"Ianto love"

Ianto looked up from his computer.

"What's up Gwen?"

"Jack's in the kitchen"

This puzzled Ianto slightly.


"You should take a look."

Gwen scuttled away quickly leaving Ianto wondering what the heck she was blabbering on about. He walked quickly to the kitchen- butterflies twitching slightly in his stomach. He paused outside the door and pressed his ear to it. He could hear Jack groaning inside. Ianto quirked an eyebrow. The groans were followed by a loud squelch. He pushed open the door.

"Jack! What the hell!"

As Ianto stepped inside the kitchen the stench of smoke hit his nose. He glaced down, his eyes watering and saw a soggy yellow lump stuck to his shoe. Groaning he shook his foot to rid himself of the offending… well, thing. He wasn't entirely sure what it was. He looked back to Jack but more of the yellow stuff came hurtling towards his face. Ducking quickly he sighed as the lump smacked and slid down the wall. That was gonna be difficult to clean.

Jack emerged from the smoke- enigmatic as usual. He had a look of pure innocence on his face, as if to say that this wasn't his fault. He'd only walked in on the chaos. Ianto just stared at him. A grin appeared on Jack's features. Ianto thought briefly how inviting that grin was- then realised he was supposed to be giving Jack into trouble.

"What are you doing?"


Ianto did a double take. Jack Harkness cooking pancakes! Never!



"You're not very good cooking them," commented Ianto, glancing at the smoke. Jack appeared to be appalled such a remark had been made.

"No, I've perfected it!"

Jack seemed like a child proving he could ride a bike without stabilisers. He rushed over to the cooker and carefully spooned some batter into the pan. It spread around the bottom and sizzled quietly. Jack beamed. However his grin vanished when smoke began to creep slowly out from under the 'pancake.' Jack groaned again.

He pulled from his pocket a small tube. Pointing the tube at the pan he pressed a button and a sudden pink light erupted from the end hitting the now burning batter. The mushy lump suddenly morphed into an exquisite pancake. Ianto looked at Jack.


"That's cheating sir."

"Yeah, well. Would you have liked to eat my one?"