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"Leave me alone," he snarled as he lifted the curse off Lucius and his followers fled in fear. They knew that it was never a good idea, perhaps a stupid idea to defy the orders of the fiercest wizard of the century. He continued to watch the lonely sun, and birds flew past his window to return home. A light breeze entered the room and smothered his face with delicate touches, similar to a lady's touch. "Is it so much of a favor? Just turn the clock backwards…" he sighed heavily and closed his eyes while someone who had been leaning against the far wall slowly advanced towards him, "It would make my heart lighter even if one of my many followers end up with her…Just allow me to see her, not with that pathetic boy."

"Ah, Voldermort, you live such a sad life. All the misery since a boy, to an old man who denies the fact that he's old," someone whispered into his ear, nibbling lightly on the ear and Voldermort growl softly.

"Savant, what do you need this time round?" Voldermort asked as Savant jumped onto the bed, "Can't you leave me at peace?"

"Forgive me, but I can't. If my adopted father is upset, as the son, I must cheer him up, no?" Savant chuckled but soon he got serious and Voldermort realized this for the air temperature decreased rapidly. "Would you give everything you now own for just a girl? How far would you go just for her? How much pain and suffering would you endure just to keep her safe by your side?"

"Savant, you know I will go that far for her…"

"Even if she were to end up with your follower and not with you, you would be happy? Are you very sure?"

"Yes, no…I don't know. All I know is that I want her by my side where I can see her."

"Answer me, would it really make you happy? Because if it really would, I don't mind being a sacrifice to pray to the devil to turn time backwards because it was you who freed me and now I want to be the one to free you. Most likely, Lucius would end up with her."

"Ah, that's good then. I never thought you'll respect me in the highest regard possible."

"Haha, you've got humor. Lucius was with her until she was in Year 5 or 6. But I must warn you, things may turn for the worse or the better. It's a gamble. You might end up losing everything or you might accomplish all your goals." Savant looked into the eyes of his father. Red eyes met azure crystal eyes. Savant bowed and took his leave to prepare the ritual and to leave his father in peace.

"So it's Lily Evans, the Gryffindor mudblood whom HE missed most," Lucius thought bitterly as he paced up and down the hall, "But it was HIM who killed her. It was HIM who forced me to break it off with her. Just what in the name of hell is HE doing? If only I have all the answers." The Death Eaters were all lazing about having fun and some deep in thoughts in the hall while their respected master seats in a mahogany chair reminiscing the past alone. "Savant, what happened to HIM?" Lucius walked steadily to his master's son who looked so determined till a point it looked so murderous. Lips of the teenager were sealed tightly into a tight line as he marched into the garden. "His body's so tensed, what's the boy up to?" Lucius sighed as he followed Savant to collect candles, a bottle of powder, a cup and a dagger, "He's as mysterious and dangerous as his father."

"Lucius, can you lend me some assistance?" Savant asked and his voice unusually hoarse and rough. It sounded so dry just like a sick old man's. The two duos drew an inverted pentagram and lighted candles at every interception of the star. The Death Eaters in the hall looked out in amazement at the beauty of the intensity of the dark magic volume. Evening had already settled and coincidentally tonight would occur eclipse. All the Death Eaters assembled around the sign and Voldermort joined them while Savant sat at the middle. "Lucius and Father please drink my blood after I'm gone." Savant instructed them and slit his neck allowing the blood to naturally drip into the cup, "For you father, I'll go the distance." The ritual began the moment eclipse occurred, and unfortunately for Savant, he sacrificed his life because the wizardry world would still be the same only different people died. A white blinding light engulfed the garden which quickly spread and soon engulfed everything. Time was spinning quickly back to the moment, Lucius was still in school and Lily was only in her first year and only Lucius and Voldermort would remember what should have happened.

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