Anakin Hurried to the breakfast table, hoping to spend some quality time with his now wife. How he rejoiced in that fact, only to realize she in fact did not. As he maneuvered his way through the seemingly identical hallways of the Nubian palace he heard the melody that was Padme's voice,laughing. She was laughing . Anakin hurried to the sound like a faser to its target. As he rounded the next target there she was, laughing at simple small talk she was sharing with another one, a sister perhaps since the seemed so alike in appearance. All laughing and smiles stopped as soon as the both spotted him, Feeling a little embarrassed Anakin managed to collect himself and enter deeper into the room.

"Good morning," Anakin bowed respectfully to both women as he seated himself across from them at the breakfast table.

"Good morning my lord." Padme responded icily.

"Good morning." stated the other women.

"How are you ladies this morning? I hope I Didn't interrupt anything." He smiled nervously.

"Of course not, We were just chatting."Padme stated ."Nothing to be concerned about."

Nothing you want me to know about, you mean. Anakin thought to himself.

"We?" He asked shifting his eyes from her to the other women and back to her.

"Yes, this is my sister Sola, and shes welcome anytime." Padme stated demanding.

Anakin half smiled at her despite her slighted tone. "Of course she is family after all." He stated matter-of-factly.

Padme and Sola both shared of look of pure shock etched across there faces. Anakin shared a world famous crooked smile that made Padme weak in the knees all over again.

Anakin Laughed. "You seem surprised, we are married now."

Padme had no words, with a mere nod, she continued with her conversation with Sola as Anakin silently ate his meal.

"So, Baby sister, what are your plans now that you've married the gri...I mean now that you too have have tied the not." Sola saved unconvincingly.

Anakin's eyebrows rose for a second before putting out of his mind and laughing nervously. Who was he to be upset, knowing his past, he couldn't blame her.

'Ummmm well I was hoping we could stay here for awhile longer, I haven't been home in so long, I think id go crazy after being gone for so long." She picked up quickly.

"Of course, as long as you want love." Anakin confidently stated.

"I am not your love," Padme voiced without really meaning to.

Anakin's eyes glazed over, "I was wishful thinking. On my part." He confessed coldly. He calmly pushed his plate away before tossing his napkin on the table and retreating to the study up stairs.

"Wow," Sola's voice brought Padme back from her thoughts. "I gotta admit, that was kind of harsh."

"Harsh!" Padme said Angrily. "You know who he is?! You know what he is?! How can you even say that!"

Sola looked intently at her younger sister. " He's not wearing a helmet anymore Padme."

"And what?...that excuses he he was.." Padme stopped. "Is."

Sola stood sharply, before leaning in front of Padme and grabbing her hands. " Forget his past for a second , forget that he is Darth Vader lord of the sith, forget all that for one second. Why cant you see, that you hurt him?" Padme thought for a second Before Sola continued. "And why does he look at you the was Dared (Sola's Husband) Looks at me."

No Matter how much she wanted to, She couldn't argue with the truth. As much as she wanted, needed to, it hadn't gone unnoticed. When Anakin looked at her...He real did shine. Why? She wondered. Why?

Author's Note: I could make up excuses but I Wont I know its been a long while and I Have no excuses, all I can say is time moves fast, And I wont let you down again. Thanks to all my loyal readers.