This is my first story in a sort of never ending story…it's going to be a collection of short stories and song fics. Each chapter will become a new story. Please don't get that confused and think it's just one big story, it's not. It's rated M for content in later stories, just to be safe.

This first one is dedicated to Reusch17, since she threatened me with banners about this subject. Lol :D Look you've got a story dedicated to you.

Soft Side

Haruka looked down the hallway one last time, just making sure that Michiru was nowhere to be found as she made a few last finishing touches to the meal she prepared for them both. It was their 10 year wedding anniversary and Haruka had told Michiru when they awoke that morning that she is not to come into the kitchen at all. At first Michiru didn't listen to her, she followed the taller blonde around like a lost puppy, watching every move she made. After much pestering Haruka finally took Michiru into their study and had her start on a painting; just to keep her out of her hair.

"Honey…" The blonde's voice faded out as she walked into the room to see Michiru humming softly to classical music that was playing in the background and vigorously working on a painting. Haruka had always learned not to bother her love when she was painting, but tonight was important to her. "I hate to bother you." She stepped behind the aqua haired woman and looked over her shoulder. Before her she saw a nearly finished picture of two women; similar in appearance to both herself and Michiru; they were intertwined together and sleeping peacefully under a set of sheets.

The artist jumped when she felt a set of warm lips press against her neck. She quickly relaxed and leaned back into the warmth that was her wife. "You scared me."

"I didn't mean to. I need you to come with me please." Haruka gently took the smaller woman's hand in her own and lead her out of the room and toward the kitchen. "Close your eyes."

"But honey-" She tried to object.

"Close your eyes. You have to trust me." Haruka smiled when Michiru finally obeyed her. The blonde grabbed her hand again and walked around the corner into the dining room. Before them laid a beautiful scene. The round glass table in the center of the room was covered in an elegant white table cloth. In the middle was a single lit candle. On either side of the candle sat two glasses of rich red wine, along with a plate of exquisitely prepared food.

"Open your eyes Michi." Haruka let go of the smaller woman's hand and moved to watch her expression.

Michiru's jaw dropped as she looked at the scene in front of her. She was at a loss of words, but the dumbstruck smile and sheen of tears in her eyes said all that needed to be said.

"Happy anniversary." The blonde moved over to the chair on Michiru's side of the table and pulled it out. "Ladies first."

Michiru giggled softly and gladly accepted the invitation. "Thank you kind sir…What's this?" She picked up a small velvet box that lay next to her plate.

"Well if I just told you then it wouldn't be a surprise now would it? Open it up." She kneeled down next to her love and watch her pull off the ribbon that bound the box shut.

Inside the box was a white gold, thin chain, at the end of the chain sat an aquamarine pendant. "Oh Haruka, it's so beautiful!"

Haruka smiled and pulled it from the box. She waited until Michiru moved her hair aside to hook it around her neck. "It suits you perfectly."

"You never cease to amaze me my love…"

"What do you mean by that?" The blonde placed a light kiss on the other's lips and looked into her eyes.

"You're so hard and cold during the rest of the year. But the minute it comes to my birthday, our anniversary, or valentine's day, your soft side shows."

"Yea…just don't let it out to anybody though. It might ruin me."

The smaller woman only laughed at this. "So I shouldn't be making posters about it then?"

Haruka laughed in response. "No…it would be greatly appreciated if you didn't."

"Damn, then you might want to call the people who will be putting up a billboard near the highway then."

They both laughed and shared a deep, passionate kiss. "I love you Michiru."

"I love you too Haruka."