Always something new, eh? I wanted to try NaruSasu this time and well, this is incestuous story so if you are very much against it - do not read. Not that I support stuff like that, but somehow I had an urge to create this story. I wanted to write out the feelings these kinds of people go through or might go - I do not really know. This is just my point of view, so do not shoot me because of it.

Please do not flame (I do not find a reason for it so you better not either). I apologize for the possible misspellings and other errors.


Pairing: Naruto x Sasuke

Summary: Brothers should not do things like these; they are not supposed to feel like this towards each other. What the heck is wrong with me then? What is wrong with Naruto? And I just crave for more…[NaruSasu, rated M for SEX and INCEST

Disclaimer: I have no rights over the characters or what so ever (do not sue me Mr. Kishimoto), I am just loaning them and returning to the rightful owner (Mr. Kishimoto).

The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name

We are so fucking late Naruto, hurry up, I order him. My lousy little brother is not a morning person and that always causes problems. Just like today - I had to kick him out of the bed.

I am two years older than him, so it is my responsibility to take care of him or that is what mom tells me. I do not know how we can even be brothers, since we do not look alike and well, his IQ is of a shoe. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating. He is just utterly naïve. One has to remember that he is just fourteen and I have turned sixteen last week.

Being late today is the worst thing that could happen since this is our new school. We moved here a few days ago and I do not want to give a bad impression. It is too late for that now. I basically drag him to school.

The first day is nice because we do not have to do anything serious - meaning real studying. I am a little worried about Naruto since he is not good at anything except sports. Maybe he will become a jock one day? Who knows.

We live near school; our house is that big white one near the grocery store. Mom and dad work long hours so we are usually by ourselves but we do not really mind. I make the food and he helps me so we are not starving or anything.

We share a room too, so it kind of like living with a roommate or something. We also share things like clothes and stuff, and yet we know when to give the other some space. It has been always like this - just the two of us.

It is nice to know that I have always someone to talk to if I need a listener, and he always knows how to soothe me. We are brothers and best friends. I thought that would last forever.

When one turns sixteen one becomes weird, you know? One starts to have urges, and hormones mess one's head. Of course I started to check out the other sex. The girls in their short skirts and tight tops - I just could not tear my eyes away from them.

Suddenly my dreams turned into very wet ones, which made me worry, since I was sure I moaned in my sleep and well, Naruto was in the same room. Thank God mom and dad worked a lot so they could not catch me washing the sheets.

Frustration always leads to something and that is how I ended up jerking myself off for the first time in the bathroom. Dear lord, it felt good. I tried to suffocate the moans and groans but unluckily it was impossible.

I sat on the toilet seat and spread my legs. I slid my hand down my abdomen on to my member and I started to slightly stroke it. I did not know what the hell I was doing, just that it felt amazing. It really took like five seconds or something until I burst and my stomach hurt. Yet, I liked it.

I cleaned out the mess and decided to learn some more but later. As I found masturbation, I also found a girlfriend. It was not anything serious, since one cannot be serious with a girl at the age of sixteen. It does not work that way.

Mostly it was like kissing or light touches under her blouse. I was shy and inexperienced and so was she. We just wanted to explore each other and sex did not even cross my mind.

I like my girlfriend, but I do not see myself with her in the future. It is more like we are friends, who just try to learn something from life. Naruto knows I date Sakura and somehow I think he is jealous or something although he tries to act indifferent about it.

Well, Sakura is a pretty girl and that is about it - no offence. Sasuke, do you like Sakura, Naruto asks me as we sit in our room me watching him play Playstation 3. Yeah, I like her - why would I be with her if I did not? I ask him back.

What you do with her, he then asks. Normal stuff I guess, we go to movies and…stuff, I reply. Do you kiss her? He continues. Somehow I feel awkward talking about this, too personal for my liking. Yeah, we kiss, I grunt back.

Can you teach me? He asks me after awhile. Well, you open your mouth and press your lips against the other's and well, you do your thing, I reply dryly. I do not understand, show me, he says. Show you?

I do not think it is appropriate, since we are brothers. Please, I need to know…I cannot ask anyone else, he almost pleads. Once cannot hurt, huh? He drops the controller on to the ground and crawls on to my lap. Show me, he whispers. Fuck, why did he have to say that so seductively?

This is only for like tutoring, I say to him and grab him by the collar. I pull him close to me and I crash my lips on his. His mouth is so soft and hot, not like Sakura's. Passionate I would say, but I will not, because he is my brother and this feels soooooo wrong.

Then he surprises me by sticking his tongue inside my mouth. Slowly I start to respond by rubbing my tongue against his and our sloppy kisses get more intense. I am growing quite hot as he nibs my lower lip and licks the corners of my mouth.

My hands take the control away from my brains and sneak up inside Naruto's shirt until I register what I am doing. This is my little brother straddling me and we are so making out, and fuck this is like illegal or something.

I push him a little and break the kiss. We are both huffing and a slight trail of saliva still binds our sinful mouths together. It is so wrong that it feels so fucking amazing. Sorry about that, I mumble. You taste good, he says.

So, now you know how to do it with a girl, I say awkwardly and I head for the bathroom. In the bathroom I wash my face with cold water and I try to sort out my brains or at least what is left of them after he practically sucked them out.

Why the heck did he need tutoring if he is that good? I wonder. I have never even gone that far with Sakura. Somehow I cannot even compare the two of them and it sickens me that my mouth tingles and yearns for more - him.

I promise myself that is was the last time I tutored him with anything that concerns sexual desires. I am a wreck.

When I return to the room, he has gone back playing the game and is the same - like nothing happened or did happen, but he just did not catch the meaning of it. That last option would be so Naruto.

My mind just screams how wrong that was and he is just fucking playing the game with no worries in mind it seems. Shit. Naruto, put the game away, it is late, I say to him. We need to go to sleep, I continue. Yeah, yeah, he replies.

I climb to my upper bunk and bury myself under my blanket. I try to forget the fact that my lips are on fire and tingling. I so try to forget that.

Sometime in the middle of the night I wake up to the sounds coming from Naruto's bed. They sound like a combination of moaning and groaning. What the fuck are you doing, I ask him with a grunt. Sasuke, he just mumbles.

What now, I wonder and climb the stairs down. I should not have done that, since I am quite sure he is jerking himself off then and there keeping his eyes on me. Okay, I think I have to go to bathroom or something. This is way too awkward. Not that it is my business or anything. It is just plain weird.

Do not go, help me, he pleads. What? I want you to help me, I will never ask anything if you do this, he continues quietly but huskily. You know this is wrong, I say back at him. I do not care, just this once, please, he whispers with those big blue eyes of his. I think I am melting.

Just this fucking once…I whisper back. Well, we did already illegal stuff, so how could this make things any worse. I just erase this day from my memory afterwards. I crawl under his blanket and I can sense the warmth his body emits.

God damn Naruto, what is going on in your mind, I ask him. Nothing, absolutely nothing, he replies and I answer that I thought so too. I lay my hand on his warm and naked chest. My fingers are itching to touch him more.

I slide my hand down to the hemline of his boxers and I look straight into his eyes. He has got beautiful eyes; they glimmer in the moon light. He looks so vulnerable, so pure. The sirens are now wooing in my head, but somehow I end up lowering my head and pressing our lips together.

Incest! Shouts my brains, but I just block those thoughts and enjoy his warmth. It cannot be so bad if it feels this good, right? I stop at the hemline but he guides my hand inside. His lower abdomen is on fire as I slide my fingers across it.

A little bit lower and I reach his already rigid member. I start to stroke him, pulling his foreskin back and forth. He is trembling and squirming under my touch and it makes me somewhat proud to know that it is I, who makes him act like this.

He moans and huffs. I lick his lips, slide my tongue inside his mouth and taste him. This is so far from those brotherly kisses we used to share when we were kids. My hand is already slick from his pre-cum and I am positive that he is near the peak.

I fasten my pace and kiss him more fiercely. Suddenly he shoves his hand inside my pants and starts to jerk me off too. His hand is smaller than mine and a little bit chilly, yet I am loosing my mind because of it. We jerk each other off in the midst of huffing, sweat and lust until we both cum.

As he cums, he moans my name and that sets me over board. Our hands are sticky and you would not believe what he does – he licks his hand and mine. Sasukeee, he groans into my ear and I am about cum all over again.