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Kairi-centric, implied sokai.

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Just add Sora

For a whole year, she wasn't Kairi at all.

She was someone different altogether. Someone silent and brooding. Someone moping and crying.

Now she can't stop smiling and laughing.

She always felt most herself around him; like all formalities and propriety was stripped away, and she could just be her. Like he already knew her; what point was there in pretending?

But for that horrible, awful year, where she pretended; oh how she pretended; she almost forgot what it was that needed to be put in the recipe to make her be herself.

"Yeah, Selphie, I'm fine."


"Mom, leave me alone. I promise, nothing's wrong."

Oh, the lies.

"No, Dad, nothing's the matter. Everything's great!"

So many lies.

She never had to lie like that around him.

Her parents could send her to all the councilors, psychologists, and specialists they wanted, but Kairi refused to talk. It wasn't like she could say, "Sorry I'm not quite myself, but the boy who I'm head over heels in love with, and who I'm pretty dang sure loves me back, considering that he gave up his friggin' heart for me, is light years away right now risking his life in some godforsaken corner of the universe, and I'm slowly forgetting everything about him!"

If that wasn't a first class ticket to the loony bin, Kairi didn't know what was.

But the strangest thing was that even when Riku was the only one she could remember, she knew that he wasn't the one she was waiting for. She was waiting for someone else. Someone who meant more to her than the stars and the moon and the sun and anything else worth needing; that was who she was waiting for.

Whoever she became that year.

She noticed all the looks she was sent. She heard the mutters of "Kairi's losing it." And "She's talking of boys who never existed." Not to mention, "I never thought she liked Riku that much, do you think his absence is what's doing this to her?"

"She's lost her mind, I tell you."

"Selphie said Kairi's going crazy!"

"Such a pretty face, and such a scrambled head!"

Kairi might have cared if she wasn't so depressed.

Now people talk about her for a different reason.

"She's so different lately."

"I haven't seen her so happy since, gee, about a year or so ago."

"Not since the before islands fell apart."

"She's been like this since she disappeared for a few weeks."

"Then came back with them."

"I wonder what happened."

Kairi can only smile and laugh more.

Few people were smart enough to figure out why she suddenly was herself again. Not that anyone was complaining. Her parents were thrilled that she had stopped spending hours locked in her room crying. Selphie was glad that Kairi had started coming to the islands again, and stopped moping all the time.

It was quite simple really.

Recipe for instant Kairi?

Just add Sora.

C'est fini, mes amis

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