad hour to be asleep at. He rubbed the sleep out of his eye with the back of his hand and read the caller ID. He groaned and answered it, lifting it to his ear.

"Hi Mom," he greeted in Japanese. Even after 20 years in the states, Sasuke's parents preferred to talk in their native language.

"Hi Sasuke. Where are you?" His mother asked sweetly. He knew that something was up.

"At Naruto's place," he answered, rolling his eyes.

"Naruto's place or Jiraiya's place?" Sasuke resisted the urge to sigh. His mother was overprotecting and obviously suspecting something. It was really annoying.

"Jiraiya's," he answered resting his free arm over his head.

"Still? What are you boys doing there all the time anyway? You've been there constantly for almost a week!" Well, mostly they were doing each other. But telling her the truth was not an option.

"Just hanging out. Was there something you wanted, Mom?"

"Hanging out? Who feeds you?"

"Naruto and I are capable of cooking our own food. You taught me well, Mother."

"Who pays for that?" Mikoto asked, ignoring the flattery. "You hardly have any money! I told you, you should have gotten a summer job."

"Naruto pays. I'll pay him back." Quite possibly au natural. But she wouldn't find that out either.

"It's time to stop bothering him and come home, Sasuke."

"Mom, I'm not bothering him. Whenever I say that maybe I should go home he looks at me with those big, stupid puppy eyes and asks me to stay. Relax Mom. I'm not hurting anybody while being here." He could tell that there was something she wanted to say but she hesitated. It made Sasuke very nervous. He knew his mother suspected there was more going on between him and Naruto these days. But he didn't want to have that conversation with her just yet. He didn't want to have that conversation with anybody just yet. He wanted Naruto and what they had together to himself for a while longer. He wanted to enjoy it without knowing, excited, or disgusted looks. He didn't want to go through the possibilities of losing friends and loved ones just yet. He'd do it for Naruto. But he wanted to have his happiness intact for a while longer.

"Was there something else, Mom?"

"No. Nothing. It's nothing." Sasuke kept quiet. If he asked her again she might change her mind and ask something he didn't want to answer. Not yet. "Do you have any clean clothes?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Honestly he spent most of the time naked.

"You sure?"

"Mom, I'm fine!"

"Alright. Alright. I'll talk to you later."

"Bye Mom. Love you."

"Love you too." They hung up. Sasuke moaned and put the phone on the bedside table. He stretched out, feeling some pain in various places. Good places though. He smirked and sat up, walking over to the closet to pull out a pair of Naruto's boxers. They would probably be discarded somewhere in the apartment as soon as Naruto got his grabby hands on his body. He didn't mind, but he didn't like to walk completely naked until then. He grabbed the cover in bed and wrapped it around him, walking out of the bedroom.

Jiraiya's apartment consisted of the two top floors in a four story house. The highest floor held the old man's bedroom complete with dark red walls and a heart shaped bed with leopard printed beddings, a bathroom in all white and gold, and Jiraiya's office. Naruto had been strictly forbidden to ever use any of the rooms on the top floor. Meaning Jiraiya's bad ass computer was out of reach for the poor blond. He had been quite sour about that. In reality, Jiraiya hadn't been all that scared of having Naruto touch his computer. Naruto just hadn't been careful enough and had started talking about a guy he was currently dating. Not telling who it was of course. Jiraiya was by no means a homophobe. He had had his fair share of homosexual escapades during the 60's and the sexual revolution. However, absolutely nobody would have any sort of kinky sex in his office, upstairs bathroom, or his fantastic bed, but he, himself, and the ladies he chose to bring there. Naruto was under no circumstances to bring men or women up the stairs, and if he did so, Jiraiya would know. And it wouldn't be pretty. Naruto was convinced the old man had installed hidden cameras in those rooms. He was a gigantic pervert after all. The bottom floor was fair game though, and Jiraiya had even encouraged his nephew to have as much sex as possible. After all, it would be a long while before Naruto could get all the expensive stuff to flaunt with on his own. Naruto's mother had not been pleased and said a few well chosen words about chauvinistic, capitalist pigs and how her baby boy could get all the ass he wanted all on his own. So there! Had Sasuke not been around to hear the conversation himself, he would never have believed Naruto when he told him about it.

Sasuke turned right and walked down the narrow hall and through the glass doors to the big living room. It stretched along the entire wall of the building that Jiraiya had his apartment in. In the right end a big flat screen TV adorned the wall next to the huge windows which pretty much always had the blinds drawn. It was impossible to see anything on the TV if you had them open because of the reflections. Three sofas were standing around the coffee table in a U-shape. The middle one was a three-seater and the other had two. All of them were big, soft, and fluffy underneath the façade of being hardcore with black leather. Naruto's description. Not his own.

In the other end of the room, sort of separated from the rest of it by a hardly there archway, stood the dining room table. Sasuke suspected there had been a full wall where the archway was, but it had been knocked down.

Since Naruto wasn't allowed to use the pervert's computer, he had brought his own. Which he would have done anyway.

So far, no one else but Itachi, as far as he knew, was aware of his newly changed relationship with Naruto. Naruto didn't really want to hide it and wasn't all that careful about it, but Sasuke wasn't ready to be out of the closet for the entire world to know. Which, according to Naruto, was totally weird as he was a gay man walking with the way he dressed and acted. Anyhow, Naruto had decided to spare his friends from the horrors that could be seen after his and Sasuke's more fun escapades in the bedroom by placing the computer in the living room. Used condoms were just about the only thing in the wastebasket after all. And the purple dildo would definitely scar a few of their minds. Not to mention the red anal beads. Naruto had insisted on orange but had quickly caved in when Sasuke said just what he would do to him if they got the red ones instead. Naruto loved the anal beads.

In the middle of the living room, in between the back of the couch and the glass doors, Naruto had set up his computer. It was a big gaming computer with a huge screen and monstrous speakers. They were not the only reason Sasuke was grateful the old man living in the apartment under them was completely deaf. Even if the man wasn't completely aware of it himself.

Naruto was sitting by the computer, headphones over his ears, lightly headbanging to whatever music he was listening to. He was only wearing boxers and a plain, black t-shirt. He glanced over from the screen when Sasuke entered, a smile spreading over his face as he paused the YouTube video. He reached out his hand and Sasuke took it, allowing him to pull him down into his lap. Naruto pushed the headphones down to his neck with his free hand and leaned forward to kiss Sasuke's neck.

"Hi," he simply said and pulled him even closer so it would be more comfortable.

"Hi," Sasuke answered, reading the title of the video Naruto had watched. Mastodon. Naruto's current love.

"Did you have a nice nap?" Naruto asked, leaning his chin on Sasuke's shoulder, looking up at him.

"Yeah, until my mom called and woke me up." Sasuke turned his head slightly to the side so that he could look into Naruto's eyes.

"What did she want?"

"Feed me apparently. She thinks I don't eat." He smirked. Naruto felt his heart jump. Sasuke was the sexiest bastard in the entire world. Naruto loved it, and he loved him, and damn, he wanted to do it again.

"Hmph." Naruto smiled and started to lick and nip on Sasuke's already bruised neck. "She should see your ass then she wouldn't be worried." He grinned and nuzzled his boyfriend's hair. Sasuke leaned away from him to get him to stop.

"What's that supposed to mean?" He slapped Naruto's hand away when it crept up to grab his dark hair on the other side of his head so that he wouldn't be able to move away.

"That you have a nice, round, well nourished butt." Naruto's other hand grabbed a hold of the cover and tugged, trying to unwrap Sasuke. He wanted to touch his chest.

"You should know." Sasuke kept a tight hold on the cover. Naruto wasn't getting past it without a fight. It was so much fun to tease the idiot.

"I do. I love your ass. It's the best ass in the entire world."

"Wow, you're such a flatterer."

"Shut up and accept the praise. Now stand up." Naruto patted Sasuke's thighs and bounced a little in the chair, making Sasuke's eyebrows furrow in annoyance.


"I wanna squeeze it. I can't squeeze it if you're sitting on it." Naruto grinned happily and moved his hands from Sasuke's thighs to his hips. Damn that cover was really in the way. Damn Sasuke and his low body temperature! Maybe it was time to hide all things meant to keep a person warm in this house? And when Sasuke was getting cold, he didn't have any other choice but to let the blond warm him up! Naruto-style!

"No." Naruto was woken up from his little daydream almost thinking Sasuke had read his mind before he remembered what he had told Sasuke to do.

"What do you mean no! Stand up!"

"No." Sasuke switched the hand that was holding the cover together and reached out his right hand to grab the computer mouse.

"Fine. See if I let it get dick later." Naruto scooted the chair back quickly so that the computer was out of Sasuke's reach. He pushed a little too far away though, making the headphones around his neck tug his head forward, almost smashing his head into Sasuke's.

"You moron." Sasuke grabbed the cord and pulled, making it pop out of the speaker.

"Hey! be careful with that!" Naruto snatched the cord from Sasuke's hand, examining the plug in.

"It's not going to break!" Sasuke scoffed.

"You don't know that!" Naruto glared and pulled the headphones from his neck when he decided they hadn't been damaged by Sasuke's reckless behavior.

"If I ever break something of yours I'll replace it," Sasuke said, standing up, hoisting the cover up higher. "Which reminds me…" he continued, taking a step forward when Naruto's hands darted out to grab his ass as if he had eyes in the back of his head. "You've still got to buy me a new jacket from the time you jumped me as soon as I got through the door." He looked over his shoulder and smirked at the pout on Naruto's face as he missed his prize.

"I keep telling you to bring it to the drycleaners!" Naruto groaned and rolled the chair forward so that he could put his headphones on the desk.

"I'm not going to the drycleaners with my jacket that has cum on its back you retard!" Sasuke glared at him.

"Why not! They see shit like that everyday!"

"No they don't! And they would tell my mother about it!"

"So go to another drycleaner!" Naruto groaned. They had had this conversation a few times over the last week, since the day he had supposedly ruined it. Sasuke was such a jerk.

"You're lucky your mother is not a member of the housewife mafia. Nobody would tell on you if you decided to go to another drycleaner than the one your parents has used for 15 years."

"Like my mom or dad would even use a drycleaner!" Naruto spat the word out like he didn't even want to take it in his mouth anymore.

"Your parents are such hippies." Sasuke walked over to the kitchen table and grabbed the different take out menus stacked in a pile. They had used them quite often the last few weeks.

"Environment friendly!"

"Hippies." Sasuke tossed all of the different Asian food menus back on the table. He didn't feel like any of them. Maybe pizza?

"You're an ass!"

"Nice, round, and well nourished?" He smirked, glancing over his shoulder. Naruto had turned his attention back to the computer.

"Oh no, no! Not nice." He heard his boyfriend mutter. "Full of shit! That's what!" Naruto was getting agitated. Sasuke's smirk widened and he turned his attention back to the menus. He was so much fun to argue with.

"I'm going to go get a new jacket tomorrow. Want to come along or just give me your credit card?"

"Come to me with a dry cleaner receipt, and I'll give you the money for it." Naruto plugged his headphones back into the speaker.

"Then you go and hand in the damn thing! I'm not doing it!" Maybe he should get something light? He was hungry but it was soon time to go to bed anyway. He'd just feel sick lying down with a full stomach.

"Fine! I will!" Naruto put the headphones back over his ears, starting the music again. Fucking jerk. Why did he put up with the asshole in the first place?

"Good! You want something to eat or what? My treat." Sasuke waved one of the menus over his shoulder, expecting to hear Naruto get up from the chair. When he didn't hear anything nor get an answer he turned around. "Naruto?" The blond was focused on the music video flashing on the screen his lower lip slightly jutted out. The idiot was pouting. Sasuke sighed. He had upset him. So damn sensitive. All he had done was refuse some groping and told him to pay for what he destroyed. Someone had to be the responsible one of the two after all.

He walked back, waving the paper in front of Naruto's face. His hand was slapped away. Sasuke chuckled and grabbed the cord, yanking it out of the speaker, just like he had done before. The music blared out into the apartment.

"Fucking jerk! Why do you keep on doing that?!" Naruto reached for it, but Sasuke held it out of his reach.


"I said no!"

"You didn't say anything."

"Well, I just did!" Was it possible to be adorable when you were a grown man, covered in tattoos and piercings? Was it possible to be so damn cute when the lip jutting out so invitingly had two metal rings through it? When the eyes glaring at him were lined with smeared eyeliner from earlier that day when Sasuke had decided that from now on, Naruto wore makeup?

Sasuke felt the beginning of a hard on. He grabbed the computer chair and spun it around so that Naruto was facing him. Naruto opened his mouth to say something but not a sound came out as Sasuke simply dropped the cover he had wrapped around himself to the floor. He smirked at Naruto's expression. Seeing the blue eyes rove over him like he had never seen him in only boxers before. Such a cute moron.

Sasuke put one hand over the back of Naruto's neck, putting the cord to the headphones gently between his own teeth with the other. He took a step forward and straddled his boyfriend whose mouth clicked shut, and Sasuke could even hear when he swallowed over the music. Sasuke took a hold of Naruto's precious headphones and slid them down from his head to his neck, just like Naruto himself had done earlier. He let his palms run over the clothed shoulders, down his strong biceps, over the brightly colored underarms until he reached his hands. He grabbed the back of them gently, proceeding to arch his back, pressing his chest against Naruto's. With a brush of his lip against the blond's, with the cord still in his mouth, he slapped Naruto's palms against his ass. Naruto let out a choked breath, his cheeks tinting slightly with color. Sasuke squeezed Naruto's hands, making him grab on tighter to the flesh. He lifted his right hand to his mouth, taking the cord before wrapping it a few times loosely around Naruto's neck, like a scarf.

"Feeling better?" Sasuke asked in a steady but low voice, sliding both of his hands back up over Naruto's arms. Naruto swallowed again, nodding several times before gasping out a, "Yeah."

"Good." Sasuke smirked. He leaned down and gave him a gentle kiss. "Going to tell me why you got upset in the first place? The jacket is a not a good enough reason for you to get angry with me. You have admitted that it was your fault. It's quite obvious after all."

"It's not just about the jacket." Naruto said, trying to make his voice sound steady, his eyes flickering up to meet Sasuke's before going down to their laps again.

"Then what is it?" Sasuke made a shallow thrust against Naruto and he could feel that it wasn't just himself that was getting hard.

"I want people to know about us."

"Naruto." Sasuke gave him a stern look, much like the kind one would give a child.

"I know, I know." Naruto huffed and pouted, very much looking like a child would as well.

"Come on, love. I just want to be selfish and have you to myself for a while longer." Sasuke gave him a kiss just below his eye.

"I want to flaunt you." Naruto whispered into Sasuke's ear, one of the rings in his lip brushing against the black hair.

"At least you're being honest." Sasuke chuckled, his mouth falling open slightly.

"I want to show them that I could get you. That they were wrong to say that you wouldn't ever feel that way for me. I want us to really be boyfriends. I want to go on dates with you outside of this apartment. I want to be able to kiss you whenever I want to. No matter who's watching." Naruto thrust up, pushing Sasuke against him. Sasuke groaned, clawing on Naruto's arms. They were both fully hard now. He tugged carefully on his own piercing with his teeth.

"We're going to do all of that. I promise."

"I want it now." Naruto breathed.

"So impatient." Sasuke leaned forward, kissing Naruto softly.

"I'm serious, Sasuke." Naruto mumbled against his lips, his eyes slipping shut.

"So am I." Sasuke rolled his hips, grinding down against Naruto. "And if you're good, waiting to tell anyone before I'm ready, I'll make it worth your while."

"Mmm, how are you going to do that?"

"You mean besides not getting pissed at you and beating you into a bloody pulp?" Sasuke emphasized his words by raking his short nails down Naruto's arms and giving his ear a sharp nip.

"I'd love to see you try, you bastard," Naruto growled. Sasuke tilted his head back slightly. He fucking loved it when Naruto's voice got so low.

"What do you say about those handcuffs I've seen you eyeing?" Naruto's eyes widened and he jerked his head back looking into Sasuke's eyes.

"Are you serious?" Sasuke wasn't pleased that the rocking they had been doing against each other was now one sided.

"I wouldn't bring it up if I wasn't serious idiot." Sasuke smirked, licking his lips.

"Wait…" Naruto released one of Sasuke's ass cheeks to put a finger up into the air. "Just so we're clear…" The finger tilted, pointing straight at Sasuke's face. "You'd be the one wearing them."

"Moron. I know that." Sasuke grabbed his hand and brought it back to his ass, where it was supposed to be. "I'll be a good boy and go along with a few of your bondage fantasies and you'll be good and wait until I'm ready to tell everybody about us."

"…A few? How few?"

"Don't think I don't know that you've been eyeing those Japanese bondage ropes as well, you pervert." He breathed, putting his hands over Naruto's lower stomach, bringing the t-shirt up just slightly to show the trail of blond hairs disappearing into his boxers. "Handcuffs are as far as I will go." The words 'for now' echoed in his head.

"Orange ones?" Naruto asked hopefully, looking down to see what Sasuke's hands were doing. Ah, fuck, watching their clothed erections and Sasuke's hands disappearing under his shirt like that was so fucking sexy…

"I have told you that there's no way in hell we're getting anything orange to use in our sexual plays." Sasuke rubbed his thumbs over the soft skin, hitching the t-shirt up a little higher.

"I can't understand why. You love it when I wear orange," Naruto said absentmindedly, almost drooling a little over the sight of the wet spot of precum on Sasuke's boxers.

"I don't love you wearing orange things. I love you. There's a difference." Naruto tore his eyes from the alluring sight and looked into Sasuke's half lidded eyes.

"Say it again," he ordered. Nothing got him hotter than when Sasuke said he loved him. He'd give up all thoughts of bondage and half-dressed sex for the rest of his life if he got Sasuke to scream that he loved him on the top of his lungs in passion.

"No." Too bad Sasuke was too much of a bastard since he understood that saying the three little words could make Naruto cum like a fountain. He abused that knowledge way too often.

"Tell me you love me," Naruto ordered again.

"No." Sasuke shook his head, the bangs moving slightly around his face.



"Pretty please?"

"One condition." Sasuke was smirking.

"What? Anything!"

"Promise?" That turned into an evil smirk. Oh crap.

"I don't dare to promise you anything when you look like that." Naruto looked at him wearily and somewhat pained. The poor boy. He really wanted to promise him. Sasuke let his hands wander up higher and higher over Naruto's stomach. He leaned forward breathing heavily in Naruto's ears. Sasuke had learned a lot about Naruto's weaknesses over the past few weeks. Anything at all that indicated that Sasuke was horribly turned on by anything Naruto did made the idiot into putty in his hands. Whether he knew it himself or not.

"Let me flick them…" Sasuke's hands moved the last inch and the tip of his long finger brushed against one of the gold loops in Naruto's nipples. Naruto's eyes hardened and he grabbed Sasuke's wrists, yanking them out from underneath his shirt, holding them out to the sides.

"I've told you no." His voice was low and firm. He had his mind set about it. Didn't mean Sasuke wasn't going to try anymore.

"Oh, come on." Sasuke leaned forward, brushing his bottom lip over Naruto's, twitching a little over the quiet sound of their piercing clinking together. "Just a little…" He flicked his tongue over them, pushing his erection against Naruto's stomach.

"You're not tugging them until they're healed." Naruto was determined. "It's been almost a month already, baby. You just have to wait another month. Then they'll probably be fine."

"You're such a fucking tease, Naruto." Sasuke's thrusting was getting more rapid and the sweat was starting to bead on his forehead.

"Oh, I'm the tease? Are you even aware what you've been doing?"

"Just one tug? I promise." Sasuke tested the grip Naruto had on his wrists, but Naruto didn't let go.

"I know you. If I let you do that, you won't be able to stop."

"Come on, Naruto! You know I think nipple piercing are the sexiest thing in the world. Just one flick?"

"Remember when I got them? Remember what you promised me?"

"Don't bring that up." Sasuke groaned and tugged at the hold again.

"Yes, I will. You promised that you wouldn't play with them until they're fully healed." Naruto said, matter of factly. "Let's expand the deal then. I won't mention us coming out until you've told me you're ready. And besides the handcuffs, you won't tug my nipple piercings until I say they're fully healed. Deal?"

"You're going to keep them from me until I go along with telling people." Sasuke accused, leaning his forehead against Naruto's.

"You have about a month to get ready. Then we'll tell people. Then I'll let you play all you want with my nipples. And that night I'm going to fuck you so hard that you'll be screaming my name on the top of your lungs."

"You get more from this deal than I do."

"Oh, I think you want those handcuffs just as much as I do."

"You're delusional. And do you really think you can make me scream?" Sasuke tilted his head back, looking down his nose at him. It was a clear challenge. Naruto would never say no to an invite like that!

"Hmm, maybe I should practice?" He smashed their lips together and kissed him hungrily. He lifted Sasuke's hands, wrapping them around his own neck. He moaned loudly when Sasuke gripped his hair quite roughly and tugged at it. He slid his hands down Sasuke's sides to his ass again, slipping them underneath the hem of his boxers and over his smooth skin. He thrust up, making Sasuke gasp into the kiss. Naruto reached out his tongue and flicked it over Sasuke's top lip.

"I want to fuck you on the floor."

"On the floor?" Sasuke wrinkled his nose a little. It was cute at the same time as it was fucking sexy. Naruto would never tell him that. He was sure that Sasuke wasn't even aware that he was doing it. If Naruto said anything about Sasuke being cute he sure as hell wasn't getting anything tonight. If at all the rest of the week.

"Yeah, on the floor." He stood up, almost making Sasuke stumble backwards as he slid off his lap. He let Sasuke's wrists go as he gave the cover by their feet a kick in an attempt to spread it out. He got to his knees, laying it out quickly before grabbing Sasuke's hand, tugging him down.

"Naruto, the couch is right here! Or we can go to the bedroom and-"

"I want to do it here." He managed to get Sasuke to sit down on the cover. Leaning forward he gave Sasuke's cheek a kiss before taking one of the rings in Sasuke's ear carefully between his teeth. Sasuke hissed at the slight pain and pleasure. He grabbed a hold of Naruto's shoulders.


"I'm going to fuck you. And I'm going to fuck you here." Naruto mumbled, giving Sasuke's ear a gentle lick. "Be happy I gave you something to lie on. I totally would have just forced you down on the floor if I didn't think it would hurt you."

"How considerate," Sasuke hissed.

"You're going to like it. I promise." Naruto put his hand on Sasuke's chest and pushed him down.

"You better keep that promise." He didn't resist and tried to make himself comfortable, complaining to himself. "I'm on the damn floor…" Naruto grabbed Sasuke's boxers and tugged at them. Sasuke lifted his hips, letting Naruto pull them down, almost moaning when Naruto rubbed them over his Prince Albert on purpose. "This is so not what I had in mind." Sasuke complained and wrinkled his nose again as he spotted the dust bunnies under the couch.

"What did you have in mind then, bastard?" Naruto threw the boxers over his shoulder not caring where they landed. Sasuke smirked as he saw them landing over the precious headphones on the desk. Too bad he hadn't worn them longer.

"I was going to ride you." He said spreading his legs to either side of his boyfriend. "Maybe even tie you to your chair." He wrapped his legs around Naruto's hips, trying to tug him forward.

"Ah, that sure sounds interesting too…" Naruto leaned forward, trailing his hands over Sasuke's chest. "But if I had let you do that to me…" He pinched Sasuke's nipples hard, making the pale boy cry out and arch his back. "You totally would have done something like this to me."

"Fuck yeah…!" Sasuke squirmed on the floor reaching his hands up, trying to drag Naruto down but soon found them pinned above his head.

"And we can't have that can we now?" Sasuke glared at him but bit his tongue. As much as he'd like to point out that Naruto was the one talking about his pierced nipples now. Sasuke had not been the one to bring them up. He just wanted to fuck! The damn moron.

"I'm going to be spotted like a leopard with bruises if you keep this up." Sasuke glanced up towards his arms.

"You don't mind." Naruto smirked.

"No, I guess I don't. Bruises are expected after spending time with you."

"Do you love me, Sasuke?" Sasuke glared at Naruto again. He did not want to play that game right now.

"Stop teasing me and do what you promised me," he demanded and rubbed his calf over Naruto's thigh, trying to push him forward a little. The moron stood steady like a damn elephant.

"Tell me you love me."

"You're such an idiot!"

"The sooner you say the words, the sooner I'll give you what you want. Isn't that a fair deal?"

"None of your deals are fair today," he hissed.

"Just say it, Sasuke."

"You're pissing me off. That's what I'll say."

"You're so fucking stubborn." Naruto said disappointed. He knew if he kept this up he was very close to getting a kick to the balls instead of some loving. He just wanted to hear the words. He loved to hear it when Sasuke said he loved him. He had loved his friend for such a long time. To hear Sasuke say that he felt the same way would always fill Naruto with such euphoria. To hear that Sasuke loved him… That he wanted him…

"Fuck me."

"That'll work too." Naruto grinned, releasing one of Sasuke's wrists to push two fingers into him at once. Sasuke groaned, his lips twitching upwards into a small smile. It was barely there. But Naruto saw it. It made his cock twitch inside of his boxers. He pulled the fingers out before pushing them back in, feeling Sasuke around him. He wasn't worried that he'd hurt him. He was stretched enough to take his fingers. This would be the third time they had slept together that day after all. Or was it the fourth?

He pushed a third finger in, loving the faces Sasuke made. It was really something special watching his face during sex. It was only when they were alone together that Sasuke allowed himself to let go. He didn't put up the shield he usually carried with him. He was calm and open. Even playful. And during sex, his faces were wonderful. Filled with pleasure. Naruto hoped he was the only one that had seen that variety. The only one who Sasuke had felt comfortable enough to let loose together with.

"Sasuke…" He breathed. Sasuke's closed eyes opened and they looked into each other's. Sasuke moved his hips together with Naruto's hand, meeting the fingers. Naruto could help but groan and leaned further up over Sasuke's body as if he wanted to push against him. The strain on his muscles felt so good.

A mischievous glint blinked in Sasuke's eyes as he watched the chest hovering above his face. Before Naruto knew it, Sasuke had pushed his t-shirt up with his free hand and lifted his torso of the floor. It was an awkward angle with his hand still pinned down behind him but Sasuke didn't care as he slid his hand around Naruto to his back, holding on to him as he opened his mouth and let his tongue swipe over the pierced nipple.

Naruto moaned and pushed his fingers in deeper. Sasuke's breath hitched. It was fucking amazing. Absolutely fucking amazing. Naruto above him, his fingers inside of him. The gold loop and hard nipple against his tongue. He wanted it. He wanted it badly. He wanted Naruto's heavy weight on top of him. He wanted Naruto's cock inside of him, filling him. He wanted Naruto's hand on his own, pushing at the barbell piercing through the head. He wanted kisses. Oh yes, lots of kisses.

"What a bitch you are, Sasuke! I told you not to touch them." Sasuke smirked, because even though he'd said those words, Naruto was arching his back, pushing his chest towards Sasuke's mouth. The idiot loved it. Sasuke flicked the ring with the tip of his tongue a few times before closing his lips over it and sucking. Naruto was breathing heavily. He let his torso fall back against the cover, slipping his hand out from underneath Naruto's t-shirt.

"You told me not to mention them. You never said anything about licking them." Sasuke smirked. The challenge from before showing through his eyes.

"You little…!" Naruto leaned down and kissed him. It was a rough kiss, their piercings digging into each other's lips. Just the way they both liked it. Sasuke tugged at the blond hair, trying to bring him closer. Like he wanted them to melt together.

"You want lube?" Naruto mumbled against his lips before kissing him again, not really giving him the chance to answer. The tugging turned into the opposite direction, pulling Naruto away from his mouth.

"No, just do it." Sasuke licked Naruto's cheek before letting his hair go. Naruto pulled the fingers out from Sasuke and pushed himself up to his knees. Sasuke followed him up when Naruto pushed his boxers down. Sasuke put his hand around Naruto's cock, smearing the precum over the head. Naruto pushed his tongue piercing up against the roof of his mouth. Damn, Sasuke always knew what he wanted. What he liked. Sasuke gripped his cock gently, moving his hand up and down a few times. He looked up into Naruto's eyes, leaning forward toward the still clothed chest. He moved slowly, as if waiting for Naruto to stop him. When he did nothing, Sasuke gave the nipple he hadn't licked a kiss through the fabric of the t-shirt. Naruto lifted his hands, putting them on Sasuke's shoulders, sliding them up around his neck, cupping his head in between them. He pulled Sasuke's head back from his chest, leaned down, and kissed him.

"Lie back, baby," he ordered, sliding his hand's back down to his shoulders again. Sasuke let go of Naruto's cock and lied back down. He folded his legs at the knee and spread them.

Naruto didn't bother to take his boxers off. It was too much trouble for him when Sasuke was just so damn inviting. He left them around his knees. He leaned forward, placing his left underarm next to Sasuke's head to keep some weight off of him when he lied down on top of him. He grabbed his cock and put it against Sasuke's entrance. Sasuke licked his lips, wishing he could just push himself down on it. Naruto was teasing him. Rubbing the head over his hole up to just below his balls. Naruto had that cocky grin that always made Sasuke weak in the knees at the same time as it pissed him off. He opened his mouth to complain when Naruto beat him to it.

"You want it?" The blond asked, licking his lips.

"Yes, I want it!" Sasuke was not amused. "Haven't we established that already?" The end of the last word was an almost moan as Naruto started to push inside of him.

"Like this?" Naruto asked, his voice not as steady as he thought it was.

"Yeah, just like that…" Sasuke ran his blunt nails over the fabric covering Naruto's back.

"I'm going to make you feel so good," Naruto mumbled, hiding his face against Sasuke's neck, inhaling his scent. He started to kiss the pale neck carefully. "You're going to moan. Make those sweet noises that I love. That makes me get so hard for you. And you're going to tell me that you love me."

"Move, Naruto," Sasuke breathed. Sasuke wanted less talking and more action. Not that he didn't love when Naruto talked to him during sex. He loved it when Naruto would lean down and half whisper, half growl both sweet and dirty things in his ears. But this was fucking torture! He needed to move! Sasuke rolled his hips and the sharp intake of breath made him smirk.

"Ngghn…" Naruto moaned and put his free hand on Sasuke's hip. He ran it down the pale skin to the back of his knee and hoisted it up higher on his own hip. He pulled out until only the head of his cock was inside of Sasuke. He pushed back in slowly. He always started slow. He always wanted to build up the pace. He knew Sasuke could take whatever Naruto decided to give to him almost from the start. But he loved the damn bastard. It wasn't just about raw fucking when it came to him.

He let his lips wander over the neck. Planted soft kisses where he went. From the collarbone up over his Adam's apple. Over his jaw to his ear. Sasuke was panting already.

Not that Naruto really had had any raw fucking with anyone else of the few partners he had before in his life. Sasuke was the only one that had ever brought that side out of him. That he felt comfortable enough with. That he trusted. But that wasn't everything. He loved him. He wanted to make sure that the sex would be something pleasurable. Preferably something amazing. He wanted to just be with him for a minute. Make love to him.

Sasuke wrapped his arms around Naruto's neck and shoulders. One hand's finger's followed Naruto's spine from just below his hairline, down beneath the collar of the t-shirt. Another moan made Naruto's mouth irresistible. Sasuke put his own over his lover's in a chaste kiss.

"Naruto…" To hear his name from Sasuke's lips made the blond jerk his hips a little harder. "Ah, yes…!" Sasuke licked his lips when the t-shirt rubbed gently over the tip of his own cock.

"I told you, you would like it." Naruto grinned. Sasuke opened his eyes to glare at him.

"I would have liked it more if we were in our bed. I would also like it more if you did it harder."

"You want it harder, baby?"

"That's what I said. Stop making me repeat myself." Sasuke gave Naruto's jaw a nip of his teeth before moving on to his neck. He gave it a sweet kiss before latching on to it, sucking hard.

"Fuck…!" Naruto groaned and thrust harder into the warm body beneath him. Sasuke pulled back just slightly so that he could see the red mark on Naruto's neck. A little voice inside his head was calling him stupid for marking him in such an obvious place. He would have to listen to everybody asking and guessing who had done that to Naruto. He would have to listen to all the possible scenarios they could think of about how he had gotten it. And Naruto would try to make them all drop it since he wouldn't tell them anyway. He shouldn't put Naruto in that position. Not when Naruto wanted nothing more than to let everybody know just who had put it there and just what they had been doing at the time. Possibly where as well. Especially when Sasuke himself was so tired of hearing Sakura's guesses over where he had gotten his own. People might connect the dots.

Another small voice inside Sasuke's head was jumping up and down, throwing his fist in the air while yelling out 'Fuck yeah!' on top of his lungs over and over again. Naruto was all his! All his to kiss, to fuck, to love, to leave awfully big hickey's on! And nobody else were to god damn touch him! Because Naruto's secret boyfriend said so!

"More." Sasuke moaned, giving him sloppy kisses wherever he could reach. "Fuck me harder!" He gasped when Naruto complied. His movements harder. Faster.

Sasuke was too busy to listen to either of the small voices in his head. His breath hitched as a particular thrust felt just so much better than the other's. They were sweaty. The heat was radiating from the body above him. The t-shirt was feeling damp under his hands. Their thighs were much slicker against each other.

Sasuke was moaning. His breath was short. He was running his fingers through the damp hair. He was pushing against Naruto's thighs with his own legs. Pushing Naruto deeper with each thrust. He cried out when Naruto bit down hard on the juncture between his shoulder and neck. Possibly a revenge for the hickey on his throat. And he called Sasuke a bastard.

Naruto moved up further, giving Sasuke's jaw a swipe of his tongue. Sasuke could feel the warm titanium ball against his skin. He turned his head to the side to meet Naruto's mouth. He wanted a kiss. But Naruto moved his head back, just slightly. Sasuke knew what would come next. It seemed to have become a thing for Naruto to do it every time Sasuke refused to say it.

"Tell me," Naruto demanded. Sasuke moved his head up, trying to get the kiss anyway but Naruto moved out of his reach. With a toe curling thrust, Naruto repeated his order.

"Tell me." Sasuke arched his back, clinging onto his beloved. Naruto wasn't the only one who got off on their little game. While Naruto found it utterly erotic to hear Sasuke say that he loved him, that he wanted him and that he desired him, Sasuke loved to hear Naruto ask for it. To command it and try to make him say it. Naruto was the only person Sasuke let himself be completely himself with. Naruto knew both all his good sides and bad. And he still wanted him. He still needed him. He still loved him. And he still wanted all of Sasuke in return.

"I love you, Naruto," Sasuke said, his voice breathy. He pulled on Naruto's shoulder's, trying to get him to come down for a kiss. He succeeded as Naruto almost fell down on top of him. They gave each other a deep kiss. They poured everything they had into it. Their tongues were battling, but not for domination. Just for who would feel the most. Who was closest to the other. Who told their feelings the best. It was a senseless battle, but a battle nonetheless. That was just how the two of them were.

Naruto moved his hand up over Sasuke's thigh again. He kneaded the tense muscles on the way. He put his hand just where the thigh turned into the fleshy globe of Sasuke's ass cheek and gave it a hard squeeze. Sasuke dunked his head into the floor with the way he jerked away from the kiss. A load groan and the tensing of his ass made Naruto cry out as well. It would seem that Sasuke was starting to follow Naruto in his fetish for Sasuke's ass. Lately Naruto had gotten very nice responses for whenever he was giving it any attention besides the obvious sex. No matter what the jerk said when they weren't having sex.

"Ah, fuck!" Sasuke gripped him harder, moving more frantic. "Right there!"

"Are you coming, baby?" Naruto asked, with a small chuckle. "I haven't even touched your cock yet." Sasuke tried to glare at him but it was pretty much impossible when his entire face just wanted to express the pleasure he was getting from the way Naruto's cock was rubbing against his prostate.

"Just- aah!"

"Just what, love?" Naruto asked, feeling the way Sasuke's ass was clenching around him. It was mind blowing.

"Just don't stop! Don't stop!" Sasuke's head rolled to the side, towards the arm Naruto had himself propped up upon. He stuck his tongue out, licking it, before moving a little closer, continuing to suck and bite on it, as if the ink in the tan skin was a delicious treat.

Naruto took the offer of how Sasuke's ear was now presented to him. He leaned down, giving the earlobe and all the hoops in it a lick.

"I'm not going to stop," he mumbled into the ear. "I'm going to continue until you cry out. Until you soil my t-shirt with your cum." Sasuke turned his head towards Naruto, looking into his eyes. His beautiful blue eyes. Sasuke loved them. He loved him.

Naruto was slamming into him. He was moaning and Sasuke had a hard time hearing the difference between Naruto's sounds and his own. Sasuke loved this. He wanted hard. He wanted fast. He wanted Naruto to be rough with him. Because had their relationship ever been anything else? This was what they were. This was what Sasuke wanted.

"I promise you…" Sasuke said between the groans and heavy breathing, looking into the blue eyes. Shit, this was feeling so good! "I promise you that by the end of this summer-" He gasped for his breath once more and put his hand over Naruto's cheek, running it back over his neck, up into his hair. Ah, yeah! Naruto felt so good inside of him. Filling him. "Everybody will know that we're together." He kissed him deep. Their tongues moved together. Naruto. Naruto, so good! He felt the way the grin started to spread over Naruto's flushed cheeks and the blond pulled away to look at him with a blinding smile.

"You swear?"

"I swear." Sasuke felt like his whole body was like a stretched rubber band. Every muscle in his body was tense. "Everybody will know that you're mine." Sasuke smirked, well, as good as he could considering he was lying on the floor, getting it hard, pleasure filling every cell of his body. So close! Naruto smashed their lips together in happiness, but groaned in pain as one of the piercing in his lower lip dug into his gum, making it bleed. He pulled back, making Sasuke's half successful smirk turn into a scowl.

"Ouch…" Naruto mumbled, wiping his lip, his thrusts slowing down. "That hurt." He chuckled.

"I told you not to stop, moron!" Sasuke hissed, rolling his hips and tugging on Naruto's hair. He couldn't do that! Not when he was feeling so good!

"It hurt, dammit!" Naruto whined before hissing when Sasuke tugged a bit too hard.

"Make me come! Now!" Sasuke growled. He was not pleased at all by the interruption! He needed to come! Naruto's eyes narrowed. He pulled out of Sasuke, pushing himself up to his knees. Sasuke panicked for two whole seconds.

"You can't-" Sasuke started but was cut short when Naruto hooked his arms under his knees, pulling Sasuke towards him, the cover making him glide easily over the floor.

"Just shut up," Naruto growled, leaning over him, pushing Sasuke's legs up towards his torso. The back of his knees resting in the fold of Naruto's arms. "Did I get up and walk away, you bastard?" Naruto moved his right arm, and grabbed his own cock, putting it against Sasuke's hole. He pushed inside as he put his arm back behind Sasuke's knees. "I already promised that I'd make you cum. And that's what I'm going to do."

"Then do it!" Sasuke hissed, taking a tight hold of Naruto's shoulders. Naruto was filling him again, but he wasn't moving! He let out a guttural sound that made the hair on Sasuke's arm stand on end. Oh fuck yeah… Naruto's hips slammed forward. He got so deep inside of him in this position. Sasuke groaned and the pounding started once more. Their skin slapped together. The sounds coming out of Naruto's throat and mouth were so fucking erotic. Sasuke loved it when Naruto lost a bit of his control. Sasuke was moaning with every thrust. The pleasure building up again. It came closer and closer. Just a little bit more.

"Naruto!" Sasuke groaned, his eyes screwing shut.

"Louder," Naruto growled into his ear, running his hand over the tense thigh, up over his hip.

"Ah!" Sasuke wet his dry lips and pressed them together in a muffled moan.

"My name. Say it louder!" Naruto grabbed Sasuke's cock, pumping it time with his thrusts, pushing gently on the piercing through the head.

"Fuck, Naruto…!" Sasuke trashed underneath him.

"Scream it."

"Na-!" Sasuke arched his back, pressing his head onto the floor. He held on to Naruto as hard as he could, feeling his legs, arms, and fingers aching. The pleasure was ripping through him. Pulsing through his every vein, gathering in his abdomen. He tightened around Naruto inside of him, and came hard on the front of Naruto's t-shirt with a loud moan.

"Sasuke!" Naruto groaned out thrusting erratically into the convulsing body beneath him. The orgasm seemed to ebb out of Sasuke and come over himself instead. The dark haired young man lifted his head and put his mouth against his ear.

"I love you," Naruto cried out as it took its hold over him and he came hard inside of him. "Ah…" Sasuke moaned, loving the jerky movements of Naruto's hips. "I love it when you come in me…" he said, lost in the feeling of being the reason why Naruto looked like he did at that moment. Of the way he had to be feeling.

They lay there together, breathing heavily, feeling the afterglow of sex. They pressed their mouths against each other's bodies but with so little effort in it, they could hardly be called kisses. They were just touches. But filled with just as much emotion.

Naruto used the last of his strength to roll off Sasuke with a groan. They stayed there, next to each other panting, trying to catch their breaths. Sasuke ran his fingers through his dark hair, pushing it out of his face.

"You didn't make me scream." Sasuke let his head fall to the side, towards Naruto, and smirked.

"No…" Naruto laughed. "But I was so damn close." He panted, closing his eyes.

"In your dreams, idiot."

"Oh yeah. For sure." Naruto smiled.

They laid still for a while, their breaths calming down. Sasuke watched how Naruto's face relaxed, his mouth still open. His breaths became slow and even.

"Hey moron, you're not falling asleep are you?" Sasuke ran his fingertips slowly over Naruto's side, making the blond jump a little. He opened his eyes, taking a deep breath as if he had been, and glared at him with a small pout on his lips.

"What is it?" he whined, brushing Sasuke's hand away.

"Don't think about falling asleep on the floor with your underwear down to your knees. You look ridiculous, and you'll catch a cold."

"I'm not sleeping. I'm just resting," Naruto sighed, closing his eyes again.

"You were asleep." Sasuke's smirk widened and he ran his fingers over his side again. He knew just the spots where he was ticklish.

"Was not!" Naruto whined and this time he slapped Sasuke's hand away.

"Yes, you were." The hand moved towards him once again.

"I was not!" Naruto grabbed his wrist and gave him an irritated glare.

"I meant what I said," Sasuke said, the smirk fading into seriousness.

"What?" A confused frown came over Naruto's face.

"About people knowing."

"You better! You swore on it!"

"I know. It's just that things didn't really go as I had planned it." Naruto's grip on his wrist loosened and Sasuke twisted it so that his hand grabbed Naruto's own. "I didn't think we'd be at this point already. I didn't think we'd actually have a relationship." He laced their fingers together.

"But now we do. Get with the program, Sasuke."

"I don't have any issues with telling everybody that I'm in love with my best friend and we're together. It's the part where you're a guy. It's the part where I tell my parents that I'm gay." Sasuke licked his lips. He felt his cheeks flush. He blamed it on the sex. Not that he was embarrassed to come out to his parents.

"Don't you think that they already know you like guys?"

"I don't know. Maybe. They tend to ignore things they don't like. And we've never had any kind of conversation about homosexuality. I'm concerned that they pretend it doesn't exist." Sasuke's eyes fell to their joined hands. It felt so right. Their hands fit together perfectly. He rubbed his thumb over the tan skin.

"They're your parents. They won't stop loving you because you tell them that you're gay."

"Actually I'm more concerned that they'll pretend they didn't hear me."

"But now you've promised. You'll tell them before the summer is over. Right?"

"Right. I'm not backing down on my promise."

"Good." Naruto lifted their hands and gave Sasuke's finger a kiss. "You know, I love it how you say 'concerned' instead of 'afraid.'" He grinned. Sasuke shook his head and let go of Naruto's hand. "Aww," Naruto whined. "Don't be like that!"

"Whatever." Sasuke pushed himself up, wincing a little at his sore muscles.

"Baby, I love you!" Naruto reached his hands out, pawing after him.

"I'm going to take a shower." Sasuke evaded the hands easily. "Pull your boxers up, you idiot," he said, getting up to his feet.

"Can I join you? Please? Pretty please?"

"No." Sasuke walked through the glass door to the hallway.

"Hey! I said pretty please!" Naruto frowned and sat up.

"And I said no!" Sasuke called over his shoulder.

"I'll buy you dinner?" Naruto got to his feet, pulling his boxers up, grinning at the stain of cum on his t-shirt.


"Aww! Come on! I'll buy you the stupid new jacket?" Naruto's grin faded from his face when he saw just where he had tossed Sasuke's boxers.

"Now we're getting somewhere," Sasuke said, continuing down the hall towards the bathroom.

"So I can join?" Naruto asked, wrinkling his nose as he picked up the boxer's between his index finger and thumb. How long had Sasuke worn these?

"No!" Naruto twitched and dropped the boxers to the floor, giving the headphones an apologetic look before following his boyfriend to the bathroom. Sasuke attempted to shut the door in his face but Naruto was fast enough to catch the door, leaving a crack open.

"I'll let you lick my nipples?" The door jerked open and Sasuke's hand shot out grabbing the front of his t-shirt, tugging him inside.

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