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Chapter 20

As the sound of the gun shots rang through the tiny apartment, time seemed to move in slow motion.

They all watched in what felt like slow motion as Lois fell to the floor. Two bullet holes spilling her blood from her chest, she squirmed for a minute before going still. Melinda kicked the knife away then checked for a pulse and rechecked just to be sure.

"She's dead." She told them.

Olivia flung her arms around Elliot and held him. He put the gun down and held her tight.

"I'm gonna go call the others." Melinda said. "By the way thanks Elliot, for saving my life." She said.

Elliot nodded to her and he and Olivia watched as she walked out. Elliot held Olivia's face in his hands, they just looked into each others eyes. "Thanks for saving us two…too…" Olivia said with a little laugh.

Her eyes were filled with tears of joy. Elliot was almost crying too, he was so happy that Lois, his crazed stalker was finally dead.

- - - - - -

3 months later.

Elliot woke as he heard crying. He walked over to the cot that was in the corner of the room. He reached in and picked up his three day old daughter. He gently rocked her and tried to soothe her crying. He looked at his watch and suddenly knew why she crying.

He walked over to the bed were Olivia lay watching him. "She wants feeding and I'm afraid that's your job." Elliot said as he passed the baby to Olivia, who was now sitting up.

Elliot climbed back into bed next to her. He lay down and watched as his Olivia nursed the baby. He loved the way Olivia stroked their daughter's head as she fed.

Olivia noticed him watching. "What?" She asked him.

"You two are perfect." He said.

"You're not to bad yourself." She joked.

He scooted closer to her and held his daughters hand. "She eats like her daddy." Elliot said.

"What, non stop?" Olivia joked.

Elliot just laughed sarcastically and reached up and kissed her then settled back down. "Hey Maddie, why don't you save some for tomorrow…" Elliot joked.

"Leave her, don't you know breastfeeding helps to tone the body back up." Olivia argued. Truthfully she just liked the closeness with Maddie.

Maddie was short for Madison. It had taken them a day and a half to come up with a name for her, so for a while they were just calling her shrimp, because she was so tiny and always in pink.

Elliot had come up with the name when he was sat watching a Knicks game, they were playing at Madison Square Garden.

Eventually Madison stopped feeding. What she lacked in size she made up for in her appetite. Olivia placed her over her shoulder and rubbed her back to get rid of any wind she might have. Elliot watched them. He loved how natural being a mom came to Olivia.

Olivia looked at him. She knew why he was smiling at her. "You want a turn at burping her?" She asked him.

"No. You two make a better couple." He said as he continued watching.

After a few tiny burps Olivia lay Maddie down on the bed in between them. Maddie lay on her back with her little arms above her head. She was facing Olivia who was gently stroking her face.

"Did you ever think that we might not have had this, I mean because of Lois?" Olivia asked Elliot.

Elliot nodded. "Yea for a moment back there I did." He confessed. "But we're here now the three of us." He said as he rubbed Maddie's stomach.

Olivia smiled at him and he smiled back. "I love you." Olivia told him.

"Love you more." He said.

Olivia smiled then closed her eyes and snuggled her face next to Maddie's. Elliot looked on at his small family then snuggled his face next to Maddie's head, his hand still resting on her little but now full belly. They were all back asleep in minutes.

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