Anakin sat quietly from the differential noise of the senate. The chancellor was dead. The Jedi had finally gotten to him. And here he sit listening as his sith name was mentioned as new ruler of the galactic empire. Over the course of Palpatine's rule Vader had began to subside more and more frequently. Anakin began to emerge more often which soothed and angered him. He had become Darth Vader and laid his loyalties with his master and yet anakin was still there, buried beneath the ruble of what was once his heart. He had chosen revenge, revenge for the death of his family, revenge for the suffering of his mother, revenge for the pain he held within himself. He had chosen this path as Darth Vader, lord of the sith. What had changed?? Anakin wondered. He supposed that all the pain and rage he had held for so many years had subsided. That it had finally vanished after causing so much pain himself. He had named, he had killed, and he had done his masters bidding without regret or remorse. That was until now. He just couldn't see a reason for it anymore. A reason why parents, why children had been slain and murdered in their beds all because they were some sort of threat to the emperor. He didn't want to be feared anymore. He wanted what had been lost to him so many years ago. He wanted a life and a family. Someone to come home to and ask him about his day. Someone to love that would love him back. He wanted a life without worrying if someone actually cared for him or if they were just to scared to run away. Anakin thought back to her. Queen Amidala, the only women to have ever stood up to him without fear, without regret. He had to admit that despite his physical attraction to her she intrigued him. The very thought of her seemed to plague his senses night and day. Every now and then he could sense he intrigued her as well but the feeling would banish just as quickly as it had come. He felt that she was something to be treasured then desired. Although he did desire her, he would have to be fool not to. He knew that she was him. More then her body, more then her looks. She was... Just when anakin thought he had figured it out he was interrupted by his new title and the thunderous applause of the senate.

"I present to you the new emperor of the galactic senate. Darth Vader." Anakin stood and walked slowly to the podium before him.

"Thank your new emperor I can honesty say that things around here are going to get better." As he spoke he searched the room for her. Moving his eyes from one platform to the next. She was nowhere to be found.

"I know that you've all made great sacrifices and had many hardships. I also know that many of your people suffer which in honesty was a cause from this very empire." As anakin spoke his last words the crowds applause died down till their was nothing but the sound of his voice. " I know that I am not excused from this accusation. I did many things many...many horrible things that I was not proud of them and am even less proud of still. I'm tired of seeing people run in fear among their homes and people. Today we put a stop to that today we start over. We start over as the newly revised republic.

The crowd screamed with joy causing anakin to smile briefly before beginning to discus his plans for the once again republic. Anakin only hoped that he could make a difference after all that he had done. The words might have not been much, but to him it was a start.


After several grueling hours of babysitting her two nieces she was finally able to relax. Padme sat no more then ten minutes outside before her older sister Sola joined her.

"Good evening baby sister."

"Good evening. So how are the little ones?"

"Asleep finally. Thank you so much for watching them. Me and Darren really need some time to ourselves."

"No need to thank me Sola, you know how much I adore them."

"I don't actually because I have no nieces of my own to adore." Sola stated a little to casually.

"If that is a lee way into my personal life you might as well forget it."

"Padme come one... you adore my children yet you have none of your own. Don't you want that?"

"Of course I know I do It's just..."


"I'm really busy on something that's very important to me."

"And in a month when that is all well and done you'll move on to something else that's very important to you."

"That's not fair."

"What about worrying yourself over things that with fulfill your life more. Like love and yes, having some wonderful children of your own."

" Do we always have to be defined by our children?"

"Of course not. But Padme, your missing out on a lot of things. You've already missed out on most of your childhood. Please Padme don't let this life pass you by before you've even had a chance to really live it."

Padme was about to respond and say that her life was fulfilled, but the words would come out hollow and empty. She just couldn't say the words and that very fact scared her.

Padme drifted from her thoughts to the sound of her mother calling her.

"Padme, Sola??? Come here. You won't believe this,"