He left her. He left her there unconscious on a stone bench beneath the starry sky.

How many years has it been now? Four? Five?

Had he come to his senses?

Being manipulated by that fiend Orochimaru only to find out he was a tool in a master plan.

He had killed Orochimaru with his own two hands, enjoying the every bit of it.

Yes, his power had been helpful in killing his murderous brother, but was he any different from his brother now?






It all came down to that cursed power and poisonous hate. It had driven him mad. Since that night as a child when he came back to his dead clan. His dead family. His dead future. And he came back to his older brother, his hands stained with blood, who he had always looked up to yet envied all his life.

Even when he became part of a squad, Squad 7. They had replaced his family creating memories he would never forget…

Naruto, annoying and troublesome, had perseverance and a will stronger than anyone he ever known. Always faithful, never breaking a promise he made. Naruto had become a brother to him. Yet in the end he tried killing him. He almost did, but changed his mind choosing not to follow in his brother's footsteps.

Kakashi-senei, always friendly and a bit of a pervert, had always been a father figure to him. He had never confided in his sensei, but his sensei had given him words of wisdom that should have been heeded a long time ago.

Sakura. Sakura, was another annoying fan girl and a weak fighter. Being a poor fighter she made up for it by being the brains of the team. Whenever she acted smart it ticked him off. So he ignored her.

But after being together with her in a team she began to lose that crazed fan girl attitude and soon became the mother of the group. Tending to our wounds or helping to cook.

She had always been there for the team. And for him.

In the Forest of Death when the team had first encountered Orochimaru no one knew what to expect. Naruto had disappeared off somewhere he and Sakura were left alone to face him.

Orochimaru had an interst in him and brought up the man he had known he hated since the tragedy of his clan. Then the snake fiend bit the back of his neck leaving that wretched curse mark.

It changed his life.

Pain had overwhelmed him and saw the world in a blur. He was aware of Sakura's screams for help and her sobs. She comforted him as best she could and he gripped her hand against the pain seizing him.

The time he woke up from his sleep and felt the power flowing through his veins like blood. He saw her with blood and cuts on her face, her half closed eye, and the kunai injuries she suffered on her arms and legs; blood still seeping from them.

When he saw her like that he felt more anger than he had ever felt before. Asking her,

"Sakura, who did this to you?"

When she didn't reply the Sound Village man who inflicted her pain said he had done it. A sneer pasted on his face.

Even after attacking that guy who harmed her she still got up and stopped him before he could land the killing blow with his new power.

Sakura didn't understand what was happening to him. She never would. He wouldn't even tell her anything.

He knew she didn't like what he had become yet she stayed by his side. No matter how much he ignored her or said cruel words to her she stayed with him.

And at that last night when he had repeated those words that she had always feared from him. What always shocked her when he had said,

"You're annoying."

"You really are annoying."

Her face was pale in the moonlight. She cried out to him. Begged him to take her with him. She offered to help kill the man he hated.

But he had refused her.

She threatened to scream. To alert the village.

All he left her with were the words,

"Thank you, Sakura."

He had no sense of regret as he laid her unconscious body on that stone bench. As he walked out of the village and left the people who cared for him. He wanted power. Enough power to overcome his brother and take revenge for his clan.

He left her. Alone and despaired. Loveless.

And now, he would go back to her. His mind free of shackles. His feelings realized. Slowly over the years he began to take notice of the pit he felt in his heart. An emptiness. A loss of warmth.

His world seemed cold and hard. His mission to find warmth would begin soon. To find that missing piece.