It was a scary thought lingering in his mind, as he awoke. One he never wanted to remember and yet without a doubt a memory he would never forget. What happened that night from the smell of blood and burnt flesh, to the look upon his best friend's face. He recalled darkened skies and the cold tingle as individual rain drops fell upon his skin. Then his mind was empty. It seemed as if these few memories were all he had left.

Though deep down he knew that he once had a home where his existence had meaning to it. Since awakening in here he had forgotten many things about himself. His mind was breaking, his memories dissolving into nothing. Now more then ever he truly understood how troublesome his mind was. One minute he could be reliving moments from his past, the next he was broken searching the depths of his soul for answers as to he was.

No matter how much he tried to remember faces, names, friends, his home it was all gone. It still existed in some part of his conscious but it was fading quickly. Something was tearing, eating, and destroying everything he once held as precious. This word precious seemed to disrupt the unexplainable destruction that was ensuing within. The longer he stressed on this word the more memories that seemed to flood his mind leaving him confused with more unanswered questions. A home, friends, a promise, a battle, and then nothing once again his mind was empty.

What happened? Why was he here? Who was he? What is the purpose for his existence? So many questions that would remain unanswered with his forgotten memories. Then it began, a voice echoing throughout the corridors of his mind. At first it was barely a whisper, but with time all things grow. The same applied here, the taunting and ever judging voice grew and grew, until it was understandable. The boy was weary of the seductive voice. The voice calling, warping contorting to any means it sees fit.

"Do you want to know who you are?" The voice called from the ever present darkness surrounding him.

Sapphire orbs searched high and low through the darkness.

"Show yourself coward!" The boy said as he glanced around worriedly.

"Oh I shall foolish boy, but first tell me something. What is your name?"

The boy felt cold as he tried to remember. 'A name, I had a name once. So why don't I have one anymore? What…' His thought were interrupted as an insane laughter permeated from the shadows.

"Please, you need to help me." The boy stated no longer willing to deal with the problem by himself. Loneliness was the one thing he instinctively knew, he wanted nothing to do with.

"Why would I help someone who doesn't even have a name?" Another fit of laughter followed the voice's question.

A name right, he had forgotten his own name. The boy scratched his head and grinned sheepishly as he felt embarrassed that he couldn't remember something as simple as his name.

"Tell me foolish boy what would you…"

Before the voice could finish the boy cut in. "Do you have a name?"

Several minutes passed, the boy groaned and began tapping his foot out of irritation as the voice had still not replied.

"We hollows do not have names." The voice begrudgingly said stopping the boys infernal tapping. "Now as I was saying, before you interrupted me. Which was very rude by the way you foolish child." There was a grumpy growl coming from the hollow before he continued.

"What are you willing to sacrifice to retrieve your forgotten past?"

"Anything, but what's a hollow?" The boy replied quickly

"Do not strain your miniscule brain, we hollows are nothing more then entities to help guide our masters to the truth." The boy didn't really think he could trust the hollow, but there was no one else here to help him.

"Now I will help you but first." The hollow drawled. "You must come to me child, and give me everything?"

The blond child just scowled, he wasn't sure why but the voice seemed to frighten him. "You're a stranger, didn't anyone ever teach you, about not trusting strangers?"

An animalistic laughter filled the black void of the boy's corrupted mind. It echoed throughout the dark space reaching the very ends of the black world. Even through two large steel doors. The laughter echoed through a sewer looking room with a large gate with the kanji for seal written upon it. Two menacing crimson eyes were torn open by the inhumanly sound. With a feral grin sketched on the giant foxes face, he approached the bars sealing it within.

It seemed like an eternity before the laughter finally ceased.

"To gain the memories of what you once were, you must be willing to trust me child?" The voice once again chuckled when the blonde's eyes widened.

"You can recover my memories?"

The so called Hollow's insane laughter suddenly came to an abrupt stop and was replaced by an odd scratching.

"Yes, but in return you must do something for me." The hollow said cryptically.

The blond just sighed. He knew that this voice was going to want something in return for helping him. Just what did this voice want and could this voice really help him?

"Fine, I'll do anything. Just please, I need to know who I am." The blond pleaded, he didn't care what he wanted he would do it. He was desperate to know that he truly did exist.

As the boy agreed to the hollow's offer the scratching disappeared and was replaced by an immense amount of pressure that was now being brought down upon the blond. The energy bearing down upon him was slowly crushing him. His bones felt as if they would crack at any moment. Nothing seemed to register in his mind accept the unexplainable force slowly compressing him. He couldn't move nothing seemed to work. The shadow world around him was slowly disappearing and corroding into nothing.

He closed his eyes praying for something to stop the searing pain engulfing him. Yet as soon as it started it was gone. His sky blue eyes languidly opened and peered around his new found surroundings. White, everything was white.

"Well, at least I can actually see this time." He said stating his thoughts out loud.

The boy almost fell down when something blurred in his line of vision. Starring down at the dark silhouette connected to him, a bad feeling was consuming him. The fact that for a split second, his own shadow had some how moved on its own was troubling. The confused child didn't understand why this disturbed him so much, it just hadn't felt natural. He forced his body to stand, his sight never wandering away from the only darkness existing within this place.

Then it returned the burning pain that had constricted him before. It tore right through him causing his entire body to go numb. Naruto stumbled before falling to his knees. He screamed hollowly to the endless world of nothing as he twisted and rolled around on the ground. After a few moments the fiery presence died down once again. He lay there not dead but at the same time not alive. Slowly his body's irritable spasms ended, but his body unconsciously continued twitching.

Naruto's eyes opened and he immediately jumped to his feet and got into a pitiful stance. He stood there expecting to be attacked but there was no indication of anyone else within the white world. He managed to register within his mind that he knew this place but as his gaze lingered around the white abyss, the more lost he felt. He didn't know why he was here or for what purpose and he really didn't care.

Without a second thought Naruto walked forth through the white world his eyes full of determination. The only way he was going to get any answers was to venture out and find them on his own. Wandering for hour's maybe even days he didn't know how long he had been in this white hellhole. He was alone but while wandering aimlessly around this prison his memories seemed to just return. The further he ventured the more of his past life he remembered. Like he could recall he used to sleep when he was tired, but that was the problem. He never grew tired.

No matter how far he walked exhaustion didn't exist. So he was always awake, always walking, searching for anything other then this achromatic colour. Naruto's eyes were burning and dull from the sight of just white for such an extended amount of time. He didn't know if his perception could even distinguish colours anymore. He despised this place, though there was no reason why he did. The giant world was unbearable because it was too empty.

Well what the fuck…

The end; there was no where left to go and his spark of hope for reclaiming his memories disappeared. He wanted them back, yet his unwavering determination was faded. There was no drive to fuel him to move forward. No hope in getting his lost memories; he no longer existed.

Finally, after what seemed like days he collapsed completely surrendering to this world. He didn't have the willpower or strength to continue. The blonde just wanted for his life to end so he would no longer have to suffer. The feeling of loneliness was too much for his broken and fragile mind to suffer. His arms began to wrap around himself as he sat hugging his legs tightly as he rocked back in forth.

"Well what's this now?"

Wearily he spread apart his firmly closed eyes. A gasp escaped his lips as he starred shocked at the being that had a similar appearance to his own. Even though they were different there was definitely a striking resemblance between the two.

That is once you look past the fact that the stranger's skin was whitish, where the blonde's was tanned. He wore white clothes with a hint of black. His hair was identical to the blonde's except it that it was white. The biggest resemblance between the two was there eyes. The doppelganger's two circular hues of blue with a black shade caused the boy to shake in fear when there gazes caught each other.

"Impressive that you lasted this long, stubborn bastard"

Naruto glared at the white being menacingly, as he recognized the copy by his voice.

"You son-of-a-bitch," he screamed in his mind. "All of my memories you stole them from me!" The thief just sighed out of annoyance as he listened to the blond. "Give them back, I need them." He pleaded.

"How annoying. I thought by now, your mind would have banished the rest of your memories."

"What…what the hell do you mean?" The boy narrowed his eyes as his clone started giggling.

"Pity you still can't see the truth."

"So tell me." The white being stopped giggling and looked as if he was considering telling the blond.

No, I told you once before didn't I? He said nice and slowly with a smug grin on his face.

The blonde's head was cast down, making his hair shadow his face. "You don't help those without a name."

'Some how you're able to recall your forgotten memories, interesting.' The hollow looked as if he was deep in thought and was simply musing out loud.

"Why are you doing this? Do you find this amusing? To cause someone so much pain."

Yes, you have no idea how long I've suffered because of you. Now it's my turn to exist and your turn to suffer."

"Oi, who the hell do you think you are" His skin was boiling, emotions were trying to convince him to rip this imposter to shreds. Glaring at the grinning clone in front of him the boy finally understood what this copy was after, he wanted to kill him and take control of his body.

Without a second thought, he sprung forward surprising the white copy for a split second. Throwing a punch as he sprinted forth too his clone. The punch was inches away before his wrist was grabbed and he was forcefully pulled forwards. A knee slammed into his abdomen and sent the boy to his knees.

"Pathetic!" The copy spat at the blond. "You actually think all allow you to take control once again. Your body belongs to me now." The whitish man practically hissed as he charged at the boy writhing in pain.

Dulled blue eyes looked up to see a shadow looming over him. Naruto's vision cleared a little for him to see his doppelganger about to strike him down with his claws.

Then something that shocked him to his very core presented itself, loudly.A bestial howl sent a shock wave tearing down the white world. The copy was sent crashing through a white wall and into a wall aligned with pipes.

The blonde watched as his white clone lay there seemingly unconscious. He had to fight back the urge to scream when a red light started polluting the room. It began to tear down the walls, revealing a sewer with many different corridors and pipes. At the moment the blond boy wasn't concerned about where he was, it was who he was with that seemed to bother him.

Naruto gaped at a giant orange fox with two exceedingly big crimson eyes and nine tails. He couldn't help but show his fear for the beast, especially when it spotted him. He gulped as its eyes bore into him almost causing him to faint. He was scared; he knew the Fox could tell, and it didn't help with the gigantic beast grinning like a lunatic. Even though he was scared he couldn't shake the feeling that he was safe with this overly large beast.

"Time to remember." The beast growled before the red light latched onto him and then he saw black.

The giant beast looked over to the prone form of the white doppelganger and his smirk widened. "You were going to destroy my vessel… weren't you?"

The white clone began to stir as he awoke. He looked from side to side until he saw the giant fox staring intently at him.

"Well, this complicates things."


The clone screamed and struggled to stand as one of the beast's large tails shot forward faster then he could react to. It wrapped around him and dragged his body to the beast itself.

More unearthly screams echoed throughout the area as the red substance surrounding him burned his clothes and flesh. The whitish being looked right into the beast's eyes and dread the crimson orbs that were burning into his mind.

"I see." The fox mumbled, tightening his tail, narrowing his eyes and squeezing the clone harder.

So this was how it was going to end. A giant fox was going to ruin his plans and take control. Great, just great.

The fox continued to gaze into the blue orbs as if he could read the clones mind.

"Well how interesting indeed, hollow." The foxes booming voice echoed as he set his captive down gently.

"Today has got to be my lucky day"

"Actually it's the worst day of your entire existence." Announced the fox before a single claw pierced through the hollow's burnt chest.

The red light slithered from the fox and wrapped securely around the hollow's body. It entered in through the hole burning the hollow's insides. Then a bright red light erupted smothering the room. When the light dissipated the giant fox and hollow were gone. The blond boy still laid twitching as he slept in his pain induced sleep. There was also another figure with red hair that lay a few feet away from the slumbering blond.

I've gone ahead and revised this chapter. I plan to redo all my earlier chapters as they were god awful.