This follows up from the season 2 ,episode "Deep Cover" when Nicole goes undercover with Warfield

Im BACKKKKK!! LOL So here is my take on the Phoenix story hope you like it, also the things some characters say doesn't mean that's what they are really like, they are names I just used, and I don't own any names in this story except the ones you have never heard of, just a warning now take no offense to what I'm saying, its just a lot of the words and phrases used in the story are words I heard growin up in the late 90s in my bad ass neighborhood so, I hope you like it and most importantly ENJOY!!

This follows up from the season 2 ,episode "Deep Cover" when Nicole goes undercover with Warfield. It takes place with the conversation between Antonio and Jess talking about Nicole & Antonio's past.


Jess hung up the phone after speaking with Nicole.

"Hey. Was that Nicole?" Antonio asked.

"Yeah, but she didn't sound like herself, she seemed sort of abrupt." Jess sighed.

"She's just playing role, don't let it get to you, don't let it affect your friendship." Antonio replied.

"Spoken from experience." Jess asked.

"Yeah, I was her contact last time she was in with Warfield." He told her

"Just her contact?" Jess replied. Antonio sighed. "Look Im not looking for the whole Phoenix story but you and Nicole were-" Jess started to say.

"Involved." Antonio finished and jess shook her head in understanding.

" Must have been hard." Jess said.

"Yeah, he fell for her. I know she was just using him to get information, I didn't ask for any of the details; well I didn't want to know. I thought it would be easier if I could talk to her, but I found out it was harder that way, because at the end of every meet I knew I would have to send her back to him." Antonio said.

"While you were stuck in the office." Jess finished.

"Yeah." Antonio looked away.

"How did your relationship survive that one." Jess said in hopes he would tell her what happened.

He raised an eyebrow. "Well since we have some time I guess, I suppose I could tell you the Phoenix story."

"Awesome, I mean I'm all ears." Jess smiled excitedly she could finally understand all the tension between the two.

"Good, because this could take a while." He sighed. " It all started Phoenix late 1997, I just got transferred to the Phoenix office from Dallas, so I was used to the hot weather,.." He said.

"Antonio baby, are you sure you want to leave us." Antonio's mother Adriana offered.

"Yes, ma. Im 26, I cant stall with ya'll forever, trust me I will be okay." He told her annoyed.

"If you say so, Vamos a extrañar." Adriana said in tears.

"I will miss ya'll too" Antonio smiled.

"Buena, don't be a stranger." She said sharply.

"Oh, I wont." Antonio laughed referring to when its time for Thanksgiving and time for him to eat he will be there on time.

"I love you." She smiled and gave him a tight hug.

"I love you too." He kissed her and waved goodbye to the rest of his family. It hurt for him to say goodbye, but he knew it was best. He was excited to see what Phoenix would bring him and couldn't wait to get there.

Nicole on the other hand, couldn't wait to get to Phoenix. She had lived there since 1996 right after leaving Quantico. She already had her life together at 25 a house, a great job, and a NBA player for her man what more could she ask for. Nicole liked to keep her personal life, personal, therefore no one knew about her relationship with NBA player Jason Kidd. The two met at his party that she and some friends snuck into and from then on sparks flew they have been together since early 1997.

"Hey, Christen I'm out, I have to pick up someone from the airport, and then I'm gonna paarty!" Nicole laughed.

"Nuh Uh, who?" Christen asked being inquisitive like always. Christen was one of the few women in the Phoenix office, it was Nicole and 3 other women; only two went out into the field. Christen wanted to go out, but Nicole was better and her hopes were put on hold, and she hasn't liked Nicole since.

"Someone, damn!!" Nicole argued.

"Alright but if you get in trouble for leaving I'm not lying for you." Christen added with a straight face.

"I won't get caught, I'm too good for that!" Nicole grabbed her stuff and headed out on the elevator. It was New Years Eve and the last place she wanted to be was stuck in an office, trying to solve a case.

Antonio headed out on a non-stop flight to Phoenix, Arizona awaiting his future in the FBI. He arrived at the airport at 1 p.m. with his best friend from high school standing there waiting for him.

" Hey, Antonio over here man." His friend Chris yelled, having all the people stop to look at this crazy 6-foot black man jumping up and down.

"Hey." Antonio said less enthusiastic and more embarrassed.

"Man, you look the same, ha, anyways we gonna have some fun so come on, lets get your bags, so we can partay." Chris laughed headed toward the luggage with Antonio not far behind.

As he was getting on the escalator he was knocked over by several people dressed in black.

"Sorry man." One of the guys yelled still running.

"Yeah." Antonio replied wiping the dirt of his pants and picking up his hat. " He finally got to baggage claim 13 where Chris was standing the staring in another direction.

"Hey man what was that all about you just left me hanging. Chris, CHRIS!" Antonio yelled finally getting his attention.

"Yeah, Yeah sorry." He answered his head still facing the other direction.

"Dude, what are you looking at?" Antonio laughed.

"Man, Im looking at that fine honey over there, she is bangin." Chris pointed at Nicole who was waiting for Jason to come.

"I'll be back," Chris hurried away to reach Nicole who was on the other side of the airport.

"What." Antonio exclaimed trying to keep up with him, when he was trying to reach forward he stepped on Nicole's 150 dollar John Galliano shoe.

"Ow, watch where you're going." Nicole reacted.

"Sorry, I didn't see your foot." Antonio smiled.

"Well, I don't see how you could have missed it, these shoes cost more than your whole outfit." She remarked.

Antonio looked down at his "new" Adidas and saw where she was coming from but she was being very rude.

"Well, I'm sorry anyway." He commented before verbally attacking Chris.

"Ha, dude she dogged you." Chris said laughing.

"Yeah, no thanks to you." Antonio shot back beaming red.

"Man, Chill out, she wasn't all that anyways." He grabbed Antonio and they walked out the doors, he looked back at Nicole.

"Hey if she's not all they, why you still looking at her?" Antonio said with a smirk.

"Man, cuz she got a phat ass." Chris laughed.

Antonio looked back. "Yeah, she does." Antonio laughed as they headed out to the car.


"Damn Mexicans need to watch where they are going." Nicole said to herself wiping off her shoe.

"Nicole." Someone yelled. She looked up and looked around and saw April, Brooks Thompson's wife.

Oh great. Nicole thought she just smiled politely and walked over to her.

"Hey." Nicole added with a fake smile.

"How are you darling?" But she cut Nicole off before she could answer. "Yes that's superior." She patted Nicole on the back and Nicole gritted her teeth. "I love your shoes."

"Thanks." Nicole smiled.

"Did Jason pay for them." She added before looking away.

"No, I did." Nicole responded with anger. "Why would you ask?"

"Oh, just wondering, you know you have to be careful with all these, gold diggers walking around here." April laughed.

"Well, I don't need his money." Nicole replied.

"Okay, no need to get ghetto on me." April joked.

"What?!" Nicole exclaimed. "Don't go there." Nicole turned back around hoping Jason would hurry up.

Before April could reply a crowd swarmed around the basketball players who were coming down the escalator.

Jason took notice of Nicole and gave her a small wave and a wait right there sign. He finally made his way through the crowd of people, and she looked good as ever.

"Hey baby," Jason said wrapping his arms around Nicole's waist.

"Hey," She kissed him. "How was your trip?" She asked as the walked out the airport his hand around her waist.

"It was nothing really, the Trail Blazers need to step their game up, and it was a close game 130 to 129." Jason looked at her before they got out the doors he heard someone yell out.

"You betta grab dat ass." Antonio "Tony" McDyess laughed. Along with Dennis Scott and Marko Milic, the main people Jason hung out with. Nicole ignored their comment and kept walking, while Jason slowly stuck up his middle finger so they could see it.

"Hahaha, he is funny," Tony said. "I still want to know, how he scored a honey like that? Know what I mean." Tony laughed.

"Well, I guess he got game." Marko said.

"Game my ass, do you see her, I mean do you see her?" Tony got in Marko's face.

"Yeah I see her." Marko grinned.

"Alright then, this mixed nigga, gets with a girl who got a phat ass, smart, and she looks good, and he got game? Hell no he ain't got game what he is, is a lucky motherfucker." They all laughed at how veins were bulging out of Tony's neck.

"Man, stop being so jealous of his game, maybe if you stopped referring to women as bitches and whores you might get one." Dennis laughed.

"Shut yo ass up, I ain't jealous." Antonio started to walk away. "And he don't got no game, he probably found her on the Internet and paid her to go out with him." He turned around and told them. They just laughed at all of his senseless and incongruous comments he made on Nicole and Jason's relationship.

"I still don't know why you hang out with them." Nicole remarked before getting in the car.

"Don't take any offense to it, its just boys being boys." Jason laughed it off.

"Um Hm, all I know is if you start acting like one of the boys, we are over." Nicole slammed the door.

"Yeah right?" Jason got in, he couldn't tell if she was serious or not.

Meanwhile Antonio contemplated about the woman in the airport and when he would ever see her again.