The Music of the Night

a poem for our Erik, who needs some love

Beneath the Opera House in Paris

In the cellars, dark and deep

There lives an Opera Ghost named Erik

All he can do is weep.

His face, so distorted

So deformed, it's hardly a face

This is the reason he loathes the world

Why he hates the human race.

He thought Christine had loved him

How foolish, thinking he'd been right

Now he has to stay in his lair

Playing the music of the night.

No, Christine went off with her fop

Leaving Erik to grieve all alone

Everyone, despite what you've been told

His heart is made of gold, not carved from stone.

How do I know this, you ask?

I see you're all skeptics, my friends

I'll tell you how I know this

His story and feelings I'll mend.

We met one fateful night

It was dark, spooky, with rain

I went down to the basement here

And found him, crying, moaning in pain.

He was seated at his beautiful organ

Head down, resting on the keys

When I asked him why he was crying

He faced me, got down on his knees.

And he told me, "Please go away!

Why are you not adjourning?

I said leave,mademoiselle!

Who disturbs a Phantom in mourning?"

I answered, "I'm not trying to disturb you

I just wish to know what's wrong

I was guided here by your music

Why have you stopped your beautiful song?"

He said, "I can't play music anymore

Music has no meaning without my girl

You look a little like her,"

He whispered, touching one of my many brown curls.

I asked him, "What was her name?"

I heard a faint, "Christine…

She was so sweet and innocent

The most beautiful thing I'd ever seen."

I held out my hand, helped him up

And I told him my name

I said, "I am Madlyn Laveau

Please, don't give yourself to shame."

He shook his head, touched my cheek

"But I must not be involved in love

I don't want that to happen again,"

And he gave me a little shove.

I told him, "No, dear Phantom,"

And with my hands I took his

I leaned in, he didn't stop me

And on the lips, I gave him a kiss.

He just held me like that

For so long we didn't part

We were completely connected

Standing with candles in the dark.

He picked me up, laid me in bed

He sang to me, "You alone can make my song take flight

Madlyn, help me make

The music of the night."

I smiled and closed my eyes

I knew it was love at first sight

I heard the notes, I knew he was composing

The music of the night.