Through a shield, cold and murky,

Tinted with a ghastly hue

Of unnatural, unholy, icy

Melancholy blue

Lies the object of my dread –

It's all in my head…

I see a skyline, once pure coral,

Now a sickly pinkish-grey

And the trees, once green and lovely,

Now in rot and anguish lay

Without the trees, Narayan's dead –

It's all in my head.

There are no lights in the village;

Silence is the only sound

And the vines now lie unwoven,

And my family, never found

Lives destroyed, cut short like thread –

It's all in my head,

As the Fog, so slowly creeping,

Like a predator, draws near

And both thrills me and it chills me

And it fills my soul with fear!

Black hatred smeared with red –

It's all in my head!

Then I hear my desperate howling

Like a tortured creature's cry,

And I know I'm trapped forever

And that here I'll surely die,

Sanity torn to shreds –