I hate to say this but I am no longer going to update chapters on this story.

The reasons of this are:

More stories of Alex going to the camp or with his class mates that are miles better then my own.

I have been trying to do the next couple of chapters out but, nothing is working that well, it just looks like to be a carbon couple of other stories that are on the site.

One or two people have sent messages to me saying that I was plagiarising other peoples work. I am very sorry if that was the case.

There is no way I would update that very couple of weeks, it would be mouths to the next update.

They are my reasons of no longer working on my two pieces of work on fan fiction. More people have been asking me to update and I think it is impolite not to tell my reads that updates are not coming. As up to two weeks ago I was still working on the chapters, but my computer deleted all the work I had on it when it got virus. So I have given up with the two of then.

On a lighter note, I have a jotter full of out lines for one shots with Alex and k-unit. As the summer holiday is in 6 days time, I am hoping that I will get some of them done over that summer holidays.

I am sorry once again to the people that have been looking forward to an up date it's just not going to happen.

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