"Time portal here my cry Sailor Pluto open up the time portal in the sky, Your septer will shine and open up the ti9me portal in the sky." Mithrim chanted.When she stopped Sailor Pluto appeared.

" Hello, Mithrim we meet again, what is your wish? "

" Sailor...Pluto...We need to get home." She said gasping for air.

Sailor Pluto raised her baton and then a bright light shone from it. Then as Taya , Mithrim, Suza, and Jaslenea looked around they were back in their home town. There were street sweepers sweeping and CD's blasting out of hoopdies. ( For those who do not know what a hoopdie is it is a jacked up car.) Taya picked Mithrim up and gave her a piggy back ride to the shack in which they use to spend their days togather when they were running from the police. ( Here is a tip for all you Madea watchers do not call the police popo that means octopus, or squid one of those.) Taya layed Mithrim down on a soft matress moving her long black hair out of her Caramel skinned face. Mithrim forced a smile. She looked over at Suza, Jaslenea and finally at Taya. They tried to smile back at her but, they couldn't hide tears that were shed because they kknew that their friend was in pain and that most likely she was going to die unless...

" Taya..." Jaslene spoke up. "The crystal is in that oak tree that we used to play in all the time, go there, maybe that's where the portal is." She said deep in thought. Taya how ever did not need any more time to think. She dashed out of the shack, with Jaslenea following close behind her.

" You would abandon Mithrim?" Taya stated coldly.

" What do you mean?"

" I mean for you to stay behind, have you no love for your sister?"

Jaslene did not know how to answer the question so she quietly once again deep in thought ran back inside the shock. Only ot be greeted by a hug from Suza.

" She's not breathing." Suza said through tears.

" Damn it ." she yelled " it's not over yet " she said harshly. No one blamed Suza, for when they said it was she who did it they were only kidding.

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