Aang looked up at the stars. Days since he had met Taya and her friends. Two days since he had fallen in love with her two days since he had thought about making a decision between the 3 girls or two seeing as how Devon loved her. It was wierd actually. 2 days since he had found out that that ws Toph's cousin. Just 2 days and he had already fallen in love. Her beautiful blind eyes reminded him of Toph. Her personality was far from it though.. Taya was warm and gentle and was comforting eve though she had been through alot. But even though she reminded him of Katara eh couldn't stand loosing her no, not for his sake. He had made his decision he was going with Katara. Her beauty, her smile how it would never stay more than an hour.But then again Toph was rock solid, no, nope I love Katara.

Taya sat back wishing that she could see the stars that night then she told her self that they weren't that great and that eased her pain. Her head tilted from Aang, to Devon, to Derron, to Sokka. Those four boys OMG I am going to be stuck with a bunch of immature boys for the rest of the war. Then she reached into her pocket and pulled out her crimson MP3 player.

" What's that Katara asked"

" MP3 player"

" what does it do"

' play music"

' what kind "

" hip hop"

' what r you listning too"

' lip gloss'

" cool"

The rest odf the night Taya listned to her MP3 player. In her head she just kept wishing that soon she would learn to stap in to her powers.