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K-Unit meet the boys of Brookland school

Alex walked to his first class of the day. Not looking forward to it at all. Just back from the Christmas holiday, people were looking at him when strolling to class. It was around the time for him to go missing of weeks on end, and come back with cuts and bruises. But MI6 had not phoned him. The last time he was in the Royal & General Bank on Liverpool Street was when he got back from Australia.

He moved in to his mathematics room and looked for his friend Tom. Tom was talking to a group of boys.

"Alex, have you seen the letters?" Tom looked very happy about some thing.

"What letters?" he asked.

"The letters about going to the SAS for one week! A Week!" Tom said in a loud voice.

"Tom please, stop all this racket about the army and get your books out." Mr White said to the group of boys around him.

"Sir it's not the army but the SAS." The boys all said at once .

Mr White opened his mouth, but the door opening stopped him. Miss Bedfordshire moved in to the room and walked up to Alex and give him a letter. The same letter as Tom and some of the other boys.

"Sorry you did not get his in registration Alex, but we had to call Mr Blunt your legal guardian ask him if you could go. And he said yes you be happy hear." She smiled down at him. "Sorry for interrupting your class Mr White." And with that walked out of the door.

Alex looked down at the letter. Face going pale. SAS. Two weeks. And the letter said Brecon Beacons. The same place he meet K-Unit. The same place of hell. Living hell.

Would Wolf be there? Would the Sergeant be the same? Would all of K-Unit be there? WHAT WAS BLUNT AND JONES THINKING SAYING YES TO THIS? Alex would not have put it past then if it was their idea in the first place about HIS school going to the SAS

"Alex this is great don't you think? Alex? Are you ok?" Tom asked in a small voice as Mr White was going on about angles on the broad.

Alex did not talk for the last 45 minutes. The bell went got up and run from the class room.

Miss Bedfordshire her office at the front of the school could see Alex's marching out of the school at the end of the period. She looked at Alex the letter in one hand and his bag on one shoulder. The phone went and that stopped looking at MI6 youngest member and she did not see the way he went.

Alex was not going home but to the Royal & General Bank, to yell at one Alan Blunt. For running his life once again.

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