"I feel like painting my nails."

"Says she who wouldn't even paint them for her sister's wedding." Arnold said from his place on the bed. Both were still in their pajamas, despite the early afternoon hour.

Ignoring him, Helga stared at her small and long forgotten collection of nail polish.

"So…why are you doing it?"

"I just feel like it!"

Arnold ignored the outburst and stood next to her. "I like this one." he said, holding up a tiny pink bottle.


Tugging at her pajama pants, he replied. "Because it's pink like your pants."

Helga beamed. He never forgot.

100 words. Inspired by the fact that I really did feel like painting my nails a minute ago, and I actually found a really nice pale pink. And now, I have a new oneshot, and perfectly perky pink nails to match. Check the profile if you don't believe me. Go me.

Hope you enjoyed. Peace.