The first of the many drabbles and one-shots to come!!!!

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Valerie dodged rocks as she flew over the town on her hover board. They had to choose today to fight. Valerie wiped sweat of her brow as she continued to weave her way through the falling boulders.

Valerie had caught a slight fever earlier in the morning, so her father had her say home while he went to work. Now she couldn't just ignore her radar saying a ghost was in the vicinity. So she had sped off on her activated ghost suit.

"Of course, it doesn't help being ill while fighting a ghost." Valerie grumbled, getting hit by one of the smaller rocks on her head. It was definitely fueling her temper, that's for sure.

Valerie could feel herself getting weaker. The ghost was only an ectopus and she was losing! She was breaking into a cold sweat, and her throat ached every time she swallowed, it dangerously dry.

Valerie was too lost in her thoughts to notice a boulder coming down on her, and by the time she did, it was too late. It came down on her, and she spiraled downward unconscious. The ectopus noticed an escape chance, and took it, leaving Valerie on the ground.

Of course, the ectopus didn't chance on running into Danny. "Where's the girl that was chasing you?!" He yelled, hoping to god she was ok. The ectopus frantically pointed in the direction Valerie had fallen in, before Danny sucked it in.

---20 minutes later---

Valerie awoke silently, her head pounding. What hit her?

She found that she was in her bed, tucked in. Had it all been a dream? She remembered fighting an ectopus, then nothing. It was all so strange. Suddenly, she heard footsteps. She decided to still act unconscious for now.

She was surprised to hear light footsteps, unlike her Dad's. They stopped at her bed, and then someone put a hand on her forehead.

"Fighting while you have a fever, Valerie don't you know better?" The voice said quietly. Valerie stifled a gasp. It was Phantom!

"Ugh, but then again, you are known to be hard-headed." Phantom said, then chuckled. Valerie had to try very hard to keep her cheeks from being red, trying to figure out what the ghost was up to. Right now she really wanted to jump up and kick his butt, but she didn't feel all that great.

Phantom surprisingly laid a wet cloth on her forehead, brushing away her hair. Valerie mildly acknowledged her suit was now gone.

"Man, I hope she's okay…" Danny said, brushing her hair back again. Valerie couldn't take it. How dare he touch her! It was driving her nuts! Unfortunately, she had finally realized something. She didn't have enough strength to do anything, even open her eyes.

"Now if only I could find out where your Dad keeps the medicine…" Danny said, and opening of drawers could be heard. 'Why do you even care?' Valerie thought.

"Ah hah!" Phantom said, and she could hear him shaking some kind of liquid. He then put his hand gently behind her head, and lifted it up. Valerie tried not to move. He then gently put a liquid to her mouth. But Valerie refused to let it open. For all she knew, it could be some kind of poison!

"Valerie, if you're awake, you have to open your mouth! This is the medicine you need to take!" Phantom said, and Valerie heard his pleading tone. She didn't know why, maybe because she trusted him, maybe because she didn't have enough energy, but she let her mouth open.

She felt the sweet-tasting water trickle down her throat along with some bad-tasting medicine. Ugh, grape flavor.

She felt a little stamina returning, and finally she gathered it up, and her eyes fluttered open. "Valerie?" Said a voice, and as her eyes came into focus, she saw it was her father, Damion.

"Dad?" "Valerie? What happened? I came home a while ago and you were in your bed, very pale. There was a note next to your bed saying that you whoever the person was gave you a dose of medicine at 12:00."

"I don't really know…" Valerie said, and she wasn't lying. She felt herself losing consciousness, and she once again fell asleep. Damion smiled warmly, rubbing his daughter's head. He then walked over to the window.

"Thanks for alerting me Phantom." He said, still smiling.

"No problem. Just make sure Valerie's gets better! Oh, and thanks for not telling her I was the one who gave her the medicine." Danny said, waving, and flew off, until he was invisible to Damion's eyes.

"Someday, you'll earn my little girl's trust. But for now, I hope you know that you have mine." Damion said, smiling, even though he knew that Danny couldn't hear him. And then he walked away to go take care of his daughter.