Summary: What if John hadn't died but instead, been in a coma for the past fourteen years? What if Yassen had survived the bullet shot? And what happens when they both wake up without Alex knowing about either. After Snakedhead. Follows Cannon.(sorta)

A/N- Okay, I've always wanted to read a story where John survives and Yassen also survives and meets John(again) so, since nobody else has brought John back to life(shame on you), I decided to take a shot at it. This chapter is just opening the story, and is, quite frankly...pretty boring. But I just wanted to get some ideas for the next chappies and get your opinions on what you think of this idea...anyways...sorry about the crappy chapter. The rest will be much better than this.


James Hoskins was an observant man. He always remained alert in his occupation. He would work late into the night, researching and comparing diseases, symptoms, and of course, cures. The main point was always to help people. It was why he had become a doctor in the first place, and out of his thirty years of flawless surgeries and some slightly pained experiences, he had done no wrong nor made a single mistake in his line of work. Dr. Hoskins was a careful man. And this was why it surprised James Hoskins when he stumbled upon a misplaced file in his secretary's office.

The file had no label or subject heading.


He would have to question Ms. Morgan as soon as she arrived back from her vacation(aka, holiday) in Paris. Gently, he opened the file's clipping and skimmed through it.

It was blank.

Well, almost... There was only one word...or technically, numbers.

Room 301

Chuckling to himself, he closed the manilla envelope and slowly pulled himself to his feet. The hospital only had three hundred patient and surgery rooms and that was common knowledge. He had been through the building countless times, greeting the Co-workers and wishing luck to the departing patients. He was the senior practitioner(or doctor, or GP) and therefore highly respected and trusted. Even if there were to be confidential information, he would immediately be notified.

And with all those facts in mind, J. Hoskins closed the door and walked away, still holding the file. He would look into this later but now, it wasn't critical.

If only he had bothered to glance at the date labeled on the back of the envelope,

And the initials carefully printed on the front.



It was a strange feeling, sleeping that is. The world around you is meaningless. People no longer matter. And time itself begins to no longer exist. Of course then, you wake up and get on with your life, seeing the same people and living the same way as always.

This wasn't the case for Yassen Gregorovich, however. He hadn't woken up the next morning, or the morning after that. No, he had been void to the world for months, in a deep, dreamless sleep. Nothing existed to him. He felt nothing, thought nothing, knew nothing.

The last event he remembered was a bullet striking his chest.

Then there was a boy...

He slowly drifted back to reality as his eyes gradually began to focus.


Somewhere near him a machine beeped and whirred. Was this death? He was supposed to be dead. He had been ready to die.

Where am I?

At that moment it became clear to him that he was in a white room. The walls were white, the bed, and the raucous machines beside him.


His thoughts were still foggy but he understood that he was in a medical room of some nature. Trying to lift his head, and failing, he heard a soft gasp in the distance...or maybe was heard to tell in this state.

"...Oh!...Mary! I think he's awake!"

More than one voice could be heard now.


"What are we supposed to do?" A young nurse asked urgently. She had never encountered an awakened coma victim in her very short intern experience.

"Notify any family members immediately", Mary Jayle said calmly typing and searching for the designated file of the patient. The computer sounded in sharp clicks and responded quickly.

"...wait...oh... Well, it appears that there are no immediate listed relatives", She commented flatly.

"You mean...he's alone?" The nurse glanced back toward the lone room at the end of the corridor. She loved her family. She depended upon them for everything. A life alone...was a very hard thing to imagine in her view.

Mary rolled her eyes at the younger woman. Alice had tendencies to overreact and dramatize the situations that occurred more than often.

"He'll be fine Al."

Alice narrowed her eyes.

"How would you know."

Mary shrugged and stood up.

"I'll get some meds to wake him up a little. But trust me...he'll be fine..."