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His mother always told him and his brother to never pick a fight with a girl.

That real gentlemen would never lay a finger on a lady. Alphonse took those words to heart and he knew that Ed did as well, even if he grumbled about it.

However, after his journey to reclaim his body Alphonse came across several women who could hold their own in a fight. His teacher made it a habit to soundly defeat her students before lunch every day, General Armstrong meant the physical threats she gave, and Riza Hawkeye was certainly not someone you wanted to mess with. Despite his new found knowledge that girls could indeed take care of themselves against any opponent, Alphonse still held on to the lessons his mother imparted on him.

Which made saying yes to Mei that much more difficult.

It started out as a normal day. He and Mei had another alchemy lesson in the morning, Alphonse then went back to his room to catch up on correspondences and finish reading the text that Ed sent him from the West. Later in the afternoon Alphonse was going through his daily stretches in the training room when Mei found him.

"We're only going to spar," She said cheerfully at his apprehensive expression, "It's just for fun."

Alphonse nodded in agreement but at the same time remembering Mei's competitive nature and knew fun would eventually turn into serious. It did not help that after years of studying and training together, she was no longer the little girl he first met when she arrived in Amestris.

It would be hard to focus on the fight when he kept noticing details like the slender curve of her neck and how soft her hair looked.

This really was not a good idea.

"Ready?" She questioned her large black eyes were a light with the fires of determination, Alphonse felt simultaneously drawn and hesitant by them.

"Whenever you are," he replied politely, not going into a battle stance like Mei but keeping his body loose to fend off any attack.

She launched herself at him, Alphonse's body tensed then grounded itself in order to with stand the force of the high kick to his chest.

She was fast. Extremely fast, Alphonse was having a hard time keeping up with her rapid attacks. It also made delivering a counter attack very difficult if she kept on moving around him. Alphonse quickly recognized that she was attempting to confuse and wear him down instead of attacking him head on. It was a smart plan giving their size and weight differences, and she was succeeding with it. He felt himself already beginning to tire.

Out of the corner of his eye he watched Mei side step around him before crouching down. Alphonse knew what was coming but was unable to prevent the sweep of Mei's legs that made him fall to the ground. The wind knocked out of him Alphonse lay on the ground his back sore but he was thankful that at least his brother was not here to see this. It would be weeks before Ed would stop reminding Al that the Bean Girl managed to beat him.

"Are you alright Mister. Alphonse?" Mei asked leaning over him, the expression on her face was a mixture of triumph and concern.

"I'm fine," he replied grimacing as he brought himself up to the sitting position.

"Do you want to stop?"

Alphonse wanted to agree to that idea but then he reminded himself that Mei might be tough but nothing compared to his teacher.

"Maybe one more round," he stated bringing himself to his feet smiling at her, "I feel like I need to redeem myself."

He released a swift kick to her stomach that Mei jumped back from in time. Not giving her time to collect herself Al delivered a series of kicks and punches, this time he would be on the offensive instead of defensive. Mei managed to match each of his attacks with a block of her own, but Alphonse could see her staining under the force of each hit.

It did not take long for Al to spot an opening in her defenses and took it, striking down on her shoulder then using the flat of his palm against her stomach to push her down.

What came next Alphonse did not know if he did it out of instinct or a jerk reaction to the lessons taught by his mother. Whatever the reason as Alphonse watched Mei fall to the ground his right hand whipped out to grab her wrist and pull her back up.

The two stood there breathing heavy from their physical workout and watching each other. Mei stared up at him eyes wide with surprise and a light blush across her cheeks. Alphonse felt a warmth spread through his body that had nothing to do with their fight or the bright afternoon sun.

"Mister Alphonse…" Mei's eyes shifted to his hand that was still wrapped around her wrist. Alphonse quickly let go as if he had been burned and felt the back of his neck become hot.

"Sorry. Best two out of three?"

"I should get going, mother wanted me to do flower arranging this afternoon." Mei kept avoiding making eye contact with him but a shy smile played on her lips.

"Well have fun," Alphonse had no idea why everything he said sounded awkward or how his mouth felt completely dry.

"Thank you," She stole one quick glance at him before nearly running out of the room.

Watching her flee Alphonse realized that his mother was right about picking a fight with girls.

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