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First Serving

Huddled in a corner, with both hands tied, Cagalli Yula Athha found herself in the most unbelievable situation. Who would have thought that her first night here in Aprilius would end up in the back seat of a mafia owned Mercedes? At first, it was one of her father's attempts to bring her back home, but after they started tying her up, she dropped all her hopes.

It all started when she was on her way to her apartment, when a man dressed in black approached her and asked about the pendant she was wearing. At first she was hesitant to answer the man, but he was getting annoying, so she decided to answer the man.

"An old friend of mine back in high school gave it to me. Why?"

"Could it be a young man of dashing looks named Athrun Zala?"

"Athrun? No, His name was Asuran. And there's no way Asuran can be that dashing. He was all nerdy with that outdated glasses of his and that weird ponytail. Yup, Asuran cant be that Athrun guy you're talking about."

"I see. Then, one last question. Are you Cagalli Yula Athha? The daughter of the business tycoon Uzumi Nara Athha?" The moment she heard her complete name, cold sweat raced all over her body. Could this be one of those stalkers? No. He's too old for that. But hell, whoever he is, he's bad news. Need to get away from this old fart! Fast!

Without any warning, she dashed away from the man. She would enter every store she would pass, and stay there for few minutes and observe if there's anyone following her, then when the coast seemed clear, she would head out, and dashed again. Finally, after all those grueling running, she was able to reach the sanctity of her new apartment. She made sure the locks were working, all windows are shut tight, and her cellphone's battery was full. Then she began packing her stuff back. Looks like she has to relocate again, just to be sure.

With was past midnight, when she heard noises outside her room. And before she could even react, a hand grabbed her mouth, muffling her screams of protest. Then next thing she knew, she was being hauled to a black car, with the same man sitting in the front.

"My name's Andrew Watlfield. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, Ms Athha, but you are now a personal property of the Young Master of ZAFT."

Zaft? That big time Mafia thing in Aprilius? Don't tell me Father sold he to those hooligans?!

Her eyes glowed with anger, as she tried to break free of her captors. She tried to push the hanky they used to muffle her screams with her tongue, but Andrew guy taped her mouth shut. So now, here she is, huddled here in this stupid car, on it's way to that young master bastard. IF she finds out who ever is responsible for her abduction, she'll make sure that person will suffer her wrath. Her pure raging wrath.


That guy mentioned Asuran.

Asuran? No. Asuran's too wimpy for a mobster. With those nerdy glasses of his. He's like a match stick to these guys. What if he's the young master? Impossible. He's too off to be one. He's too goody-good to be one. Although he's cute with his glasses off, he's still off. Come to think of it, she used to have a crush on that nerd before, but she wasn't able to tell him after she had to move back to ORB.


This obviously not the time to think of these hanky panky things. She needs to get away from these thugs before they arrived to that headquarters of theirs.

"We're here, Ms Athha."


A despicable man called Yzak carried her inside the mansion. With her eyes blindfolded, she could only imagine how ugly this guy is, feeling how rough and mean he was with her. He even taped her feet and legs together! And the way he carried her! It was if, she was a sack of potatoes you can toss and drag around just like that! Count your days of happiness you bastard!

Suddenly, a hush of murmurs caught her attention. It was too soft, that she had to shut all her thoughts of revenge for this Yzak and to all who abducted her off. Straining her ears hard, she was finally able to hear the murmurs clearly.

"Is she the one?" Are they talking about me?

"I think so? See the hair? It's blonde alright." They are!!

"But I thought it was long and beautiful?" Sorry assholes, you guys are too late. I had it cut off.

"She doesn't look pretty." GODAMN IT! Bet you're butt uglier than me!

"She looks…flat…like a board." What the hell!

"Must be the way Mr. Yzak carries her. The young master's taste in women cannot be mistaken. I'm sure she's well endowed like the others!" Your young master's a down right pervert.

"But she does have a beautiful skin! I wonder if her eyes where as pretty what the rumors said…" You got that right ass holes…


"SILENCE! Don't you have chores to finish?" The loud annoying voice of this Yzak boomed over her ear. But she was thankful for that in a way. At least in that simple way, she could be spared of her dignity. It seemed like everyone here is all here to scrutinized her being. That felt so uncomfortable to her. So embarrassing.

Somehow, the Yzak guy noticed how she lost all her confidence from the chatter as she hung limply in his shoulder. "Do not work yourself over those low lifes. You're here with a reason. And that is to carry the child of the Young Master. So don't you get yourself overworked by those buffoons. Save your strength for the master."


Before she could entirely grasp the meaning of his words, she was handed to a pair of soft hands. A woman perhaps? The pair of hands guided her to a wall, and helped her to stand up, as it began to untie the tapes plastered around her. She heard the Yzak's guy's footsteps fade away, as the door shut close. Waiting patiently for the hands to untie her hands, she began to plan her escape.

"I'm sorry, Yzak can be so rough with women at times…"The voice confirmed her thoughts. It was a woman. And the gentle woman to boot, as this lady began to apply ointment to her now sore feet and legs. Then she took off the tape off her mouth. The moment she felt air inside her mouth, she took deep breaths of relief. Then next to be taken off was her blindfold. The first burst of light made her squint a little, but she was able to adjust to the light just fine. and in front of her was the kind woner of that beautiful voice. A beautiful raven-haired lady was standing in front of her. "Oh, I'm sorry. My name's Shiho. I'll be your aid for the night, so I hope we can get along." She was really pretty, especially when she smiles. She should be the one to bear that bastard's child! Not her!

"Ms. Athha, can you turn your back for me?" Ah! My chance!

"Uhm. Okay." Turning her back, she waited patiently for the right time to strike. The moment she felt her hands free, she kicked free of Shiho's hold, and delivered another blow, knocking her off balance. Without looking back, she grabbed some of the maid's uniform hanging on the wall and took off.

"Wait!!!" She could hear Shiho's voice echo through the corridors as she fled. She made a quick turn at the empty looking corridor to her right. Dang, this place is so big, it's a miracle no one gets lost here. Now, she needs to find a place to hide until the coast is clear. She found a small closet by the end of the corridor. It was a broom closet, but it would do. She just needs to change her clothes into this uniform and she'll be able to blend her way out.

The only thing is…

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? FRENCH MAID FETISH?" A deep neckline, enough to show half of her breasts, a slinky short skirt with white frilly laces, a black thigh socks, and a heart shaped apron with an enormous ribbon tied at the back. Embarrassed and baffled, she bravely took a step outside the closet.

Good. The coast is clear.

Good. Otherwise she would have lost any remaining dignity she has if there was someone to find her dressed in this ridiculous outfit. Taking a relief sigh, she decided to head toward the end of the corridor, and try to look for a window she could exit to. When suddenly a stampede of footsteps and loud voice made her abandon he decision.

In a desperate act, she entered the closest door to her. It seemed empty at first glance, as she took few steps inside, after locking the door. The room was really big, completely furnished with expensive furniture and appliances. Bookcases lined the whole side of the room, armoire of rare collectible swords and weaponry, and a lavish study table on the corner caught her attention. Who ever lives here must be a book worm of sorts. And that was just on the first side of the divider. Who knows what else is on the other side…

Taking small sneaky steps, she made her way behind the divider. What she saw there made her dropped her jaw in awe.

"And what do you think you're doing here?" A man, with only a flimsy towel wrapped around his loins, and the most seductive green eyes, and most handsome features, stood in front of her.

"Uhhh…errr…" Goddamn it Cagalli Think!


"Ah! I'm the new help! Today was my first day here and I'm really bad with directions, and I think I'm lost…sir?" She knew her lips were trembling. And her legs. No, scratch that. Her entire body was shaking. Even her voice! She could feel her cheeks burn under the man's gaze.

Just how long are you gonna look at me, you pervert!

"Mmm…I didn't know our servants had to wear fancy maid outfits… " Before his words could settle properly in her mind, the sudden touch of the man's cold finger on her exposed cleavage gave her an electrocution. And before she knew it, her mouth was being invaded by the man's tongue. She could feel her entire being melting down, and despite her mind's protests against this invading kiss and those violating hand, she couldn't move at all.

"Sir—"if it weren't for the voice from the other side of the divider, she would not be able to break free from this pervert's hands. The moment she was able to regain her composure, she gave a hard heavy slap on the man's face.

"Dearka…state your reason…" The man touched his smarting cheek. He didn't flinch or even attempted to hurt her. In fact, he just stood there and smiled at her. A very weird smile. More like he was trying to seduce her. And it's working.

"The lady has escaped---"

"Mmmm…need not to worry Dearka… The new maid's here. My Personal maid I mean."


Licking his lips, he made a quick move and before she knew it, she was again in his arms. With one arm wrapped tightly around her waist, she was too powerless to break free. Especially with that warm fuzzy feeling still brewing inside her. He ushered her towards the other side of the divider. The man known as Dearka was there, kneeling.

"See?" Dearka's jaw dropped the moment he laid eyes on the 'new maid'. Speechless, he bowed and excused his leave.

"Now then, are you ready to serve my every need?

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