Hey guys! I've been getting a lot of reviews from my old stories and requests to continue. You've probably guessed that they've been on either a very long hiatus or discontinued. I lost my motivation to continue and I wrote these stories when I was very young. My writing skills were terrible and my stories had not plot. Plus, I was very ignorant to reviewer's criticism. And, frankly, I just don't like Daikari anymore. I just don't like Hikari(Kari) anymore. I've been transformed into a Yaoi fangirl! :D TakeDai Forevr! 3 So...if anyone wants to adopt these stories or continue them just PM me and you can get permission or whatever! I'm sorry to disappoint you guys and I really appreciate all your support and love for my stories! On the plus side...I TAKE JAPANESE! ^.^

Ja mata nee! 3