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Warning: Heavy lemon content. No kiddies reading!!



"Naruto! Watch out!" Sakura yelled as he hit face first into the tree, she could hear the wood splintering under his fall before it gave way. With a sickening crunch Naruto was pinned between the fallen tree and the moist earth. Sakura ran over and hoisted the tree off of Naruto and turned back to their attacker.

He was battling Kakashi now, a duel between sharingan masters. She would see faint uses of genjutsu and charred ashes littered the ground between the two men. The male who's face was concealed in the mask was using fire ninjutsu to combat Kakashi using Chidori. She could see her sensei's right arm severely burned. Sakura wanted to dash forward and help, but her job was healing the wounded and avoiding the attacks.

"Gah!" Kakashi was sent flying this time and landed with a dull thud, skidding on the dirt a few feet before stopping.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura kneeled beside him and started to heal his arm.

She felt a soft rush of wind by her face and looked up.

Sharingan was staring at her. Gasping, she stumbled backwards and prepared to punch him with a chakra laden fist. He reached out to caress her face, the movement caused her to still like a deer caught in the headlights. Swallowing hard she let him trace his fingers down her soft skin and over her full lips. Who was this man and why did he invoke feeling into her? The power to cause her to become dizzy with the lightest touch and the addiction to want more of his caresses.

"Sakura…" He sighed, as if he had waited to see her for a long time.

"Wh-who are you? Sasuke?" Even though Sakura knew it wasn't her beloved, the words flowed out of her mouth.

Sharingan started to swirl before her and she felt the ground leave her and her body spinning rapidly through the air, before she landed darkness took her.

"Sakura-chan!!" Naruto screamed as he saw his best friend disappear.

A tail sprouted forth and he looked at the rogue shinobi with a malicious grin. The Naruto locked inside his own mind, screamed for vengeance. He wanted to kill that man for what he did to Sakura. Nothing else mattered at the moment, not even Sasuke.

"Oooh… I'm so scared!!" Tobi answered, secretly playing the innocent fighter.

Kakashi sat up, panting heavily. His arm was only half healed. The white fang saw what happened…. And glared. This man was not a normal shinobi, he was a sharingan user. He had sent his student ripping through time. He glanced at the monster that was coming out of Naruto one tail at a time. Standing shakily, he recomposed himself to seal the beast that was coming out of the man who was to become the greatest Hokage.

"Naruto-kun…." Hinata looked with fear and worry in her eyes.

"Hinata, stay back." Yamato held up his hand as a blocker, he turned to Kakashi.

"Let me repress Naruto, your in no condition to do so."

"Heh. Yeah, your right." He grimaced.


Sakura groaned as she rolled over. The sunlight playing strongly on her face making her wince. Lifting her head slightly she looked around. She was lying at the entrance to Konoha's shrine. How did she get there? Sitting up she inspected herself; no bruises or cuts. Whatever that man did to her… maybe it was genjutsu? Sakura drew out a kunai. She saw villagers walking in the streets and went to investigate. It was Konoha alright, but something about the architecture was off. It was more primitive and had the Uchiha symbols almost everywhere. Sakura inhaled sharply and held her head. The pain was excruciating and made her drop the blade. Thoughts raced through her mind which made her heart pound. Was she in the past? Impossible!!! She opened her eyes and scanned the area.

"Are you alright miss?" A kind old man looked at the pink haired kunoichi.

"Y-Yes, I'm fine. Excuse me sir, but what time is this?" Sakura held her breath.

"Why it is the first year after the leaf village was first built." Shock ran through her body, chilling her to the core.

She stumbled slightly.

"Miss?" The old man reached out to help her.

"I'm fine." Tears rolled down her cheeks silently.

She was lost and alone in a different time. Her teammates and mentors hadn't even been born yet. She could see the Uchiha clan as prevalent as it was when she was just a little girl, until they are massacred. She started down the dirt road full of shops and vendors and the people wandered about buying this and that. Sakura didn't know what to do, so she walked for awhile to clear her head, not realizing that a pair of dark eyes were watching her.


Who was that woman? Madara's dark eyes roved over the pink haired beauty. Sakura's hair glittered ethereal pink in the light breeze.


He noticed her headband.

She's a kunoichi of this village? Interesting.

He didn't recall a pink haired ninja in the ranks; because he was in charge of overseeing the lists of who were new, MIA, or deceased. He crossed his arms over his chest in a brooding manner. He knew one thing… he wanted her.. In his bed. He motioned for his two guards to come closer. He pointed to the woman who was wandering aimlessly through the crowded streets.

"Bring her to me." Madara smirked as his guards bowed and did as their leader commanded.


Two ninjas from the Uchiha clan landed in front of her. Sakura's ninja's reflex kicked in and she tensed, fingering her kunai holster.

"Come with us, our leader wants to speak with you." One of the males stepped forward.


Her brain racked through the pages she had read about the Uchiha's history when she had access to Tsunade's files. The founder of the clan was Madara Uchiha… why would he want to see her? Sakura slowly backed up.

"I'm sorry, I cant." They stepped forward to seize her.

Sakura's reaction was to do her master's signature painful sky leg to decimate the ground beneath her to get away, but the streets were too crowded and she didn't want the villagers to get hurt. Her brow knitted with worry and she looked around her for a possible path to escape.

"Its not a request." The other male spoke.

She continued to slowly walk backwards, then turned and started to run.

"Hey, stop!" The two ninjas chased after her.


They finally caught up with her at the training fields. She turned and glared.

"I'm warning you, don't mess with me." Sakura hissed.

As they charged forward, she threw a chakra laden fist down and put a crater in the earth. Both of the ninja's stumbled in shock but still came at her with resilience. Using the chakra she concentrated in her had and with quick motions gently slid her finger tips over their eyes in rapid succession. They cried out. She had temporarily blinded them, allowing her to get away.


"She is super strong and has healing abilities the medics only dream of having." One of the males reported, tenderly touching his eyes.

"Hm." Madara was disappointed and turned back to watch the sunset.

Clever little minx.


That was too close…. Sakura collapsed against a tree.

Its that man's fault… She thought bitterly, it was his doing she was stuck here… but why and for what purpose? A flash of the man hidden behind the mask dashed across her eye sight, she closed them tightly, trying to drive the memory away. Her dainty fingers dug into the dirt. What was she to do now…. She sighed. If she went back in town again she would be spotted and chased down. Unless, she came to him. Standing, she quickly dashed off in the direction of the Uchiha manor.


Madara was sipping his fine red wine when the curtains to his windows rustled; signaling the window was open and the breeze was coming through. He remembered that the window was closed earlier and smirked. Closing his eyes he reclined in his big throne-like seat. He felt the cool blade of a kunai pressed against his throat. Opening them he saw the goddess peering at him with anger and morbid curiosity.

He looks so much like Sasuke-kun…. Sakura let her emerald eyes drift over his face… the only difference between the two Uchiha's was that this male's eyes appeared permanently puffy. She licked her lips while she mused; Madara chuckled, breaking her from her daydreams.

"What do you want from me?" Sakura didn't back up but pressed the knife more into his soft flesh that was his throat.

Her scent alone made his desire soar and make his pants tighten. He wanted to ravish her right then and there. The Uchiha pride took over and he leaned into the blade and coaxed her to slit his throat. He saw the hesitation in her eyes and grabbed her wrist, making her drop the weapon. His thumb brushed over her knuckles as he reveled in how soft she was to the touch.

"I want you… in my bed." He ran his nimble fingers over her cheeks and jaw line, making the site on her skin burn with want.

Her eyes became heavy lidded with desire. She leaned towards him and he to her, his sensual mouth covering her small plump ones. He cupped her face and pressed his lips more deeply, running his tongue along the bottom of her lip and across her perfect teeth asking for entrance. Hesitantly she gave in which made his inner beast growl with delight. One strong arm wrapped around her waist securely, making her not able to get away if she wanted too. His other hand unzipped the front of her shirt and squeezed a small but pert breast who's nipple stood at attention. Sakura was pulled out of her daze when a flash of Sasuke flitted over her mind. This wasn't her beloved Sasuke-kun, she pushed against his chest. His lush lips reluctantly left hers and stayed in a kiss-pouty position as his eyes were clouded with passionate desire.

"What's wrong?" He said huskily.

"This is wrong!" Sakura started to struggle.

His arm was clamped around her like a vice, almost stealing the breath from her.

"Do you know who I am?" He hissed, his Uchiha pride being shot down a bit.

"Yes, I do." Sakura bit her swollen bottom lip gently; swollen from his kisses.

"Then why resist me?" He growled, running his nose in her soft silky hair.

She could feel his arousal and wanted to touch it.

"Because…." She drifted off.

"Yes?" He inhaled her scent, waiting patiently.

"I'm in love with another Uchiha." Sakura finished.

He jerked her back to see her frightened face.

"Who is it….?" He asked with malice in his voice.

"He isn't.. from this time."

"What nonsense are you spouting?" He shook her again slightly.

She glared. Sakura had enough of being shaken around like a rag doll. Using her medical jutsu she freed herself by numbing his arms and hands slightly; they fell to the side. She backed away and crouched down looking feral. He chuckled, he wanted to fight her, it was in his blood. Madara wanted to know how strong she was and if she was fertile. He remember the conversation between him and his council.

----------------------------------Flash back---------------------------------------------

"Sir, we would feel better if you took a wife or mistress to bear us an heir."

Madara looked solemn. He wasn't interested in passing on his genes since he was touching the fingertips of immortality. Once he grasped everlasting life; a woman and child didn't matter.

"It is my own decision whether or not to take a female for my own and then impregnate her for my own uses."

He turned.

"You are dismissed."

The council stood and left the temple.

------------------------------------Flash Forward--------------------------------------

Her chest was heaving, a nipple could be seen through the open shirt. Sakura's eyes glazed with anger while a speckle of lust remained. She wanted to flee, she was frightened of what he could do to her body and worse… soul. She needed to go back home; back to the fight. With a war cry she lunged at him, slicing with her chakra scalpel. He dodged easily and tweaked her exposed nipple before moving quickly away. She cried out softly in pleasure and seethed. He was playing with her, like a cat who caught a frightened mouse.

"Give up??…" Madara taunted, grinning.

"Like hell!" Sakura tried to lash out with her leg, only for it to be caught by his large tanned hand. Squealing, she was drug down under him. She thrashed.

"Be still! Damned, hellion." He kissed her to silence her screams. Sakura's bright green orbs glittered of indignation, she hated to lose. With a last push to win she reached up and put her palm against his forehead. He stilled. Sakura's hands glowed blue in the darkness.

"Don't move. Its as easy as severing an artery in your brain. My lightest touch can kill you." Sakura spoke with anger, yet she was eerily calm.

"Do it." Madara challenged.

Sakura swallowed.

Her whole body was throbbing in pleasure, she could only imagine what he could do to her body if she would allow him, her clit throbbed painfully at the thought. Sakura's cheeks were tainted a pretty red and he chuckled once more.

"You can think of it this way. Kill me, and you wont escape here alive." Madara was almost immortal anyway but the thrill of death sent a zing down to his groin. The supple flesh beneath him was calling out for his touch. He tweaked her nipple again which made Sakura's hand drop off from his forehead and he leaned in for another sweet kiss. Slowly, Sakura threaded her hands into the black spiky mass that was his hair and pulled him fully on her. He growled in delight when she finally gave in.

He all but ripped her clothes off of her. She gasped.

"Those are the only clothes I have!"

He smirked while playing with her breasts, leaning down to kiss the corner of her soft neck. She moaned.

"I'll buy you better clothes; more feminine. These rags do not suit a mistress of an Uchiha."

"M-mistress?" Sakura looked angry.

"Yes, you will be the household Mistress. You will have power over all the servants and many of the Uchiha's dwelling here." He started to grow bored of all the talk.

Sliding down her naked body, he propped her legs up and parted them. She blushed as he looked unabashed at her sacred area. She tried to cover herself in vain modesty, but he gently removed her hands. Inclining his head to lick the protruding nub that throbbed at his warm breath. She cried out, arching against him. Madara's slick hot tongue lapped and kiss at her clit, making sure to run his slippery appendage down her slit a few times. She tasted sweet and salty. Although he wasn't a man of a sweet tooth but of the spicy kind. She was a mixture of both; so perfect, just for him. He propped himself up beside her and slipped two lean fingers up into her wet core. Sakura jerked and cried out in pleasure, trembling hard as he laved a nipple. She could feel herself build up quickly to the edge and promptly fell over the cliff. He stood and looked down at her; which she brought her legs together and rubbed them; her eyes were closed and a faint blush dusted her cheeks, her body racking with pleasure.

"Tonight, I will make you mine." His lustful eyes took in the sight of the heavily pleasured goddess.

He slowly undressed while Sakura marveled at his rippling muscles. He was a well sculpted beautiful man. Now her eyes glittered with a new emotion; want. He smirked as he saw her reaction to his body. He had pleasured many women in his time but never were they lasting females. Mostly a fuck to get him off if he couldn't sleep or his hormone levels were to high. He would just pick a pretty girl off the street to lay with until his needs were satisfied. But this girl; this… he then looked perplexed. He was about to make her his mistress yet he didn't even know the girls name.

"What is your name?" Madara stroked his member.

"My… name is Sakura. I am sixteen." She added the ending.

"Naught but a child…"

"I'm not a child!" Sakura yelled back.

"Then prove it." He presented her his now engorged cock.

Sakura, determined, sunk his member into her mouth and started to suck. He moaned, diving his lean fingers into her fine pink hair. She played with his tip, using a butterfly touch on the top to swoop down to play with the throbbing vein below. His member twitched with the movement. He hissed in bliss. Growing impatient of the building pleasure he grabbed her head and made her take him to the back of her throat and with a grunting thrust he released. She grabbed onto his buttocks and swallowed his hot seed. Madara stepped away and Sakura coughed and wheezed. He was very big and having him in her mouth made her airway close off. Before she could even utter a excited squeal, he flipped her so that she was on all fours. Sakura then got nervous, it would be her first time and his erect member was a daunting image.

"Madara, I don't think it will fit." Sakura said breathless.

"Oh," He chuckled darkly, "It will."

He placed the tip at her entrance and started to slide in. Madara wasn't surprised when he felt her barrier and pushed through. She yelped in pain and he held her, whispering soothing words to the woman who was hurting beneath him. The pain subsided and he started a medium pace. He could see her small pert breasts bounce with each thrust and her ass rippled slightly as he became more forceful.

"Ah, your so big.." Sakura panted in bliss.

His beast purred inside him at that comment. Leaning over he cupped her breasts and picked up his speed, now pounding into her. Sakura dug her small fingers into the carpet to keep from falling over. She could feel a small river of liquid down her thighs both mixed clearly and with blood; bending her head down she could see Madara's testis slapping against her clit and mound, making it all the more erotic. She came trembling and crying out…


Madara stilled and angrily tore himself out of her making her cry out in pain and pleasure. Grabbing a fistful of her locks he tilted her head back.

"Is that the man?! How dare you say his name when I pleasure you!" Madara's sharingan activated into the Mankeyo sharingan.

Sakura started to cry; tears rolling down her milk white cheeks.

"I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry."

He growled, his beast surfacing.

He slammed into her; knowing it would hurt. He started a hard fast place, he hadn't come yet. She tried to scramble away from him but he held her hips in place.

"Ita! Ita! It hurts, please stop!" Sakura's front arms collapsed while he held her ass and thighs in place and continued to thrust. Her pleas fell on deaf ears. Madara came with a mighty roar and jerked her hips a few times. Sliding out he watched her crumple. She shivered, gazing at him with fear. Sakura dared not move. He went to the wash bin and washed away the blood and semen that coated his member and thighs. She watched.

Just who was this…. Sasuke? Madara finished washing himself.

As if reading his thoughts she said, "I told you… he's from a different time.. And…" Her voice cracked, "so am I."

He glared hard before deactivating his sharingan.

"It matters not. You belong to me." He came over and scooped her up, placing her on the lavishly decorated bed.

He played with her hair.

"Don't cut your hair." Madara thumbed the silky material.

"Why?" She asked.

"Because I like it long."


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