Always something new, eh? I wanted to try NaruSasu this time and well, this is an incestuous story so if you are very much against it - do not read. Not that I support stuff like that, but somehow I had an urge to create this story. I wanted to write out the feelings these kinds of people go through or might go - I do not really know. This is just my point of view, so do not shoot me because of it.

Please do not flame (I do not find a reason for it so you better not either). I apologize for the possible misspellings and other errors.


Pairing: Naruto x Sasuke

Summary: Brothers should not do things like these; they are not supposed to feel like this towards each other. What the heck is wrong with me then? What is wrong with Naruto? And I just crave for more…[NaruSasu, rated M for SEX and INCEST

Disclaimer: I have no rights over the characters or what so ever (do not sue me Mr. Kishimoto), I am just loaning them and returning to the rightful owner (Mr. Kishimoto).

Hello Europe, I say with a little curve you could call a smile. I left before Naruto woke up since I felt I needed to escape and that is just what I did. No one in this continent knows that I am tainted; tainted by the person I thought I loved the most.

I am an incestuous bastard and it is enough for me to deal with myself. I need to forget him or at least everything that should not have happened between us. Five years to do that, plenty of time.

Five years…I remember the day I stood on the platform breathing the fresh European air and thinking this would be a new start. Now the five years have passed like they had never existed in the first place.

I do not say I did not enjoy my stay here, not at all. I just could not clean my mind, make it a "tabula rasa" again. The dreams of Naruto touching me haunted me every night, sometimes they were pleasant and sometimes I woke up to the sound of my own scream.

Dreams fade away and I will be returning home. I did not visit my home even once, always making up excuses. I needed space. I am looking myself through the mirror and I see a young lad in his twenties wearing a suit. I put my glasses on and I look way older than I really am.

I have packed all my belongings and I breathe heavily. Home. The train ride is silent and time runs in slow-motion. Has Naruto changed, I wonder? Has he got a girlfriend? Somehow he succeeds to fill my mind again but I let it slide.

The train stops and I get off. I take a taxi not feeling really anything except anxiousness. I am standing on our lawn again like I did so many years ago. The house looks like it used to when I was here the last time.

Mom sees me through the window and she runs out to hug me. Her tears of joy warm me and I hug her back. She smells like flowers and memories run through me like a river in the early spring. She takes me by the hand and we walk inside the house.

Dad welcomes me with a big grin and only one thing is missing from the picture. Naruto. Dad laughs as he sees my puzzled look and says that Naruto comes after he gets off from work. Work?

It seems Naruto has his own apartment and is working God knows where. We are going to have a family dinner, mom smiles. I walk into the house and up the stairs. I go to the bathroom to wash my face and I have to laugh - Naruto has grown up.

Somehow I thought he would be the same blonde boy, grinning like a maniac and playing video games. After I have gathered myself, I go to our old room. The room looks a little pale and a bit empty. My stuff is gone and now is Naruto's too.

I sigh a little and a sad smile forms to my lips. I do not hear the door open until the silence is broken by a little "hey". I do not turn, just smile and say hey back. I missed his voice.

I turn around and amazement runs through my body; tingles like his touch. The Naruto that is watching me back is far from that naïve blonde boy I knew. Now I see a young guy face full of piercings, black leather pants and a black tank-top.

His blond hair is messy and spiked and I feel like a clown in my suit. Naruto's blue eyes have eyeliner around them and his toned skin meshes with his muscular body. I thought I had changed, but look at him.

He leans casually against the wall and his lip ring shines as he smiles. Not what you expected, he asks laughingly. My stupor fades away and I smile faintly, not at all, I reply. Mom shouts us and wants us to come downstairs since food is ready.

I sigh a little again for the hundredth time and walk past him. He stops me from behind at the doorway and leans his head against my back. You look good in your glasses, he says and my breath hitches almost audibly.

I just stand there his head against my back and somehow I feel content. I have an urgent need to kiss him right now and apologize for every stupid little thing. Instead I ruffle his hair and say that food will get cold if we do not go now.

It is his turn to sigh and after it he presses his lips against the back of my neck. Shivers run down my spine and it is hard to control my legs. Do not wobble, I order them silently.

Dinner and mom asks me about my time in Europe. The words get stuck into my throat, but I manage to sound normal. Naruto keeps his eyes on me and we keep eating and chatting. The tense air loosens and before we know it, it is already late.

Naruto starts to dress himself since he has to go home because of work. Suddenly he turns towards me and asks whether I want to crash at his place. It is close by, he says. I just nod not knowing why - probably because I saw a glimpse of our childhood and perhaps something else.

I put my jacket on too and we head for the door. Mom runs to us and smiles that now she has both his sons back home. We smile at her and walk out. Snowflakes fall down on to our faces from the sky and everywhere is white. It looks amazing.

We start walking on the deserted street. Naruto has his hands in his pockets and his hair is already damp because of the melting snow. He shudders a bit, but tries to hide it only making me chuckle. Here, I say and give him my gloves and I smile.

He looks a little meek but takes them anyway. We reach his apartment. The building looks neat and as I admire it, he tries to fish out his keys. He finds them, but his hands are still too shaky to open the door with them.

I take the key from his cold hands and suddenly I feel warm. I open the door and we step inside. The room is small but comfy, I like it and I lay the keys on the little table next to the door.

I make the beds, you go and take a shower, he says. I step into the shower booth and take a hot shower in order to melt my frozen limbs. Before I step outside I look at myself through the mirror that decorates the small bathroom.

I do not have lots of muscles, I am slender. My skin is pale, almost hollow. No wonder I do not have a girlfriend. My wet black hair sticks on to my face, but I brush it away with the palm of my hand.

The towel hangs loosely on my hips as I step outside, your turn, I say. He smiles at me and passes me brushing my side faintly. The spot he touched is on fire. I change into the pajamas he offered me and I lay myself on to the mattress next to his. Just like we used to do when we were kids and afraid to sleep apart from each other.

He comes from the shower dripping water and the metal in his face glints a little in the faint light. He puts his pajamas on the same as I and goes to bed. Silence.

He turns so that his back is against me. I watch the blanket rise due to his breathing and I cannot help that my hand wanders into his hair. It feels so soft and I smile. Suddenly he stops my hand and I apologize almost panicking - what the heck am I doing?

He just turns around and keeps his eyes on me and then presses his lips slowly but surely on mine. My mouth is on fire; his warm lips brush against mine and I let him taste me. I respond to his kisses with the same ferocity as he does.

I nib his lower lip, we rub our tongues together and I want to be intoxicated by all of this. Something wet drops on to my face and I see tears falling from the corners of his eyes. He just smiles faintly.

I missed you, he whispers. Me too, I respond and I pull him into my arms. Our bodies fit together perfectly and we touch each other. Under my fingers I feel heated skin yearning for more and I reach my hands downwards.

He groans into my mouth as I grab his member fondling it with care. I stroke back and forth loving the view before me; Naruto shuddering and moaning my name. We undress the little we have and I pin him down on to the mattress.

His eyes shine and somehow he looks like a kid again. Those pools of perfect island water. I love you, he says and I press my lips against his again. Then I break the kiss and lean close to his ear whispering that I love him too, I have always loved.

It is love that dare not speak its name, I whisper after awhile and he closes his eyes and gives me the sweetest smile. I know, he says.

I straddle him and I start to grind my arse against his groin and I feel how his manhood hardens all the more. I lift myself up a little and he just watches me. With the help on my hands I take him inside me slowly but surely.

He gasps gripping my thighs and I start to move. I block the pain and just enjoy the view of him underneath me, inside me. I move up and down taking him as deep as I can. He helps me with his hands, pulling and pushing me.

He finds my prostate and I fasten my pace with his help. The mattress lets out "thump" sounds as we make love. I dig my nails into his abdomen and I moan. We both sweat and suddenly everything goes white again.

My vision gets blurry and my eyes roll as I cum with a grunt on to his stomach and mattress. The muscles tighten around him and he gives a few more trusts and cums inside me. I love the feeling of him filling me up, the warmness of his seed and the sticky fluid that leaks from me.

My back aches but I let him empty everything inside me, I want all of him - like I have always wanted. When the afterglow has faded away slowly, I let my body fall gently on top of his. He encircles me with his arms and kisses my forehead.

Sasuke, you seem so small although you are older than me, he whispers. I just grunt back and he laughs. My big brother looks so sweet, he whispers again and kisses the corner of my mouth. I feel so sleepy and I nuzzle close to him searching for warmth.

We lay there on the mattress and we both know that this love can only exist here. I run my fingers along his chest and he smiles looking kind of messy. Being brothers, sharing the same blood…my blood yearns for him and his mine. Do not let the morning come, I whisper.

He pulls me even closer and promises to take me to a paradise island, where there is just the two of us and there no one can say that this feeling we have is wrong, tainted. There is no purer thing, he almost hymns. I fear tomorrow, yet I am content that he keeps his promise…until the day our love can speak its name…freely…