A café latte for two?

Strange warm feelings throbbing throughout every nerve and fiber of her being slowly stirred her sleeping mind. There was an unusual weight on top of her, but it didn't bother her that much. Her senses were being overwhelmed by the hot warmth vibrating all over her. It was as if her entire body was set on fire. The pounding of her heart beats loudly inside her ears and her pulse seems to have relocated itself in between her inner thighs.

Fluttering her still dreamy eyes open, a pair of emerald green orbs greeted her. She heard someone moan, as she felt something damp and hot touch her lips, slowly parting them. A wet intruder entered her mouth, engaging her submissive tongue in a wet play. She could hear slurping sounds, but it still didn't register in her mind that it was actually happening.

Am I dreaming? She thought, as the kiss ended. She felt something nibbling her lips tauntingly, as she gasped for breath. She felt something wet and hot touch her cheeks, trailing up towards her ear, where the soft fanning of this man's breath began to tickle the inner layers of her ear. Gasping breathlessly, as the man invaded the inner sanctum of her ear, nibbling her earlobe playfully, tongue lapping and slurping the layers. She could hear the wet motions the tongue made as it invaded her ear's layers, intensifying the pleasure. At the same time, she felt something rubbing and tweaking her nipples teasingly. Still half asleep and oblivious to her surroundings, she unconsciously grabbed one hand and pressed it harder on her mound. She heard the man chuckle, as he continued his rain of kisses downwards, towards the soft curb of her neck. There, the attacks were intensified. The soft wet nibbles on her neck and nape were so magnified, that she had to brace herself. The man continued his trail downwards, stopping briefly at her collarbone to leave his trail of wet kisses, then continued heading down to her chest. When she felt the first touch of the man's tongue on her sensitive peak, she felt her body melt away.

The weird sensations were becoming too much for her to bear. It was as if she was about to lose her mind if these onslaughts were to continue. She felt her thighs rub painfully against her flannel cloth of her pajamas, as she trying to prevent something from coming out. Her whole body was trembling with this weird sensations, and with every touch this man lays on her body, it would automatically flinch or arch in pleasure.

But when the man dared to invade her inner thighs, it burst open her consciousness. Although still dreamy, her mind was loud and awake. Her first actions were to push off the entity on top of her, and grab something to cover her exposed entirety.

"Good Morning, My dear Airen." The nonchalant smile of Athrun Zala magnified her shock, as she realized that it wasn't a dream. SHE WAS ACTUALLY RESPONDING TO THIS MAN'S ADVANCES!

"Wha—what are you doing?" she was horrified at her state. Her shirt was rolled up, leaving her breast exposed.

"Do you really want me to tell you? Do you want it in full details?" He tried to pull away the linens she was using to cover her body, as he smirked.

"There's really no use in hiding, I've seen it countless times. And they're beautiful. It's like each part was carefully measured and customized to my desires…."

She realized the harsh reality, as he snatched away the flimsy barrier she had.

This is it. She thought miserably as she tried to choke back the tears brewing in her eyes. Looks like there's no other way but to give in, and let her pride and dignity shatter away…

She closed her eyes, as she fell stiffly in his arms. Despite that her eyes were closed shut, small trickles of tears began to escape, tracing her face. The embarrassed hues of red colored her face brightly, as she bit her lips. She'll just let this man do what he wants. She won't resist anymore.

When suddenly, she felt herself drop down on the soft mattress and felt Athrun leave. She opened her eyes cautiously, allowing the tears to flow more freely. She watched in awe as Athrun snatched his robe hanging on the chair and covered his sculptured back from her eyes.

"I won't touch you anymore. The last thing I want from you is your hate and your anger. You can leave this mansion whenever you want. I won't bother you anymore." His tone pierced a cold hole inside her heart as she heard the door slam. And in her solitude, she felt a new surge of tears falling. Only this time, she isn't sure why she's crying.

With trembling hands, she pulled her clothes from the dryer. Shiho wanted to do it for her, but she refused. Shiho understood her meaning behind this, so instead she excused herself, so she could prepare her lunch. According to her, it was her last chance to serve her as her Airen.

As she folded her shirt into her gym bag (that was brought in by Dearka on the first day, apparently), she wondered about the strange heaviness inside her. She's supposed to be happy, right? Finally, she'll be able to get away from that lecherous man's grasp. She can finally continue her plan of living an 'ordinary' life, away from those absurd responsibilities that came along with her name. But why is her heart breaking? Why was she hurt when he said those words? Is it because she's breaking the promise she made with him, back when he was still the gentle Asuran? But it wasn't her fault! He was the one who changed and caused this wedge between them. It wasn't her fault…

That's why she shouldn't be feeling this pathetic…

She should be…happy?

She should be, right? Because finally, she can move around freely without being cautious or wary of her surroundings. She doesn't have to bar the doors before going to sleep, or taking a bath. She doesn't have to devise plans on how to escape from the walls of this mansion. No one's going to force her into watching those disgusting porn movies or read those gross porn magazines. No one's going to tail her around, keeping an eye on every move she does. For the past few days that she had spent here, those were the daily routines of her life. She left her home because she refused to take in the chokehold of her name's responsibilities yet here she is, facing the same uncomfortable surrounding. But why can't she shake this feeling of regret? Was there any difference in her life from before and the life she had briefly lived within this mansion's walls?

Was it because he was there?

She closed her eyes. She could still remember the day when they both promised to be that they'll support each other's weight. That no matter what, they'll be there to carry each other's loads, no matter how heavy it is. That their parting will be only brief; the next time they meet, they will be forever being together. Cheesy as it may sound, they both meant what they said.

For they knew what is it like to be left alone…

"Airen Cagalli? Your lunch is ready." It was Shiho, with her ever warm smile. She quickly stuffed her shirt inside the bag, and followed Shiho's lead.

An eerie, awkward silence that had somehow made its nest within the dining hall, made Cagalli lose her appetite. The dishes served before her were really good, she could tell simply by smelling it. The perfectly cooked steak drowned in mushroom sauce, with steamed broccoli and mashed potatoes for the sides. But she just doesn't have the appetite to eat.

"Uhmm..Shiho, thanks for everything. If it wasn't for you, I don't know how I would have been able to survive these past few days. I mean, every day I get molested by that pervert, and—"her voice began to break off, as her vision began to blurr with tears.

"I've been wanting to get out of this mansion. I dreaded the night fall, or even the mere thought of being alone with that man. But somehow…somehow… I feel like…" She couldn't continue anymore. She couldn't stop the tears from falling. She felt Shiho's arms embrace her gently, patting her head.

"I understand your feelings, Airen Cagalli. I must admit, the Master's ways are kind of rough and rude, with no hints of considerations for your feelings. But that's just how the Master is." Hearing those words, Cagalli's tear stained face bobbed up, almost hitting Shiho's chin.


"Ah, it must be back when Miss Leonore was still alive."

"His mother?"

"Yes. The Master aired Ms Leonore greatly, he was the perfect child. But after she passed away, the Master was forced to take after his father's steps quickly. It wasn't like he hadn't been preparing to inherit his father's heritage, but he was suddenly overwhelmed by the responsibilities he had to take in, and the kind of attitude he had before would not guarantee his survival in this kind of work. Also, the Master was aware of the pressure the Council had been pressing on his parents because of Ms. Leonor's ailment and his apparent soft attitude. They wanted Master Patrick to get a new Airen and sire a new heir to replace the Master if he were not to change. Master Patrick refused, and thus Athrun forced himself to change into the man you know now."


"I'm not trying to defend the Master's side. I too, would be offended if I were to be forced into doing something I am against. But I am merely trying to clear up any confusion to the best of my skills."

"Ah, thanks then. But…I think I'll still go."

Shiho's eyebrow twitched in irritation at her Airen's reply. Psh. Her attack didn't work! She was hoping that revealing the pitiful side of the Master would convince her to stay, but…Argh! Time for Plan B!

"I see. But you know, among all the Airen candidates the Master had, you were the only one who was given any special treatment."

"Special treatment?"

"Yes. He never force forced you, am I correct? The other Airen candidates didn't have the option to say no. Also, they were not allowed to stay here in the Mansion. They have to be summoned by the Master before they could enter the Mansion. They were also not allowed to spend the night over. They have to leave immediately, after doing whatever services they were asked to do. They were never allowed to sleep with the Master. But you, Airen Cagalli, you were never restricted in any way, compared to the other Candidates!"


"Also, it was only with you when I saw the master actually look happy."

Cagalli didn't answer. Instead, she picked up her fork and took a piece of broccoli.

Inside Shiho's mind, she had already started a radical cheer for joy.

Mission Accomplished!

Athrun Zala stood by the window of his study room quietly as he watched the car pull over the front lobby. It was the car he assigned for her departure. In a couple of minutes she'll be boarding that car, and soon, she'll be away from his grasp. He felt pathetic as her tear stricken face from earlier came to his mind again. He had forgotten how many times that face had broken his heart, and since then he was not able to concentrate in his work.

He wanted to treat her gently, to cherish her above anything else. But he failed. Instead, he ended up hurting her feelings, earning her hate and anger. He even made her cry! Thus, she was forever away from his reach.

If only he could turn back time, and change back to the Asuran she knew. That way, she wouldn't be giving him that sad face. That way, the only expression he'll be seeing from her would be that cute smiling face, the one he was so addicted to.

But he already killed that side of him. He had to. If he wanted to honor his mother's death, he had to kill 'Asuran'. He didn't want his parent's sacrifice lead to waste. If he wanted to avenge his mother's suffering, he had to cast out that pathetically gentle side of him…

Even if it means letting her go…

He felt his chest grow heavier. Since the half of the car was blocked from his view, he couldn't tell if she's about to board the car or not. The only way he could tell was if the car starts its engine.

And it did.

He couldn't bear to see her board that car. He pulled the curtains closed and went back to deal with his work, piling on the table. There was a café latte that had gone cold from waiting for him. He hated cold coffee, but he wasn't in the mood for calling in another serving. He'll just have to deal with it.

As he took a sip, he grimaced at the coldness of the coffee. And what happens next made him spill the coffee all over his work.

"ATHRUN ZALA!!!!!!!!!!" the door literally blasted open, as the loud voice thundered. It was the blonde who was supposed to be leaving today….dressed in a maid outfit.

He was speechless for various reasons:

She was supposed to be leaving. Just when he already prepared his ego for it.

Why is she wearing a maid outfit?

How'd she know where to find my study room? Isn't it supposed to be off limits even to Shiho? The location of his study is limited only to Dearka and Yzak. Anyone who dares to trespass would be given severe punishments. Yet…

What the fuck am I going to do with my work now? It's drenched in coffee for shit's sake!

Am I suppose to be happy or what?

"Uhh..What are you doing in here? Aren't you supposed to be leaving today? And why are you wearing that?" His face was a portrait of confusion. He doesn't know whether to laugh, get mad, get irritated or be happy. He was so confused but he was still able to notice her heightening color. It must have taken her a lot of guts to wear that outfit, much less barging in like that.

"I feel bad for you, since you have nobody left to console you, that's why I'm staying! But you're not allowed to touch me! Unless you properly ask me out! And you have to take me out for dates too! And mind you, my tastes are expensive..." he chuckled softly as he stood from his table. As he approached her, he was silently thankful. As he nodded his head to every demand and rule she laid out, he invaded the remaining distance between them, and wrapped her in his arms, silencing her rants with a gentle kiss that slowly turned into a passion laden one, as soon as he was able to confirm that she was 'allowing' him to do so.

He saw her face turn beet red, from his preemptive strike. As he pulled away, a delicate strand of their saliva bridged their lips.

"Just so you know, this is a special consideration. I'll seriously kick your butt and leave this mansion if you dare to pull a move on me." She smiled stiffly, still from the embarrassment of wearing the maid outfit.

"Hmm? Really? Then can you make another consideration?" He whispered gently into her ear, as he slipped a hand under her lacy shirt, slowly making its way upwards, to her cupped bosom.

She smiled, as she leaned forward to his ear and whispered: "Sure, then after wards, I'll have Shiho call the car again, and I'll be off."

He quickly withdrew his hand and frowned. "Very well then, go get me a coffee. I need one."

"As you wish, My Master."

Hawke Mansion

"Meyrin, did anyone come during my absence? I noticed the Earl Blue Porcelain tea set is out." As always, when it comes to a certain man, Luna couldn't help feeling giddy. Even though she wasn't chosen as an Airen Candidate a few years back, she was still hopeful that one day she would be able to capture that man's eyes. She would dress up and would try to act a bit more exaggerated than usual when that man would come and visit her sister, Meyrin. So when it was later decided that Meyrin will be the one doing the visitation, she felt a piece of her heart crumble. It took her quite a while before accepting the fact of her 'defeat'. And as a form of acceptance, she had her hair cut down, much to her sister's surprise.

"Ah, yes. Athrun came by. He was here few days ago, then again, yesterday." Meyrin innocently poured a serving of rose tea for her sister, as she hummed a familiar melody. Luna's eyes beamed. So the rumors about him having an Airen were a bluff after all?

"So, how was it? I mean, what did the two of you do?" She knew it wasn't her business to intrude about her sister's privacy, but she couldn't help it. She must know! It's the only way she could calm the raging storms inside her heart…

Storms that had been raging much worse than before after hearing the news about the Chosen Airen.

"Ah, he just came to chat. Apparently he's having troubles back at the Zala Residence. He just wanted someone to talk to about normal stuff, away from his life's politics." Meyrin took a small bite from her chocolate truffle, indulging in its sweetness, oblivious to the growing annoyance in her older sister's face.

"He came here to chat? You two didn't do anything?"


"Anything. Ugh. Like make out? Like having sex?" She was getting seriously frustrated and annoyed at her sister's naiveté and gullibility.

"Ah, no! Why would we do that? He already has an Airen! It's the girl he knew back from his middle school years up till high school." Meyrin's innocent reaction added to Luna's irritance. The childish flare in Meyrin's eyes meant nothing to Luna's burning anger inside.

"Don't you feel betrayed? You were a candidate for like 5 years! You've done lotsa shit with him that you've never done with anyone! And isn't he your first crush?" Why are you so stupid, Luna thought. If Meyrin wasn't her only sister, she would have had her thrown in front of a running train. Thank heavens for her unending patience in dealing with her sister's stupidity!

"If you meant sexual relations, no, we never had that. He said he prefers the older Airen Candidates than dealing with my 'inexperience'. And also I don't feel betrayed about anything. He already made it clear that he has no interest in me aside from being a friend."

"Ugh. Unbelievable!" Luna slammed her tea cup down and left, leaving Meyrin dumbfounded.

She was willing to bow down and accept defeat for the sake of her sister's happiness. She gave up on him because she thought her sister would be happy with him. But how dare he ruin that simple wish! How dare he trash her pride like that! Of all people!

He dared to humiliate LUNA MARIA HAWKE'S PRIDE?

He and that Airen bitch will pay.

She'll make sure that bitch will learn what it is like to face the wrath of a Hawke…

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